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  1. 8D

    I think the way to c2 shouldn't be "secret" or hidden anymore.
  2. HELP cant play ;*(

    Did you install graphics drivers?
  3. Campfires, let's make them lightable! :)

    //"Hurquin outsides, cont2map17.elm" {0,0,mapid#,475,125,72,0}, (this map isn't on the list Roja posted, so I could not figure the mapid)
  4. Well it took long time to have that feature in Eternal Lands client, but I think I'll be very happy to use it. I'm waiting with my WEs for the update (thats why I'm posting, not playing)
  5. yeah, the old fur cloak style does not need to be abandoned, maybe it might be also manufactured (with different ingredients/stats) I personally would love a tiger or snow leopard bandana Tiger and leopard furs would be great items if the strips and spots were visible.
  6. SMS notification!

    Maybe a possibility to send not only the #day info, but also some messages to players would be useful for some people. Of course with some spam-protection or limiting it to guildies/buddies.
  7. Talk about the contest here

    Well, this thread is meant for discussion to keep the other one clean, so you don't have to check the "official" thread every while someone posted there to see if he found the bag or is just discussing the hint!
  8. SMS notification!

    Works in Orange Poland, but I think I'm not gonna use it. It would mean I'm addicted to a game. Plus I can think of better ways to spend 10$. :]
  9. Guild commands

    Few days (or weeks) ago it was possible to get the default (gold) tag-color by writing #set_guild_color ABC unknown Today, again, writing that command changes the color to orange
  10. cant reach storage

    ttlanhil posted about the same isse in this topic: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...c=18578&hl= I think all storages have some fields where you can open the storage dialog, but still cannot access it. Example: In Glacmor Skill Academy at 330,267 the storage is not accessible, but the storage window is open (its 5 straight steps away from the storage NPC).
  11. Polska - Poland

    A ja za to lubię naszą drużynę. Raz jest dobrze a raz źle... i o to chodzi w Polsce
  12. Recycling plant

    Great idea (seems that we are shifting more into a high-tech fantasy this time). Two questions from me: How much time will it take to get the recycled bars? And who will be able to buy them from the plant?
  13. What does Asgnny Mean?

    Air Soft Gunners near New York edit: another one: ÅSGard naNNY (I shall not post any more)
  14. Ideas for improving game UI

    I think it would be ver very nice if the shop NPCs and merchant NPCs would have a window similar to the storage window. That would reduce the need of clicking many times with the mouse, and might give the Merchant NPCs a small improvement as compared to the bots. Of course, it would make the selling of blue lupines easier, but anyway, I'd be happy with an user-friendly shop.
  15. #inv <NPC Merchant name> would list all the items that the merchant npc is selling, and their prices, just like we are able to see a common TradeBot inventory by sending them an "inv" pm
  16. I think most of the guild use the #gms for normal every-day chat and I really miss the TC-EL way of sending guild messages by typeing ";;". So, my suggestion is to reduce the need of using hard-to-type game commands. To send a guild message on my keyboard (US) I need to press "Shift+3",g,m - and I'm doing it very very often. Making a ";;" shortcut would be much more comfortable, and might reduce the "3gm" mistakes when someone misses the Shift button. Of course there are different keyboard layouts, and i.e. on German one the "#" is accesible without the "Shift" key. On some keybs the semicolon is accesible without the need of pressing "Shift" (US, Canadian, Brazil, UK, Dvorak, Greek, Bulgarian), on others the "shift" is required to type it, but even though, using "Shift+,," might be easier than "Shift+3",g,m". The "#", "G" and "M" keys arent very close to eachother as well. Anyway, a possibility to send gms without the need of entering the hard-reacheable hash (#) symbol, or without the "#gm" would be great. I guess making these commands customisable might be hard, but I'd like it very much. Maybe there might be also another possibility to talk in channels than pressing "shift+2" (US keyb) or some other combination to enter the "@" symbol.
  17. Console ergonomics

    I'm wondering if the commands (including @, #gm, etc) could be in a config file, similar to how key.ini is used... if so, it'd be easy to change stuff, and people with different keyboard layouts may have a far easier timethat's more work, of course Yeah, that would be great for people with uncommon keyboard layout, but I can imagine thats a lot of work. Anyway a simple patch with alternate (not replacement) "#gm" would be great.
  18. 1/2 food for manu Day

    My food level drops one point while harvestng iron... did notice it because I've got powerhungry perk. Edit: so the food level decrease is present at some harvestables that require tools.
  19. Client crashing? try this

    Today i got some problems. The game was crashing at startup and error_log was flooded with cal3d errors that all the meshes have wrong format. I solved it by downloading new cal3d from: http://bane.freepgs.com/downloads/xmingw/Cal3d_DLLs.zip as Aislinn suggested in another thread. The weird thing is that the game was working this morning without problems and I didnt install any additional EL stuff.
  20. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    Among the new harvestables we can find: Blue Berries Red Currents Shouldnt it be named: Blueberries Redcurrants
  21. bring back please..

    I'd like to get the "overkill" back too.
  22. LQ and DL on gp

    Hey whats that above the clock and compas? Huh?
  23. Campfires, let's make them lightable! :)

    Dear mapmakers... Shall I post more posts like this one above, or is there another way of helping you with the campfires?
  24. EL Textures

    Nice ones, i'll use some I tried to modify one texture recently, but got tired while trying to figure how to make it look proper. But you can have a look at my try (you can also use it as much as you want) - http://nic-nac-project.de/~gabrys/el/cape1_white.bmp It makes all FR-users become stereotypical Teutonic Knights :> btw, will be there "custom looks" once?
  25. What is your political compass score?

    Yea, thats why i play this game, but one anti-anarchist cant make enough counterweight to you all...