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  1. Best PK music?

    Many of the songs you've listed are great, but... the best song to PK someone wearing a CoL or CoM is Nightwish Crownless
  2. True Sight Potions

    I don't think that spawns are getting jammed. There are usually some free in PK maps. Of course some creatures haven't got many spawns, but you can train on something else for a short time. I know it is not a nice answer, so I'll write about TS too. Let's divide the people who use TS into 2 groups: 1. People who could train on stronger creatures. By using TS and going to lower level creature, they virtually "free" the spawn on a stronger beast. 2. People who should train on the same creature, but they are strong enough to train even with TS (I think there are some players like that on ogres). They don't jam the spawn. Actually thanks to the ts pot feature and more experience that comes with it need less time to move to the next monster. That's my theory, but I won't make a topic "Use TS on training to train faster and free the spawns earlier". You, conavar, stated that you don't have problems with finding a new spawn, but you see people who you think have, due to the TS potions feature. I really don't understand it, maybe the players that you're talking about should either explore and find more spawns (yeah, some players don't try to learn new things by themselves, they just ask about each and every thing), or they are to demanding for the spawn to be (to far, only one monster, PK) or simply they should write this topic personally, so they can bring their arguments and share their thoughts. And I think there is no need to worry about hypothetical future issues. That's everything from me about the jamming of the spawns. Should the side effect of TS potions to changed? ( eg: instead of -10 a/d .. -10 p/c or -10 will ) No. It is okay, it brings more possibilities to train on monsters, and allows more people to do pvp training. It makes some pot makers happy too. With the experience scheme in EL (exp per hit depending only of a/d levels) it is a nice feature in my opinion. Would changing the side effect force players to train on what there level suggests and thus easing spawn congestion? No. I mean yes. It depends what the change would be. Of course, removing the a/d penalty would reduce the possible creatures to train with for some players.
  3. Testing team needed

    The reflections in water are not correct for animals that are partially underwater. It happens for me only when the frame buffer is turned off. Take a look: http://www.catz.yoyo.pl/el/elscreen020.png The rabbit is underwater, but you can still see a reflection as he was walking on the water. Edit: Players reflections are ok.
  4. Testing team needed

    I meet the requirements and I'd like to help. My knowledge of C may be not good enough to write patches, but I can test. Ingame name: Ulrih. catz.
  5. Man (player) eating leopard

    I like it, adds something to the game thats better than the automatic invasions But please test it on no drop day only for some time, so we'll learn how does it work
  6. Hello, I've heard a nice song in radio, and I even managed to record it from a stream. If you can help me and tell what is the title or artist name, you can win a special stone in EL. Here it is: http://catz.rootnode.net/piosnka.mp3
  7. Making maps more used..

    The maps you mentioned are on Irillion. I think that you could get more people to Irillion if the passage from WSC to Port Anitora would be marked on the map, and kind of easily visible. That would make the Irillion less secret (though it is not a secret now). What concerns the maps... Iscalrith is atm my meat-hunting place, and I like it very much. There are only a few yetis and I can usually dodge them easily without any mm or diss rings. Some tigers or other critters would maybe make that map a little more interesting, but, due to the yetis, only a little bit more interesting. The really boring part of Iscalrith is the Iscalrith City. It has few yeti spawns in caves, but either most players don't know about them or they aren't needed now. Some of the caves are really unused. Maybe a magic train area are could be established there, or some other training spots with tigers, polars or leopards or some monsters. These caves are small so they might become nice training places, if you wouldn't get lost there. Maybe the caves could have also a more interesting color than blueish-white Irinveron - it is to big to hunt animals. The yeti cave is known among the players, so maybe the map is not that bad. I can see 2 small improvements: the teleports should be marked on the bmp map, so the Irinveron storage would be an option for people harvesting in north-west Glacmor, and the southern passage between Irinveron and Glacmor should also be marked. Trassian - Theres a place where I get a msg "Enjoy the orc", but there is no orc. Another msgs - "Ogres!...", "Enjoy the ogre", but no ogres. I think someone may train there, there is some demand for orc and ogres. Zirakinbar - I think it is a nice place to hunt black bears, only the hobgoblins may be a little annoying. The map may be also to big for hunting, it is not divided by any river or mountain range. As someone mentioned - more taverns, shops etc. Some of the maps have shops marked on the map, but there is no NPC. It is really a shame that I need to walk to Palon Vertas or Idaloran from the Willowvine Cave to buy a pickaxe. I got abit carried away, and I came up with another 2 or 3 ideas (they should go to the suggestions forum, but hey, they'll get forgotten here as well): *Certain places that give a "buff" for some more time than 10 minutes for not an very expensive price, actually free or almost free. *Automatic events announced or a special channel, something like a "special joker" spawn, or an invasion, or something that would make some players run to a map, and maybe would make them stay around that map for more time, so they'd be closer when the event happens. Actually I don't like most of the automatic or partially-automatic (ndd) invasion, but who knows. I know some of the suggestions might make the game to easy, and I'm not going to talk much about it here, but if you'd like to discuss my ideas you can send me a pm. I'm sorry for any mistakes in my English.
  8. Happy New Year :)

    Well, Happy New Year... To the devs... may your orchards in the New Year produce enough fruit to produce lots of great Ţuică and rakia, and may the New Year fill your barns and pantries with all sorts of goods To the players... may the EL Godz be friendly to you in the New Year, and may all sorts of goods fill your inventories.
  9. 1.5.0 Map Bugs

    Iscalrith [85,53] - the cave gives a "You are to far away from the door" message. edit: I believe it should teleport to Iscalrith Insides [164,260], because it works so the other way... [FIXED]
  10. New client patch!

    EL sometimes has problems on one of my PCs. Every ~30-35 changes of the map I get a message from the VPU Recover that the VPU had to reset. My specs: WinXP, Radeon 9200, desktop resolution 1280x1024@32bpp, Catalyst drivers 6.11 (i think there ain't any newer for R300).
  11. Polska - Poland

    Wszystkiego dobrego na Święta! Wielu prezentów, dużo radości i miłej atmosfery zarówno w święta jak i przez cały rok.
  12. Video Extensions test

    Umm FYI the GL_ATI_texture_compression_3dc extension is detected on my machine only when I'm playing EL on Linux (Radeon X2300 here). No problems with downloading and placing the xml file in the EL directory (some browsers might have something like "save link as")
  13. Democracy in EL

    I think the best way would be to make some kind of polls or surveys that would not be directly connected with an upcoming change or update. This way you could adjust the ideas according to the poll results. Setting up some responsible players that could be asked what do they think about some aspects of the game would also be nice IMO. Poll results? I think binding important changes to 50%+1 might sometimes upset 49% of the players. But with small changes it might be ok. Anyway I think a 51% result should not tie your hands.
  14. Did you try to start Eternal Lands again later? Is the error_log.txt different now?
  15. Mugwump... I'm very very glad that you shared it with us. Anyway, if you want to, I'm sure you can try it on the test server and post here, or in the RC3 thread when you find any problems.