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  1. Lag alot walking through MM near Fort Hallgan. My FPS drop from 70 to 20 everytime I walk through the swamp area in MM. Stopped walking at 100,155 Norad
  2. Expiring bots, November 2014

    Radon is payed for Your transaction ID for this payment is: 26F29702NJ282470U Norad Due: Oct. 2016
  3. My Brother was selling 1k sr's @15kgc to RandySailor by accident he traded 10k sr's. Randy then #GM'd DoctorRx saying he traded to many to him. After many attempts to pm him back to retrieve the 9k sr's accidentally traded to him he went silent and so far has refussed to answers any pm's or gm's. He'll be removed from POWR guild and always remembered for his wrongful decision. He's an Hour of this whole ordeal: [04:32:49] RandySailor wants to trade with you. Use the trade icon then click on him/her in order to accept the trade. [04:33:05] You have been saved! [04:33:10] #GM from RandySailor: oh? [04:33:30] #GM from DoctorRx: look in sto [04:33:38] #GM from RandySailor: i think you gave me too much [04:33:51] #GM from RandySailor: im going to buy corown now [04:34:02] #GM from DoctorRx: way to much [04:34:22] #GM from DoctorRx: come back [04:34:45] #GM from DoctorRx: i gave u 10k lol [04:35:55] #GM from DoctorRx: randy come back i need 9k back [04:36:52] [PM to RandySailor: u there] [04:37:50] [PM to RandySailor: u have all my brs now bring back 9k pls] [04:39:05] #GM from DoctorRx: randy u coming back to give me back my 9k srs? [04:43:51] #GM from DoctorRx: randy yo i dont want to reportu andmake u out to be a scammer and put it on forums so plsbring back my 9k srs pls [04:49:36] [PM to RandySailor: yo whats up with u?] [04:49:51] RandySailor has logged off. [04:49:57] RandySailor has logged on. [04:50:07] #GM from RandySailor: hey I dced guys [04:50:23] #GM from RandySailor: coming [04:50:50] #GM from DoctorRx: np u scared me there for a few mins lol [04:51:35] #GM from DoctorRx: when u get to sto let me know almost full [05:14:47] [PM to RandySailor: u cant be disconnected if u still on game so u heading to sto to give me my 9k srs back?] [05:17:02] #GM from DoctorRx: randysailor u there i need my 9k srs back pls [05:23:22] #GM from DoctorRx: randy gonna shower if not backwhen u get back give the srs to norad [05:23:57] #GM from DoctorRx: yeah [05:24:10] #GM from Syk: is he really new player or just messing around? [05:26:55] #GM from DoctorRx: if he just gives me back my srs he wont be on the forums or botted from guild or be brodtagged personaly hope he makes the rigth choice [05:27:23] RandySailor has logged off. [05:28:18] #GM from DoctorRx: he just logged off but brb shower time (Edited out the unrelated conversation parts)
  4. Nexus removal from NPC

    Selling nexus removals on a npc would be a very good gc sink, All tho I'm not entirely convinced that alone would bring down the cost of ing's for mixing high end items. As the way it is now it cost 2x in ing cost to mix a jagged sabre then what it cost from a npc. So imo selling nexus removals on a npc with other adjusted npc prices would be of more benefit over all to the EL economy. (Note: the ing prices I'm referring about are binding stones, serpent stones etc...). The idea of just buying PP's with gc would be another good idea to add to the gc sink. From all the idea's I see i dont think its just the inflated price of rosto's that is bothering the majority of the el community. So it seems it would be better to address more then just one issue to try and solve the economy problems. Norad Edit: Raising attribute cap's to 52 I'd support too.
  5. POWR guild would like to recruit players that like to work on skills, and enjoy the game in its entirety. PM Norad ingame if interested in joining and helping this guild grow.
  6. New and updated trade bot list

    Radon Bot is mine
  7. Which was your biggest project ever?

