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  1. hello can i get my old account SarcaTus unbanned plz ? i want to come back to Eternal Lands , when i played i only got 12 years old now im older , i know i got banned , but can i get the account back ? now im 26 and want to go back to my first MMORPG who i love to play , im coming with 5 friend of me to they start play and i want go back , but i want go back to game on my main account ! can i get it unbanned ? plz ? now i understand "RULES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED" ! Thank you and have a nice day ^^
  2. hello can i get my account unbanned ? Name SarcaTus

    i was many years .. if you look at last Login of sarcatus was many years back . but ok aislinn i just wanted to get back my acocunt to restart play the eternal lands , but ok i understand .. then cya , i dont want lvl and farm about years to get to the point who i was ! cya gg then :/
  3. hello can i get my account unbanned ? Name SarcaTus

    but im older now , and dont want to restart , just give me one oportunity to show you im a different guy now ! plz ?! i dont want to restart , who i got a hi lvl account with many sets
  4. hello can i get my account unbanned ? Name SarcaTus

    and the account name its Sarcatus
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    expired ç.ç but i stayed all the day online and Subzero not logged for can delivery it !!! i really need it ç.ç
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    hehehe ty DibClark !! ^^ im online on teh game all days ! and whaiting for my diamonds ^^ thanx ^^
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    ok im ready for recive my 6 K of diamonds ^^ SubZero can PM me on the game !! my name on the game its SarcaTus
  8. selling 8 K of raw meat (auction)

    selling 8 K of raw meat !! auctions will start on 37 Kgc (plus 1Kgc peer post) bin is 40Kgc !! auctions will end on day 21 (or when ani1 player tell the BIN)
  9. selling 8 K of raw meat (auction)

    dont get an offer on the 37K ~ 40k auction closed ! if u want tell me on game ! name SarcaTus
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Name in game : SarcaTus 6K of Diamonds ! thanx ^^
  11. selling 8 K of raw meat (auction)

    srry 37Kgc on minimun !
  12. Auctioning No More Tears Cape (NMT)

    SOLD close topic ^^ thanx
  13. i whaited the time ^^

    yo all , i whaited the time and now i can get unbanned ?? here is the post http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44677 a, and now i go read all posts of the updates,etc... not go only download and dont see all of the post ^^
  14. i whaited the time ^^

    thanx ^^
  15. i whaited the time ^^

    ok srry ^^ i will whait the un-ban ^^ thanx.
  16. i whaited the time ^^

    pls reply me ^^ thanx.
  17. i whaited the time ^^

    a, and the name of my char is SarcaTus
  18. hey why i get banned ?

    why radu banned me ??? i find one bug on the new test client , and u sayd for who like help make one test ! and i maked one video. i tryed talk with u for i can help to programmers try mace one correction on the game! (the bug is in the test client 1.7.0) Here is the link : (i posted on youtube for you can see the video, when you see say me for i cant remove the video) http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=2QF0iCFCA9w im just trying help the programmers to can concert the bug a and my name is SarcaTus
  19. hey why i get banned ?

    ok srry, in the next time i will READ ALL OF THE POST ^^ tanks , and srry for the interruption ^^ i will whait the 1 week ^^
  20. hey why i get banned ?

    ok srry. but i dont looked all of the post only downloaded. thanx for the compreension ^^
  21. hey why i get banned ?

    ok srry , but i dont saw this post on the forums , i maked the download of one total PM of radu he sayd for all of te game for if u know use the computer and like help donload (and he sayed the link) and i downloaded and just trying help i maked the video e sayed for he, I find one bug on the game, i ahve show this video for who ? and he banned me and srry for not looked the post on forums i only downloaded now i go remeber for see all of the post and latter can download ^^
  22. Unban SarcaTus pls ^^

    my brother maked one char named Maker_1 , and he said for one friend of he: i enter with my brother char and have u the COL and u have the COL for me and the friend it did this (im looking what are the name of his friend ) and when i saw he with MY COL i sayed : have it back for my char NOW ! and i goed watch TV and he opened my char SarcaTus and him char and maked one Bag,logged out and taked with SarcaTus ! and after that he came up to me and said: srry i banned u char ! it gave me great anger ! please me understand this problem he has less than eighteen years of age. I will change the password of my character and I will not say to him Thanx ^^ a and my brother have 11 years OLD i typed 1 years old wrong
  23. Unban SarcaTus pls ^^

    OK thanx ^^ i will read the rules
  24. Unban SarcaTus pls ^^

    and ?? you go unban ? ^^
  25. Unban SarcaTus pls ^^

    ok srry i thing i can talk with MODs about that i dont make it more (now i know )