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  1. sound files for windows are corrupted

    I have also downloaded the sound file several times and it is telling me the same thing....any other options for getting the uncorrupt download? any help would be appreciated. thanks...
  2. ELG Alchemy Shop

    completed and Delivered [PM from Vrumfondel: great, i order another 2k then ] order completed and delivered
  3. ELG Harvest Shop

    completed and delivered
  4. ELG Alchemy Shop

    [PM from Elmo: can you take an alch shop order for me?] [PM to Elmo: sure what you need?] [PM from Elmo: um 9k FE and 2k WE] [PM to Elmo: ok i think dragon will only accept max orders of 2k on fe's but i will see what i can do ] [PM from Elmo: ok thanks its for a x-mas gift and its hard to hid Buying 9k FEs on market lol] [PM from Elmo: im in no rush for them but i would like them before x-mas ] [PM to Elmo: right i will start working on them for you ] [PM from Elmo: thanks ] [PM to Elmo: yvw] order complete waiting to be delivered DELIVERED
  5. ELG Alchemy Shop

    completed and delivered
  6. alchemy shop

    order taken, completed and delivered
  7. EL research, if you want to participate, post here

    i agree to participate ingame name: wonderful and i'm a female
  8. alchemy shop

    alch shop will be temporarily closed sorry for the inconvience will notify you by post when i reopen it tyvm ok i will take a few order when i can pm me to find out if i have what you need, please no large orders i will see what i can do tyvm for understanding
  9. alchemy shop

    Alch Shop is back up and running once again...under new management. Post here or PM wonderful ingame to order GC only please (no trades). Orders handled in the order we receive them. Closed during some special days such as Scholar, Joule, and double a/d days. (We have characters to develop, too!) Also closed on No Food day, for obvious reasons. Got harvest needs? Visit our ELG Harvest shop: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46296 Essences (Max order 2k of any individual essence, 5k total all essences. 48 hours minimum after delivery of one order before another will be accepted. See the not-so-fine print below for larger orders.) Air Essence 8gc Death Essence 10gc (1k max order for now. No larger orders.) Earth Essence 7gc Energy Essence 7.75gc Fire Essence 3.5gc Health Essence 7gc Life Essence 4.8gc Magic Essence 7.5gc Matter Essence 10gc Spirit Essence 10gc (1k max order for now. No larger orders.) Water Essence 6.5gc Sorry, no bar orders at this time due to limited staff. Hopefully have them back soon!) The not-so-fine Print * We deliver to you! We'll meet you at the storage nearest you for the transaction, on either continent, as soon as possible when your order is ready. (No deliveries to areas that are under invasion. C2 deliveries only to limited storages at night. We do not deliver to any PK map or guild map. Min order 1k essies. * 24 hours for order completion This is our basic alloted time frame. However, thus far we have never needed that much time for an order that's within our maximum limits. (This time frame not applicable to orders above the maximum limits shown above, if we have an agreement in advance for a longer time, or "acts of server" such as the server going down for an extended period.) * Order held maximum one week after completed We will PM as soon as it is ready, gossip message if you're offline, and continue attempting to contact you until your order is delivered. However, should 7 days pass without any ability to get in touch with you or response from you, the order will be cancelled, and the items used for other orders. * Prices are non-negotiable. Gold coins only. By ordering, you agree to the price as shown. Price shown at time of order is binding. If we lower the price of an item while your order is still undelivered, the lowest price will be used. Ensure you actually have the amount needed to pay before ordering. Attempts to negotiate a lower price on delivery are not permitted. Trade items will not be accepted. * If it's not listed, we don't have it. Pretty simple. If we can at all possibly provide an item, it will be listed above. Whenever we're able to provide an item, we'll add it to the above list immediately. The answer to requests for any item not listed will be a "no", in other words. * Large/Recurring orders are not guaranteed to be accepted. These are taken case-by-case and only after discussion amongst the alch team. We will under no circumstances take open "make as many as you can" orders, never-ending recurring orders, or anything else which would interfere with the orders of other players or our ability to have time to develop our own characters. * Known outlaws/bagjumpers/scammers/etc. are not welcome. ELG does not tolerate those who intentionally ruin the EL experience for others, and will not accept orders from such users. Your guild does not matter. We treat all users the same, and give all users the same prices, regardless of what guild you are in. Banned from ordering: Orders Being Worked On: Orders Completed, Awaiting Delivery: neptune 1k health essences (7k) Orders Completed and Delivered: dre 2k he's and 1k spirit ess (24k) lokey 10k fe's (35k) mrfrodo 2k we's (13k) dre 1k he's (7k) dre 1k energy ess (7.75k) gottrech 2k we's (13k) xarondas 1k spirit and 1k energy (17.75k) kahn 2k we's and 2k fe's (20k) kahn 2k we's and 2k fe's (20k) 2nd order kahn 5k we's lokey 10k fe's (35k) aesop 1k de's (10k) gottrech 2k we's (13k) smurf 2k we's (13k) dilly 2k fe's and 2k earth ess' (21k)
  10. encyclopedia,skills and help are blank

    night b4 last my ? window was working fine...yesterday when i logged on it was all blank except rules..today i have redownloaded game to start fresh and see if that would help but it hasnt..if anyone has any ideas please let me know..ingame name is wonderful tyvm Molime thank you so much for helping me fix my problem i would have never guessed to look where you directed me lol
  11. ELG harving for your needs

    Harv shop is now closed for awhile will post when reopened ty all very much Current orders will be filled...
  12. ELG harving for your needs

    ok the harv shop will reopen on monday 9/29 we are pretty much caught up have a great weekend thank you everyone for your orders wonderful
  13. Storage Sale

    i would like your : silver ore (3k) energy essences (7k) ingame name is wonderful
  14. ELG harving for your needs

    We are not accepting any new orders at this time...trying to catch up.will post when we are caught up tyvm have a wonderful day
  15. ELG harving for your needs

    all order completed and waiting for delivery tyvm everyone wonderful