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  1. NMT Auction!

    Sry withdraw
  2. PIWO guild can't be trusted

    Yeah I agree with Frost. But yeah surely not scamming at least I have to agree also if u are an ally do not unset at random
  3. Book of fire sword

    31.5 K
  4. Invasion 13/07/2010

    Hi I feel the invasion was great except for 1 minor detail ***TO MANY PW,S LOL *** ok other then that just great as usual
  5. Time to Celebrate!

    Congratz!!! U2 I will be happy to join the event <<,As said before the best couple in EL )
  6. Storage for sale

    Thread 23476 2gc 47k merc 1006 5gc 5k Cotu 2 6.5 13k votd rings 118 70gc 8.3k diss rings 193 90gc 17.4k cutty 38k Thank You
  7. Trust is everything and NOT gold coins

    lol LYssa yes he is :::: But we all luv it !!!!
  8. Trust is everything and NOT gold coins

    I fully agree with u Vio thy should be trusworthy!!!
  9. PK Goddess of EL

    As the thread says PK Goddess .... I think ppl are voting on who is most popular amongs ppl not on the art of pking<<<< And as I said Tyra takes it<<<< Tiger I wish u had not put me on the list cause as I always said I,m not a good pker and never will be ) but thanks for putting me in the same category as Tyra and Cher<<<<<<
  10. PK Goddess of EL

    I realy Have to vote for Tyra hands down Realy she has trained hard for years and can kick almost anyones butt...We may not see eye to eye but I vote Tyrannis u go Girl
  11. GodZ spawn serper

    I just thought I would let u all know if a GodZ wants to train on the spawn u are on then watch out it gets serped so then u leave and a GodZ take over ...... Thy like to dictate when u train where u train and how long u can train for ,,,, And watch out for your db when u die training cause Smurf will be right there to pick it up,,,, ME_OW
  12. GodZ spawn serper

    she train with thermal serp the pic doesnt really prove anything...maybe wolverine was training there? and u and me_ow started serping him and rest of godz came to help... and she made a post with no proof .... spawn serper got serped for once Smurf: Got tired of seeing Cher and me ow hand this spawn back and forth for a month or so, so decided to serp them [PM from TigerClaw: because you and cheurt dont like to share ^^] [PM from TigerClaw: your not brod tag. but we got permission from the GM to serp you.] [PM from TigerClaw: Tyrannis gave permission.] And it is not the serping that realy got me ,,,It was the Dictating when and Where I can Train <<< End of this Thread for me u want to keep on bringing up old stuff that everybody does go ahead <<<<<signing out
  13. GodZ spawn serper

    lol he returned your db, and you afaik like to camp tirnym double spawn with your friend cherut rotating it every time giving no1 else the oppurtunity to train so fk it, if your being a greedy hag expect to get serped And for your Information ,, Infamous ,,I pm all u train here when I'm about to leave I will not name names it is up to them if the want to be known ,,, It just so happens Cherut and I are on same time schedule << Do u not call your guildies to see if thy want the spawn before u let it go ,,, I have no guildies training on same mobs so I call who ever I know ,,,,,Smurf is just upset cause one of his own wants the spawn <<<
  14. GodZ spawn serper

    And yes u gave some back and pinky gave some back but (( smurf )) did not return anything he left it up to the woman <<<< As I said >>>Thy like to dictate when u train where u train and how long u can train for ,,,, <<<<
  15. GodZ spawn serper

    And yes u gave some back and pinky gave some back but (( smurf )) did not return anything he left it up to the woman <<<<
  16. GodZ spawn serper

    Oh and these are some of there rules thy do not go by,,,,, No BagJumping: means do not take DBs or bags of Harvesters hitting a nexus removal. (or any type of bags beside DBs which YOU or guildies have pk'd) -No Spawn Serping: Means no stealing other people's spawn. If someone is training on a creatures; u either sit and wait for them to be done & go restock or leave the spawn.. or u go look for a different creature to train on.
  17. El down

    Hello I am trying to log into EL but I keep on getting microsoft error report can someone help me plz AppName:el:exe Appl: Modename:ntdll.dll ModeVer.5.1.2600.5755.offset 00036da I am using a nvidia 220 GForce
  18. El down

    I have found problem
  19. Forum Siggys

    I think thy are all great
  20. Forum Siggys

    I would like to thank u ,,,I luv it
  21. Sign up for "advanced" instances

    Can Enter almost anytime I,m at pacific dalight time PM Me_Ow
  22. Connection problems

    From BC Canada I,m having connection problems also
  23. Marketplace

    Starting auction off at 300k for vegetal removal stone.Bidding ends in three days ,,# bin 400k post here or pm me ingame May the the auction begin <<<< SOLD Ingame for #bin thanks all for bidding