    Mined, Mixed, Then bought 21 nexuses. This would be my biggest project to date. Tho it isnt the only massive project I have done or plan on doing.
  8. Auction 100k FEs

    BIN met 600kgc ty Norad
  9. #nu Guild

    just give my stuff back thats the right thing to do. I man'd up for THE BAD LANGUAGE i said nothing else.
  10. #nu Guild

    *** You brought RL into the Game, not me. You tagged us because you are not Man enough to pay your RL debts. What you and I discussed had no bearing on our Mutual, and had no business being brought to Eternal Lands Official Forums.Come across me in Un-Official Forums...I dare you, and I'll front you off so-bad that you'll get a name change out of sheer embarrassment. Punk@$$beioztch... come on, GET you some ! Shes doing my laundry...I'll have Her return your crap as soon as I feel like telling Her to check forums. Tiny little man, you need to learn your place in the scope of things. I'm not trading you $HIT Hommie...I don't touch Her character, so don't even imply it. Nothing in any of my posts has to do with RL u brought that up here and in pm why idk all this could have been avoided if everything was respectful returned. I dont think thats much to ask for as u both where logged on today when I first asked. Thats why this is in the forums in the first place. Alls I did was ask for my stuff back and nothing is what I got and alot of disrespect. Also I apologized on more then 1 occasion on here that takes a big man to know when he's in the wrong and willing to admit it, which I have respectfully done. So when my stuff is returned that'll be the first step in the right direction that a man would make and decide is best course of action.
  11. #nu Guild

    Sorry EL I apologize for my actions brought about out of anger. I'll keep my cool and stick to facts while posting here as I hope this can come to a reasonable resolution w/o all the flaming some done on my part. Not all of this is RL issues as I have been advised I'll get my stuff back tomorrow not sure how that will be possible working 50 hours a week and really only have any amount of timed logged in on Sundays. This seemed to be my last resort in any possibility of getting my stuff after the way I was treated in-game, that was the purpose of the post in the first place. Bring to light the problem in hopes of getting it resolved in a timely manner. Norad
  12. #nu Guild

    I'll be satisfied when I get my stuff back and 2 months waiting is alot of patients. Sorry Taini for implementing that your a thief that wasnt my intentions here. Bt when said making calcaltions..... then nothing for 3 hours and I see u log off what am I suppose to think... I shouldnt have to wait any longer as it seems u have time to post on here and make an ass out of yourself u should have plenty of time to log on EL and make a trade. If its a tiny pile of shit shouldnt be to hard to give back now would it. anyways like I said return the stuff and be done with all this so we all can get back to the game. Thats alls I have asked for.
  13. #nu Guild

    5.5 hours and still waiting with no reply of when or where or if my stuff will be returned to me in a timely matter. Seems u have 5 mins to post on here yet still refuse to log on the game and return to me what is mine even after u rudely asked me to do the calculations and I generously replyed with what info was given. So how log u gonna drag this out and make not just your selves look bad but your guild as well. No offense to #nu as this didnt start as your problem yet still involves u now and untill the situation is resloved in the proper mannor.
  14. #nu Guild

    feel free to recheck math but according to my calculations it comes out to 131456 iron ore 82160 coal 49296 fire ess 3000 steel bars wasnt very hard to do Edit: Forgot the food Feasting Pots. 3464 potions though I know I gave extra for u helping.
  15. #nu Guild

    u said after u calculated it out 4 hours ago then logged off. No I'll bbl g2g rl shit getting in the way #calc dont take long to do. What maybe do it 6 times at the most then there u go u got info. Sorry if I'm rushing u but yea I'm pissed first tokie talks mad shit he knows nothing about. then I ask u for bars/ings back and u say doing calculations right now 3 hours u logg with no word and I'm suppose to sit on the side lines and believe that some day I'll get it all back. No hurry to get done is what I said and u told me 2-3 weeks not months. I've been very patient and now I'm to mad to be patient anymore. If u wanna be and show EL that u are honest give it back not hard to do. and definately dont take 4 hours to do so. I did appologies to u ^^ then u come at me like that, thats bs and any person could see that and would know that too. Norad