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  1. new armor

    I'm starting to save gc and pp for these great armorpieces.
  2. Joker

    I thought there are around 40 spots. Byt mabye it has changed...
  3. 2006 poland/czech/slovak meeting

    I'm not that ebul, I even borrowed a cd from a friend by Jaromír Nohavica and Čechomor.
  4. My guildmate's internet cafe IP-banned.

    Motylek remembers Delosek and Misiu-fil using his cafe to play EL some time ago. Maybe one of them (probably the first guy) did something nasty. Cafe's host (and webpage) is motylnet.ath.cx, ISP is Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.
  5. My guildmate's internet cafe IP-banned.

    OK, anyone keen on unbaning Motylek's cafe, telling that in this case the whole ISP is banned or telling that it can't be unbanned?
  6. 2006 poland/czech/slovak meeting

    Wherever you set this up, I'll do my best to be there.
  7. Screenshot of the week

    Watching wild animals on Irilion.
  8. Player Ranking suggestions

    Are there some inactive players removed from the top50?
  9. Selling Iron Sword of Fire

    Well, how much gold coins I have to offer now to take lead?
  10. Selling Iron Sword of Fire

    Me offers 1kgc
  11. ATI problems linux.

    Just to add a few words to what UberLord said: I had exactly the same displaying problems with my Sapphire Radeon 9200 on a Asus A7N8X-X MB (nForce 2 400 chipset) while using xorg "radeon" drivers. Patch solved it.
  12. ATI problems linux.

    This patch resolves my problem. Thanks a lot, UberLord.
  13. I've had enough

    Aren't ^v^ members pking pepole just because of their guild tag?
  14. server down?

    Where are Ant_12, 14, 15 and 18-19? Learner, learn some maths! Good luck the Ants arent running on your strip.
  15. Hopefully nobody we know was there

    What makes it sad for me, is that the victims vere pigeon-fanciers. I can't imagine a more calm, peaceful and not-dangerous hobby.
  16. server down?

    I like massive jars.
  17. Problems with the update

    Vanyel's cabin in northern Palon Vertas is a trap! I can't get out from there, I get "Can't reach destination (path blocked?)". Sorry Vanyel for entering your private property, but I didn't know it's yours before entering it. :] Edith says: Coordinates are: Palon Vertas insides [549,98]
  18. Download for update available

    In the South Redmoon Mines i can't harvest gold ore, iron ore and coal. I get "You can't harvest here". Rubies on the Mountain of Sorrow are ok.
  19. Download for update available

    I could not use the ship from Egratia Point to Iscalrith...
  20. A Day in the EL life

    Well, you're a good narrator.
  21. Player Ranking suggestions

    This has come up a zillion times and it isn't that easy. If it were, it would already be done. *cough*search*cough* OK, I guess I just thought that there is now a new possibility to gather data. Nvm then. Anyway, that ranking is super-cool and totally awesome!
  22. Player Ranking suggestions

    It tells you how many people have exactly the same skill level. I guess. EDIT: If this ranking looks into player's accounts, than maybe It'd be possible to show also what guild the players belong to.
  23. Test server, test 2

    White Stone - Elvaro Mountains [737,569] - there is a "bad object" box. The exit/entrance is not working there, I teled to range to get in, and beamed to exit. The door leading outside this area, as well as the door to Tirnym Magic School look odd, they are placed under a stonearch, but you can look what is behind them... the door are not attached to anything by their side. [fixed] Desert Pines [134,115] - I could enter the tent, but i can't exit back to Desert Pines outside. Clicking both the tent from inside and a tall wooden ... erm... staff placed there displays "Umm... you can't teleport, there's no nearby open location". I can enter the Alchemical Academy though, and I can see a "bad object" inside it. [fixed]
  24. Test server, test 2

    Imbroglio Islands [151,96] - after clicking the cave arch, my char walks in a weird direction to suddenly appear in the Maze of despair [188,114]. Exit works fine. [entrance works, no map bug here] The stone parts of teleports in Imbroglio Islands [174,172], Isle of the Forgotten [57,29], Isle of the Forgotten [25,27] and Iscalrith Insides [225, 350] flicker on my ATi Radeon 9200. I also get some flickering when there are two transparent objects in a line on Isle of the Forgotten. Oh, these things flicker only when the camera is moving (while walking, rotating the camera and zooming). Edit: one more: The statue at Ruins of Tirnym [30,96] is pure black, yesterday it was different (kinda red or gold, don't remember).