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  1. Mages

    I wonder howmany of you fighters actually know of first hand howhard it is to lvl magic and the cost of it. I have low a/d, few coord 39 rationality and still cant do harms over 120 on good astro days, and my mag lvl is 70+, maybe i'm just a n00b still cos i dunno about PK but my fighter alt is cheaper to train and make more gc to pay the cost of training than i can. It takes ages of training with MD/LD sessions becos simple MD sessions with players will force me to buy gc for $ which i don't have. I consider myself of a "pure" mage but gaining pp's is much harder then for any other player and as we discussed before, MI is there to safe you in pk maps. If you cant stand getting owned by any other player imho you shouldn't be in pk. Some like to hunt down others using brute force, others spend lots of $$ to get special weapons, summoners spent lots of time to lvl (even tho i am sure most ppl use summoning stones) and mages use their offensive spells. I have assisted several strong fighters hunting down dragons and they nvr complayned, now there are some real ebul mages (and even more ebul fighters that hunt you while invisible in pk training spots) we all start complaining again...? IMHO training should never be safe when you are in a pk map. live with it and use the opportunity, maybe you might find a way to wipe out those ebul mages.
  2. unolas blessing

    to train my magic: casting heal, shield, restores at ~lvl 36/37 using mag pots and trained on spiders (my a/d was very low) as i got mag 40 i went to pl. tit cave and started md the spider and ld the pw, inbetween i killed skellies for drops and bones. The bones payed all costs for this lvl'ing but i made only ~10k mag xp/hr. then as i got to a/d ~55 i started training on bears, you figure out witch but with them you can make ~20-23k mag xp/hr and still the drops pay for the cost. Dont forget to always cast shield spells, even its only a little extra xp it still counts and you'l get to no-fail-restore easy, cheap and fast.
  3. 100 Leonard kills...

    Wow that has been very fast Gratz all and thanks
  4. 100 Leonard kills...

    After months of hunting our beloved night stalker, I finally reached the 100 kills. This just asked for a contest so i placed few hyperbags with some of his loot on maps i wasn't able to find him (yet) . Bag #1 Bag #2 Bag #3 Bag #4 Bag #5 Happy hunting and plz post here wich bag you found.
  5. Events

    I remember you did plenty events indeed anyway, since you are pr0 hide & seek, I'l contact you in 16 Lenny_kills, #100 is worth an event I think
  6. Auction 3 x Leonard Fur

    Omfg! I see i really have to let future furs *poof with prices like this every Lenny kill is worth 30 rings > 2400 20 ghp 's> 2800 30 br's > 360 >> 5560 gc add ~ 2666 gc for a fur and i should be ebul ridge in the future Speed pot is hard to sell at even cost of ings so no more furs from me in the future, just to support the potters get a fair price for the speed pots
  7. Reserve those for me plz.
  8. Screenshot Thread

    As lots of ppl still don't know who Leonard is, and i like him the most moments before his death
  9. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    At that time i created this char I was reading Terry Goodkind's "Swort of Truth" where Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander was the first wizard. So Zeddicul was very obvious name
  10. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    I'l try to be there too Q. only hope i have enough essy's and such and not sure what my a/d/mag is on test. I'l neg out cos i'm not fighter build nor do i have enough emu atm.
  11. Instances, first public test

    Not at 70'ish, from what i know you'l need to be close or even over mag. 80 and i dont think harm will be the most tactical spell in an instance, 1 harm takes 8 essy's. Emu with sr's (emp's) will be 18 and building a mage char includes having not too much p/c, so emu will be low or you must be completely negged out. For me the damage i do is still to important in the rest of the game, therefor i work on rat. more than emu. Hearing more about the instances i must agree with Radu, mages wont be of much use in "higher" instances. So i'l just wait till there will be one for my own lvl. and the game being in progress we can always see what will happen then.. I'm sure if a strong mage with a/d at lower limit prooves to be too strong there will/might be some adjustments. Else we (mages) will be of very much use then and maybe more players will see the skill is of as much fun as just a/d training
  12. Instances, first public test

    Saying that, could you give us a hint on how the other instances will be ? 100(110+) 80-100 (big gap imho) and ? tbh. i am really looking forward for those
  13. Instances, first public test

    Offcourse not. Thats imho not the issue either. can any fighter on his own kill such creature? Tactics, build a group that can get their way trough an instance. Those where your own words. If its all about emu, than get a noob, neg him out and let him join. If a mage can be very usefull killing an ice dragon with only one fighter, we both had to restock, then i think i can be usefull. I'm not even thinking i can at the 100 a/d instance, i even recall "they are not meant to be easy or even be able to finish" . At test i negged out (as several top fighters also did) to get enough emu. At main i would think twice todo so, but i believe that tactics is not only the way you build a char but also the way you build your group to go into any instance. And not only a mule and some fighters but also ppl with different skills. Those who finished it on main weren't the least fighters and also used summons, a good mage could heal them so they would last longer. Instances will be there for that bit of extra thrill i think. atm i go hunting yeti and giants (on my own) just for the thrill and having a break from lvl'ing pure magic. I think these instances will be like that, the fun, thrill w/e you call it. away from the daily stuff you do in these Eternal Lands