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  1. Animal stuff and Red drag set

    put ur offers i'll take highest one
  2. Animal: 25 Brown rabbit fur 2 Bones 9 Racoon fur 2 Cockatrice Feather 49 White rabbit fur 18 Falcon Feather 99 Deer Antlers 50 Fox Fur 5 Leopard fur 350 Red Snake Skin 88 Deer Fur 143 Wolf Fur 37 Black panther fur 14 Green Snake Skin 12 Brown Snake Skin 6 Hawk Feather 12 Snow Leopard fur 2 Tiger fur 4 Polar Bear Fur + RED DRAG SET PM MENOW
  3. Yes OR NO to PKI?

    epic poll fail all aboard the poll fail xD
  4. Diablo II

    no one play D2 anymore
  5. Selling Sto

    5k for whole sto ^_^
  6. perks

    ph, icd, anti, skeptic are the perks i got, nice free pps for the first 3 and i don't like astro so i took skeptic
  7. Invitation to Zia and EvilJoe's wedding

    i think joe is 2 to 5 times richer then zia anyway, glad ur getting married eviljoe and zia, i'm so happy for you won't be able to make it though
  8. The Kusamura Arena Showdown 3

    nice korrode, i'll be there
  9. wtf @ breakrates

    oh ye forgot to add, tankel repaired 1 col, broke the other and heavybeard just broke my t.shield what a day! EDIT : tried to manu myself a new tit shield and just lost the ingredients! way to go
  10. wtf @ breakrates

    i must have a bad week because the last 3 days i broke 1 red dragon greaves 3 cotu : during ndd, all broke in 15 minutes 2 cols : today : total hours training : 2hours30mins 1 tit shield i hate when that happens
  11. Sell sto

    375k ?
  12. Clarification about rule 5 and RL $$

    I read that, but it wont make any sense to do it in the future. Again, first ppl are allowed to give their money to the shop, later they get banned. Does that sound fair to you? Piper it is right because EL MUST NOT take RL into account. edit : typos
  13. The Kusamura Arena Showdown 3

    due to the new time, i can't take part in the tournament, count me out. edit : i talked with korrode and the time may be posponed again, so if he changes the time again, i'll he here
  14. Screenshot Thread

    dugur's is 140
  15. i'm buying the following stones 15 coord removal stones @6k each 23 vitality removal stones @8k each 5 reasoning removal stones @5k each 16 instinct removal stones @6k each 7 physique removal stones @8k each post here or pm me ingame