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  1. WARNING: Current Scam

    Even in Eternal Lands there are no such typos. How about someone give them the password and the mods could watch who's loging onto it.
  2. Please predownload the update

    No. I tried that on the test server, with updated linux client. Right now I'm downloading the windows update, to double-check it (should be done in ~0.5hour). There is a small chance that I made something wrong with updating the linux client. I will re-check it after testing with the Windows client. edit: Windows client is ok, theres coal and silver only. edit2: Linux client is ok as well, I must have done something wrong with the updating or with old settings from .elc I'm sorry for fake bug report, plx no ban
  3. Please predownload the update

    The fixed linux update has a complicated directory structure, in the main directory of the archive you can see "3dobjects" and "maps" directory, probably with the new fix, and a "Eternal Lands-1.33-update" with the rest of files and directories. 1st edit: the gypsum The former gypsum deposit at 100,140 Morcraven cave: the deposit looks like a gypsum one (has the correct texture now), but when you harvest it or click it with the eye icon, you get some Silver Ore. The former gypsum deposit in White Stone cave [79,17], it has now the gypsum texture, but you're harvesting coal. Hidden Mines of Mynadar (votd 2nd cave) [107,278] - the same, you see gypsum texture, harvest coal. Brief: before (in the RC), the deposits looked like silver/coal but were gypsum, now they look like gypsum but are silver/coal. I don't know if there are other deposits of gypsum in the game.
  4. Artwork Updates

    Whoa, it looks fabulous!
  5. Client RC available.

    1. The gypsum *White Stone cave [87,16] - the gyspum deposit is black instead of gray, *Morcraven cave [100,140] - the gypsum deposit is looking like a silver deposit. 2. The maps When I'm in these maps, my position is not shown on the big Irilion map: *Aeth Aelfan *Airus *Emerald Valley Trade Route *Glacmor *Hulda, Land of the Ice Gale *Hurquin *Imroglio Islands *Irsis *Iscalrith *Isles of the Forgotten *Kusamura Jungle *Melinis *North Redmoon Island *South Redmoon Island *Thelinor *Trassian *Willow Vine Forest *Zirakinbar There's another thing connected to it, if you log off and on on these maps, you'll see Seridia map when you press the Tab button, it is totally confusing. 3. Where to get stuck *Trassian Caves - Wizard's Passage [44,737] - I couldn't exit the cave (but I could enter), *Iscalrith Insides [684,716] (storage) - the door out of the storage are working only one way (cant exit), as TirunCollimdus already posted *Iscalrith Insides [520,674] - the same - door are working only one way
  6. Chain Reaction

    (key) hole
  7. Chain Reaction

    (overrun) position
  8. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Hedningarna - Pornopolka (cant understand a word out of the song, but i like it)
  9. Guess the player name!

    Yep, LabRat got it! Congratz The Thompson submachine gun became quite popular during the 20-30's among the gangsters and some policemen in USA. It's high fire rate and huge 50 or 100-round drum magazine, made the Tommy Gun a unique weapon these days. It also make a huge career in Hollywood movies. Actually it was used during the second world war, not the first one.
  10. Guess the player name!

    i meant someone else, not Walt_her theres something that you do when you stand at someones door...
  11. Guess the player name!

    A popular gun standing at your front door...
  12. Best Death Message

    Ulrih will start a brand new life just after the commercials. Stay tuned!
  13. Polska - Poland

    To ja dopiszę parę polskich filmów które mi się podobały: * Seksmisja (przypomniało mi się niedawno :> ) * Skazany na bluesa * Pułkownik Kwiatkowski ( "Psychologicznie, Jajec!" ) * Potop
  14. Polska - Poland

    Nie poddawaj się, Charlotka
  15. Polska - Poland

    Byuem w kinie na Kasino Rojal i mi si bardzo podobauo. To naprawdę całkiem inny klimat niż wyciągarka do liny w zegarku Pierce'a Brosnana, a dziewczyna Bonda pierwsza klasa. Wśród innych filmów, które mi się podobały można znaleźć: * Pozdrowienia z Moskwy * Kompania Braci * Drobne cwaniaczki (niedługo w telewizji pójdzie, jak ktoś nie widział) * Pulp Fiction i inne filmy, które reżyserował Quentin Tarantino * Sin City * Moulin Rouge! * Okręt * Taxi * Desperado * Jeździec bez głowy * Elizabeth * Aviator * Mulholland Drive Z nowych filmów, które widziałem ostatnio: * Mężczyzna idealny (tytuł oryginalny - Román pro ženy - fajny film) * Trzy pogrzeby Melquiadesa Estrady * Zatańcz ze mną * Elizabethtown W sumie to oglądam tyle filmów, że nie pamiętam już które mi się podobały. Chyba zacznę pisać bloga. :] edits: przypomniało mi się parę tytułów Jeszcze mi się Carrie przypomniała.
  16. Polska - Poland

    O, muszę sobie to gdzieś zapisać.
  17. Polska - Poland

    Cytrynówka z akademika \o/ poza tym czerwona Warka i wszystko co przyniosą mi goście :> edit: Tak sobie myślę co jeszcze lubię i wchodzi mi że lubię niewytrawne wino i drink "Teraz Polska", poza tym Żołądkowa jest fajna. No i prawie zapomniałem o boskim napitku Lisce
  18. Polska - Poland

    Ja mam dwie: Rozkład Jazdy Pociągów 2006 Rozkład Jazdy Pociągów 2005 No i lubię trochę "Paragraf 22" Josepha Hellera
  19. Polska - Poland

    Meep, fajnego mam avka? :] Nie spamujcie tak bo nam wątek zamkną! +1
  20. Total guilds war

    Yeah, I thought about it too. An Innocent Noob joining an evil guild would notice something is different There might be an option in player preferences, something like "highlight enemies". Another idea: maybe there might be a little "lag" between the time both sides declare war, and the time they actually can start fighting, and when signing the peace treaty (aka surrender), so the victors can have i.e. 15 minutes more fun Another possibility is to make the War last at least X time. That might also help against abusing the system IMO. More important concern: when somebody is joining a guild, the new guild tag is visible only to players that enter the map after him unless he relogs or changes the map. That might be a problem!
  21. So, what kind of forum user are you?

    Voted: I can t make up my my mind, so i need this choice to state that i dont care about anything, but i would like to click on a vote button. Actually I'm afraid that each vote I make can ruin the game.
  22. Changing the Ila Prima tavern color

    I like it! Looks great, and it should also look ok during the winter if the ground wont be just plain white.
  23. Total war between guilds

    If someone is guildless, he'll be "immune" to these two features?
  24. Talk about the contest here

    I've used around 20 keys on Idaloran beach, nothing found, but I haven't checked all the places where was some sand.
  25. Monsters a/d

    Because it is better when pepole find it by themselfs, so they believe that these levels are true?