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  1. Need some help

    OK im 34/36 a/d 32/24 p/c and idk what to train i tried fem orc kill them to fast because im pr0 like that so some 1 can help me what to train that has low atk buy high def plssssss post
  2. Need some help

    i had some 1 tell me to save my pp's so when i get about 12 pp's where should i put them?
  3. Need some help

    that really helps xD
  4. Whats the best way of leveling up in magic?

    this is true i went from magic 12 to 21 in 4 hours on ip fast spot and sheild spell
  5. Kharn banned why?

    im wondering why im banned again i sold frozen acc and bought the kharn acc why am i ip banned?? i no longer own frozen
  6. Kharn banned why?

    new ingame name A_BloCK
  7. Kharn banned why?

    ive been banned going on 6 months now i just wondering if im banned forever and i didnt not scamm fearm i would give him his gc back but as u can i see im banned and dont have a charater and no longer have a credit card i understand why i was banned and we where not logging on and off for 6 hours if u didnt see the log times from kharn we logged on and stayed on that acc and i didnt not have no alt so how did i break my rules? u can do sto wipe and stat wipe idc and i didnt get in any trouble with the mods im srry and just want to play el again and as the boedha acc that was way befor i got banned the first time and i gave boedha a col on main for the test acc and i scammed him? well i want my col back how bout that? pls tell me how that is scamming? Include your in-game name in your posts, not just the title! Posting in Bans: 1. Bans is to be used for the moderator who did the banning and for the person banned ONLY to post on their own behalf. 2. An exception will be made IF a third party has relevant information/proof. 3. All other posts by uninvolved third parties will be removed.
  8. Kharn banned why?

    this is not your theard so stay out and i belive scamming is not ilegal so get out of my theard
  9. Kharn banned why?

    So let me get this straight.....2 days ago you advertise in evtr mine that if anyone need something from the shop, you will buy it for them in exchange for gc. I ask around, people say you're not a scammer so I give you 80k to buy me something. Yesterday when i asked you about it, you said you had problems with your credit card and gave me some more bs excuses. In reality, you knew all along you would never buy me anything from the shop and that when I would ask for it, the new owner of the frozen character would just say he doesnt know anything about the deal. Thanks a lot for scamming me out of 80k, thank god i didn't give you more. Although this is not illegal and it's my fault i trusted you, I really hope people like you never get to play this game again. Have a good day. P.S. Aislinn, sry if my post is off-topic, delete it if you think it doesnt belong here ummm ask snowghost who paied for his p2p so dont acuse me of anything
  10. Kharn banned why?

    so when do i get un banned and what charater do i use because if its frozen idk the password now
  11. Kharn banned why?

    how what did i do he offered me a better charater for that so why am i still banned yes i liked frozen but he was 50s and he offered me a 80s acc who wouldnt give up that offer? we where not swithching charaters for 6 hours maybe 15 mins tops but i had a feeling i was gonna get scammed so i changed pass again and logged on kharn and told frozen pass so he could change it idk where u got 6 hours from im not trying to fight or anything and im sorry but we wernt logging on and off for 6 hours
  12. Kharn banned why?

    how is this an alt if i dont own him any more and i traded because kharn is stronger and he wanted to start new but and with him staying on his so we didnt get scammed go on and log and change pass so we stayed logged on once we seed that passes where right he logged of kharn i logged of frozen and then we changed passes and went on with the game i was not multing and such and u can see how much of a fool kharn is he wont even post here did he get banned to i am telling the truth and he just lets it all go on me i didnt know that i couldnt give my charater for another 1 i mean we did trade 1 time for 8k iron 24kgc 1k Hes and 300srs because he gave me empty sto he said hell gve me some stuff to train and such h told me thats what we would do so no 1 got scammed so i did what he said "not knowing thats wrong and i aplogize and i didnt lie to you aislinn he offered me a better charater and its not having an alt is it if i logged him for no more then 10secs to check pass as soon as we seen passes right like i said we both went on with the game ok srry i didnt know u talked to him and im srry and i really didnt know thats having an alt i just thought we where trading haraters we didnt multi because if we multied i would have logged back on frozen gave stuff to kharn then logged on kharn adn changed pass but thats not what i did
  13. Kharn banned why?

    what 6 hours? do you think maybe because sir_exeus gave me his test account? i just started plaing on Kharn yesterday but i did go to test with that acc Kharn is veiwing this link i think he should talk to help u figure this out correctly i should not get this put all on me like i said we traded charaters and logged and chaked pass when we knew they where right we logged on them and channged pass idk what u mean 6 hours of ip chaing i play SiR_ExEuS on test server maybe that could be the prob?
  14. Kharn banned why?

    the only reason wewhere logging is to changes pass and make sure that the pass was right and i only logged for less then 10 seconds and the trading was frozen at sto aand kharn did so we made agreement that i could have the iron in sto thats the only thing we traded and how did i break the no alts if i didnt log on for more then 10 sec to check the pass dont know what u mean about log and fights ??
  15. FroZen's Iron/Coal shop!

  16. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    SHOP IS NOW CLOSED srry for troubles
  17. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    okies we will get back to you DONE!
  18. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    my ingame name is Frozen not dracul
  19. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    in game name?
  20. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    Riky your order is ready pm us in game cooldylan or frozen
  21. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    okies we will get back to you
  22. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    ok will be done as soon as possible
  23. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    ok we will get right on it
  24. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    I'll take 5k cotton for 2.5kgc IGN = Neverman You order is done pm me in game FroZen
  25. how long will i be banned? :/

    today is the 4th of april why am i still banned? i understand and wont happen again ty and no alts is fine