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  1. EL dreams

    Perhaps this was a precursor to the volcanic action in your near neighbour!!
  2. Bot payments

    Paid for Ellstren, CR_trader and Knighta_shop on 1st January 2020 9LS388995J881931E
  3. Bot wanted

    Contact Bud... I think he wants rid of Stub in NC
  4. A rather strange ip ban

    Hello! I often forget things and not been told off yet, but have started writing passes down in a secret place.... Now the only problem will be if I forget where I put it. Radu has even forgiven me for forgetting to say my name when buying stuff from him lol
  5. New creatures

    I have always wanted a sea creature to leap out at any beach site, not necessarily a very high level, just something to frighten newbies really. I also miss horrible critter spawning from outhouses!
  6. Eternal Lands News

    I realize (american sp*) for moderators, but i am VERY SAD! i wanted invite!
  7. I saw somewhere in forums, the suggestion to return Neno to original form. I would LOVE to see the outhouses producing not just the occasional rat, but some other higher monster. Give the harvesters of dung a reason to be a little less aft Thats a ME TOO for a totally different reason
  8. Eternal Lands News

    Great reporting should put you up for a prize!
  9. Eternal Lands News

    Particularly liked the *furry* Otherwise excellent reporting!
  10. The possibility for a "C3"

    There are two moons i think? pick one
  11. The possibility for a "C3"

    Facebook recently promoted Plarium Throne o/ PS. Tried it ^^ and still much prefer EL, economy, chat, maps (ty Burn)
  12. ~

    I am not happy with this. ALL speech shown?
  13. Expiring bots

    Ellstren, CR_Trader, Knighta_shop 5DF70790YM913543C January 2018 renewals
  14. Storage sale!

    Hi if you still have the following items, the offer is 113000gc 14267 Blue Star Flower 100 Silver Bar 13566 Blue Quartz 13971 Empty Vial 93 Silver Medallion PM me in game or pm Scratch, ty
  15. Ban-Not asking for a unban- Questions

    You don't owe me anything. when i give anything, its with a good heart. however, i hope you did not promise restitution to Grud and not uphold it.