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  1. rather small sto sale

    i have in sto, unneeded. 1802 red snaps 0.5 each 165 red roses 0.5 each 1597 tree mushroom 3467 mullein 500 white chanterelle 286 titanium ore 40 turq 5k FE 3.5 each - SOLD 3 red scarves emerald processing book 4500 gc may sell damaged ice torso also if the price is right also buying cheap snake skins :> post here or pm ingame skatieguy
  2. Big bad book sale

    im a newbie i have 8.5k gc would it be enough if i removed the medallion books?
  3. Big bad book sale

    1 Book of Gargoyles Summoning 1 Unicorn Medallion Building 1 Isla Prima Ring Building 1 Desert Pines Ring Building 1 VOTD Ring Building 1 WhiteStone Ring Building 1 Titanium Long Construction 1 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 1 Sun Medallion Building 1 Moon Medallion Building 1 Portland Ring Building 1 Stars Medallion Building 1 Book of Puma Summoning How much for all these? then ill see if i have enough money
  4. Banned again :(

    3 months and a few hours is it time yet?
  5. Banned again :(

    Alright it wont happen again. Im sorry that it happened in the first place but it wont happend again... unless im lanning at my friends but he no longer plays
  6. Banned again :(

    ok... 2 months now hope to be unbanned soon
  7. Banned again :(

    hmm so i am banned for 2 months then?
  8. Banned again :(

    Hello all, just letting you know its been over a month and i still cant get on skatieguy
  9. Banned again :(

    sigh guess im banned for good then
  10. Banned again :(

    I was killing a male goblin and died then it said you were booted by somebody... Hotana Skatieguy
  11. Introduction to C2

    The tour is great im on the first one atm
  12. why am i banned?

    Thanks alot, i will
  13. why am i banned?

    Sorry for not answering, His char name is smolebaggins.
  14. why am i banned?

    Oh... well it wasnt me, i broke a rule instead, told my friend my password
  15. why am i banned?

    I havn't played for about 4 months and i notice that i am banned, could someone please tell my why? skatieguy is the player name.