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    18k for damaged ice dragon greave (diSs in game)

    Hello I would like to sell some items from my storage: ~ Crown of Life ~ Steel Cuisses ~ Steel Greaves ~ Titanium chain ~ Mirror Cloak ~ Cutlass ~ 4,000 Health Essence ~ 2,000 bones ~ 7 wooden staffes Offer here or PM me in game with offers. Greetings ~diSs
  3. Some items for sale.

    HI, I would like to sell some items, please offer at forum or in the game --> diSs ~ Red Dragon Helm Of Life and Mana ~ Scythe ~ Damaged Black Dragon Mail ~ Damaged Red Dragon Cuisses ~ Damaged Red Dragon Greave ps. BUYING (or trade for someting) CoL Greetings ~ diSs.
  4. Diverse character

    hey I have only one question. Is there any way to get back my character if I was playing around 2 years ago and I forgot my password ? If it is possible how I can do it ? And is there any cost? Greeting. ~DiV
  5. It is possible to...?!

    OMG ? so my character has been deleted and some1 create new with my name :/ O.K what about Santin ? It is possible ? gr33tings, Div
  6. It is possible to...?!

    Hey, I have some questions about a character. Diverse - was my char about half year ago (If I remember well) and I stoped play because I had some problems with the net, so I forget the password to "Diverse". Let's the point. It is possible to get the password if I foget it?! If yes..How then?! please answer me Gr33tings, DiV
  7. =Selling all of my storage =)

    Universal Hood - 70kgc
  8. =Selling all of my storage =)

    Hi i'm selling all of my storage, please post here or ask me in game... Santin FLOWERS: 6700 - White Asiatic Lily 24000 - Sunflowers MINERALS: 956 - coal 860 - Quartz 447 - Rose Quartz 774 - Blue Quartz WEAPONS: 1 s2e - 800gc 1 iron sword - 200gc 252 bones - 500gc JS - 21kgc ARMOR: 16 Aug Armor 15 Aug Pants 1 iron helm 17 leather boots Titanium shield - 26kgc MAGIC: 61 DMG rings 72 Isla Prima Rings 2 Glacmor Rings Conjurer Cloak 3 WS Rings 5 Diss Rings Medalion of Life ESSENCES: 284 LE's 34 Energy Ess 93 Spirit Ess 254 Magic Ess 61 Air Ess 213 Matter Ess 1233 He's POTIONS: 319 SrS 31 Eva pots 51 Invi pots 399 Pots of Feasting CLOTHES: Universal Hood - offer Green&White Tunic 2x Brown Baggy Pants 1x Black Baggy Pants Red Robe CoTu Excavator Cloak MM cloak Power Saving Cloak White Robe Skirt 2x Scarfs MISC: 484 Mercury 1025 Threads That's all , post here with offers please... ~SanTin
  9. Selling

    SOLD in game sorry
  10. Selling

    go on , go on
  11. Selling

    Hi I'm selling the Red Dragon Set (plate/cuisses/greaves). Auction time: 5 days start bid: 200k bid: 5k BUY NOW: 280k Please, leave post here or PM me in game (Santin). ~San
  12. Storage Sale!

    can u sell me only the black dragon plate? what is the price?
  13. selling 20k less 4.5gc each

    LOL! 20 less? (Life essence) ?? OMG
  14. Selling..

    Red dragon greaves/cuisses I wil catch u in game
  15. Client 170 release, I need some testers

    VideoCard: GeForce 8600Gt 1024 MB No problems. FPS 40-70 Looking Great, Good job!