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  1. Barcelona!

    I'm glad Barcelona won, not so much because i like them, but more because i hate Man U .
  2. Who the hell are you?

    I'm Lord_Eomer on PK server(used to be on main as well) my most recent main acc was Articenens
  3. Should Canned be moved

    Creating a monopoly isn't so easy when you can multi-play because the majority of the people just make their own stuff using 2 or 3 chars. When you are low level it is easier to buy supplies but once you get a decent level you can just make everything for yourself.
  4. Sto Sale

    K to all posts. catch you guys in game
  5. Sto Sale

    Well im quitting main server and will be playing a little on the PK server so im selling my sto Food(100gc): 7 bread 400 veges Flowers(9k): 59 cotton 10 blue lupine 11 blue star flowers 13 lupines 24 sunflowers 231 chrys 241 swamp candles 17190 red roses 1539 tiger 108 white asiatic lilies Tools(500gc): 1 saw 1 carving knife 11 leather gloves 33 needles Weapons(3k): 1 short bow 1 s2e 1 wooden battle hammer 1 iron broad sword 4 ti short swords 1 degraded ti short Armor(1.5k): 3 aug pants 1 enhanced wooden shield 3 steel shields 1 leather boots 1 aug torso 2 iron helms Magic(1k): 4 PV rings 2 uni meds 4 PL rings 4 moon med 6 DP rings Essence(3.5k): 306 magic ess 132 Air ess 142 life ess 62 matter ess 225 health ess 63 earth ess Potions: 48 SR Animal(3k): 1020 bones 2 rabbit furs 1 falcon feather 65 snow lep furs 1 deer antlers 2 lep furs 2 deer fur 1 bear fur 2 brown snake skin 1 hawk feather 31 raw meat 13 red snake skin 14 wolf fur 1 tiger stone 1 beaver fur 1 puma fur Clothes(4.5k): 1 fur torso 1 fur pants 1 fur boots 3 fur capes 1 conj cape 1 exv. cape Misc.(8k): 4 MD ward 9 mule glyph 160 creature food 420 leather 10 skele keys You can buy a whole section for the price i have set or offer on individual items, ill log on once or twice a day for trades enjoy.
  6. An Idea for ND pk map..

    This is the kind of crap that got bronze armor formula taken out isn't it? Ent gives people something they have been asking for and it just isn't good enough? KF is nice, but no more need for more, will just spread PK out and make it harder to find people. Plus iirc the point of making rostos not work in TD was because in old school PK there were no rostos right?
  7. Lottery spice up

    When will the next lottery winner be announced?
  8. 15k quartz

  9. What should I do with my character

    Well i think ill start with potion get 20s or 30s then start on manufacturing once i have a decent potion level and manu level ill start other skills. It'll help if im ever able to get and alt but for now ill just have fun with this char. Thanks for everyones input btw
  10. What should I do with my character

    Okay so if there are already high levels in each skill would it be helpful to have someone else in the skills or just to do a different skill, i personally love any mixing skill so im fine doing any of them.
  11. What should I do with my character

    Okay so i have recently started playing on the PK server. I have decided to go with my old skill of potions, but i want to do another mixer skill so i was just wondering what people want on the server. Would there be enough demand in clothes if i did tailor? Would another manuer be helpful? Will any one use eng items? These are just a few skills i have thought of possibly doing ill create a poll of my top 3 choices
  12. Cape of Destruction

    Why not make it give you the self destruction perk? Then even low level players would be able to have a role in big fights with their guilds by being suicide bombers Just an idea i was never fan of BroD so not too keen on this idea.
  13. Ranging in PK

    I haven't ranged in PK alot but i think that the most important role range will play is when people go in with ice/fire/magic bolts and start cooling down/mana burning/MNing the fighters opponent
  14. KF Changes

    I voted no, rosto is 3-4x cheaper anyway so no need to make it no drop.
  15. No drops KF

    I know i have spent alot of time in KF, which being low a/d isn't great but for some reason i can't stop myself from going in. Plus its fun to be able fight any1 you want and not have to worry about dropping anyone, plus you memorize your way out of the underworld