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  1. PK Character Contest

    EDIT: and do you want to sign up elveron?
  2. PK Character Contest

    Well, looks like no one else will be applying, and no one really wants to help me, so it will be a much simpler contest. Guess a number between 0-100 (not 0, and not 100). the person who comes closest to the correct number, gets a pk server character. After 2 weeks, if those two people are still playing somewhat actively, i will have another contest between them to get the 60's a/d character, if they want it. Sign up now while you still can, it will start on Monday, and it will be over once everyone who has signed up has picked a number. (DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST ONCE YOU HAVE PICKED A NUMBER, I WILL NOT COUNT IT AND YOU WILL HAVE TO POST AGAIN FOR IT TO BE COUNTED!)
  3. Playing without XP

    its a good idea (if u have time to do absoilutely nothing, but i think that taking donations from people would help, and it wouldnt be getting xp or any such thing. dont go around begging, but i am sure that some people who might have read this post could see u in-game sometime, and give u random things from their storage, which would help u get to your goal. whast have u spent your 9 PP on? and i think getting godless would be an extra 8 pp for you, beings it doesnt cost any money to take.
  4. Quote of the week submissions

    i lol'ed
  5. PK Character Contest

    Contest will be sometime between 12-9 P.M. Eastern Standard Time you can check when that is on the main event page
  6. Poor man's magic weapons

    well, if bronze helps or not, no one will use it anyway... the amount of negative affects dont outweigh the magic resistance effect. It would be better to just wear ida/bda to block as muhc of the normal atks as possible.
  7. PK Character Contest

    well, time depends mostly on who singed up, what there time zones are, and if i will be awke/on at that time.
  8. My buying/selling thread

    Buying: EFE @ 15lk (might go more, PM or post offer) Binding Stone @ 50k (might go more, Pm or post offer) Enrichment Stone @ 15k Mirror Cape: 10kgc BP Cape: 4kgc Titanium Shield: 60k Titanium Greaves: 40k Titanium Cuisses: 50k Jagged Saber/Orc Slayer/Rapier: 80k Selling: 6 Serpent Stones 12k each 2 Gelly Bones Removal Stones @ 10kgc? 2 Iron sword of fire constr @ offer 1 steel long sword of magic const @ offer 1 Iron axe constr @ offer Vials: 7gc each SRS: 15gc each I will also be mixing everything below for free, you don't even have to provide food. Alchemy: LV 36 Alch All Essences Iron/Steel/Silver/Gold/Titanium Bars Crafting: LV 37 Crafting All medallions (except mol/mom) All C1 Rings Disengagement and Damage Rings Manufacturing: LV 30 All swords up to ti serp all armor up to iron plate Potions: Potion LV 52 All potions up to my lv
  9. Poor man's magic weapons

    thats not saying much, you hit everyone almost everytime ^^ (well you did) ...the whole point of testing the bronze armor's effectiveness would be to do it when you're actually being hit... how exactly is it "not saying much", it says it all. well, when two people (around the same a/d) are fighting, they dont hit/block each other a huge amount (if they have ~the same attributes). Ambro hits almost everyone 100%, giving him much more chances to get that special hit in. give two people around the same a/d a osom/jsomn/ect. and have the other wear the bronze armor. i bet they wouldnt get that many, if any hits.
  10. My buying/selling thread

    Now buying: Mirror Cape: 10kgc BP Cape: 4kgc Titanium Shield: 60k Titanium Greaves: 40k Titanium Cuisses: 50k Jagged Saber/Orc Slayer/Rapier: 80k Enrichment Stone: 10k Now selling: Vials: 7gc each SRS: 15gc each
  11. PK Character Contest

    depends... if not enough people reply than no, i wont be giving any of them away. but if people do post, than you get to choose the newb or 60's char
  12. PK Character Contest

    ok, how many people would sign up if i was giving away those two characters, AND a 63/69 a/d one?
  13. Poor man's magic weapons

    thats not saying much, you hit everyone almost everytime ^^ (well you did)
  14. What are you lvl'ing on?

    i see that this topic is mostly 2 years old, but does the lving strategy the same?
  15. Selling a few items

    save the rostos for me, ill get them in a couple hours (pk serv gc)
  16. Bugs

    we need our own bugs section, for bugs that we find. one i have found is that there is no book selling NPC in grubani peninsula (the one selling summoning books) if it has been moved, i sure didnt here about it.
  17. Bugs

    Thanks (i thought that was just the NPC that sold ranging arena tickets
  18. Selling a few items

    coming back to the pk serv liq?
  19. Banned

    I wake up this morning to try and log in before i go to school, and i find out that im banned. what did i do?!?
  20. Banned

    i have a question how come about a month ago, when my character was named mrfancypants, i did a #help_me because i want to know if me and smurf could trade again (smurf had logged into my character once), but you had said no, bcus i was prepaired to not trade with him, i shouldnt be able to now... why didnt you say anything then about me not being able to share? why did you wait a month later, and for me to spend even more money on the game, for it to become worthless?
  21. PK items from Shop

    Can you update the shop page so that it has everything that you sell for the Pk server, or maybe make a pinned topic so we can know the price/what is offered?
  22. Who the hell are you?

    updated first post http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...st&p=461704
  23. buying and selling

    ill alch for j00
  24. Banned

    meaning? can i keep the one that i have been playing on since this morning?
  25. Banned

    So, Fancy is banned forever now... i guess there is no way i can get him back. Am i right that i can only have one character now? or am i banned from el period?