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  1. awesome Germans !

    Na klar! aber ich bin nicht der eine der soll sicher sein
  2. awesome Germans !

    Was?:> Alles was du möchtest
  3. Artwork Updates

    I like the way foxes now are
  4. Polska - Poland

    Oj spamnę sobie bo zapomniałem już jaki mam awatar. -~=~=<=>=~=~- -ej, ile miales na maturze z polskiego? -okolo 1 promila -~=~=<=>=~=~-
  5. Lottery & GIWS

    I've heard that the merchant, lottery and GIWS NPCs are where they are to encourage people to go there.
  6. Newbie Intents VS Current Status

    I wanted to play the game, now I'm chatting in the game.
  7. Guys, guys guys....

    I think that's a good place to ask the players to be polite ingame. I've seen some bad language in the local chat so I can believe that some gals may get some bad pms. In Eternal Lands, with all the allie-enemy stuff, some anonymity and multi-lingualism it is easier to write some bad lines in pms. Some people would just move on in the game hoping they #ignored the people who deserved it, shallara chose to write about it here. As we haven't got millions of players I think such a post may do some good. Many greetings to all the nice people in Eternal Lands! And special greetings to all EL girls!
  8. Whats your favorite type of music

    All of the above - depending of the mood im in at the moment. I like orchestral classical music, orgel music, opera, some metal bands, some more rock bands, guitar musik, world folk songs and bands, electronica and jazz or blues and i really like some dance or even techno music when im in a nice club. Atm I'm listetning to some beautiful Chet Atkins tunes.
  9. Bots channel

    I like this idea. I hope the bot owners and coders will have an unified item name list, maybe with some known acronyms, like "ele" or "sr".
  10. New playable race unveiled!

    Well.... I think that Pengman should be able to swim in the water. No tele2range across a stream for them and no fee to get to c2!
  11. New playable race unveiled!

    O.o the Pengmans will be unvincible in PK map! Who would dare to attack such peaceful looking race?
  12. Contest, win a Cutlass of the mage

    How about some bonus prizes for finding a bug?
  13. Contest, win a Cutlass of the mage

    Harvestable Turqoise in one of the nc caves.
  14. Contest, win a Cutlass of the mage

    The former not working door to Svetlana crafting consortium in WSC gives now a "Umm... you can't teleport, there's no nearby open location" message. New and buggy?
  15. Why dont people PK anymore?

    Yes. I know that there are many other maps, and kf is not anymore the nicest place to PK, but theyre not as close to high populated storages like Molgor. The arenas are nice, but they're small, less possibilities to suprise someone. C2 places, magic school sewers and training room - its a long way to get there.
  16. Why dont people PK anymore?

    I thought about another reason: High level monsters in KF. I didn't like the ogre introduced to kf, it made it less accesible to really low-level players. Now we have there fluffies and chims. I understand that maybe their purpose is to entertain the people who enter kf and find out there's no other player to kill. Maybe it was meant as a nice place to train, close to storage, but with some risk from pkers, however people who go there to train on rabbits, will be killed by chimmies. Today, I dont visit kf much, so I'm not sure if people train there, but it's harder to make a run through kf to have all the pkers chase you from votd entrance to skf or dp entrance, or to stand somwhere in the middle of the map to wait for a passing newbie.
  17. Why dont people PK anymore?

    Every time I go to PK areas, I either don't meet anyone, or I get killed because there's someone stronger or just better. Actually I don't think I can level up quickly enough to catch up with most pkers. PS. I could imagine that some people don't pk becase there is a complicated structure of allies/non-attack pacts... however it is not my reason of not going to pk.
  18. 1.3.3 Map bugs

    The entrance in Glacmor [354,49] (green dot on the map) leads to the Tavern (Glacmor - Dara's Tavern and Grocery Store [132,39]) instead of the Grocery Store ([166,38]). [FIXED]
  19. Problem with Something Please read.

    Congratulations to supreme topic naming skill. I've read it.
  20. Upated mapinfo.lst

    I made a new version of the mapinfo.lst file. It took me some time but it was also fun to explore the corners of the maps. It solves a bug mentioned by cho-yun here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...st&p=330434 by me here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...st&p=327708 and discussed a little here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=31048 The file can be found at http://www.catz.yoyo.pl/el/mapinfo.lst Melinis is not updated, and I couldn't fix Isle of the Forgotten. Maybe there are some typos or errors... no idea. edit: Seems that my server is down. Changed the url to another one.
  21. 1.3.3 Map bugs

    The entrance to secret The Meep [24,12] from white stone city map is not working properly. While standing at the old entrance spot in wsc map you can enter it by using an specific item, but when standing directly at the item you need to use, you get message "You are to far away".
  22. 1.3.3 Map bugs

    Recheck if you have updated all the files and settings correctly, I also got confused on the test server with the gypsum, but it appeared that the "datadir" setting in el.ini pointed to wrong directory while playing on Linux.
  23. 1.3.3 Map bugs

    Iscalrith [71,41] - you cant get into the cave (msg: "You are to far away from the door"), but can get out of it there 1. edit: antother cave entrances with weird message: Iscalrith [93, 70] - "You are to far away from the door" The problem that it is not possible to get out of the cave at Iscalrith Dungeon [206,237] has already been reported today here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=31233 (I confirm it) FIXED
  24. The 12 days of Christmas clarification

    I'm rather ignorant to the great American culture, but I believe that maybe the author was ungrateful and did not not accept his love's gifts, so every day greater gifts have been sent.
  25. Eternal Lands im Deutschen Wikipedia

    Ich habe etwas auf der de.Wiki gefunden: Eternal Lands alte Löschdiskusion: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Lös...el.C3.B6scht.29 Ich habe einen de.wiki-sysop gefragt um den alten EL-atrikel wiederherstellen, und jetzt könnt ihr es finden hier: http://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=...;oldid=19500345 Die aktuelle Version () ist vorläufig nicht geändert. PS. Vielleicht wird ich etwas von den deutchen Artikel in die Polnische Wikipedia nehmen.