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  1. brod lol

    Stealing my comment (Im still here radu, dibs on his armor)
  2. Missing! Gossip and Trinitybot

    Gossip is a SHE not a HE lol
  3. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    All i can say is: Sorry for your loss.
  4. The Rich List Post Here if you think your a candidate for the richest in EL Post: -Your Expensive Items -Your GC -Your Highest amount of GC in Storage -Your NET worth at the moment. -How long you have played. -Best item Please Do Not: -Lie about wealth -Post other things (ie why someone is a n00b) An Example Of A Post: _____________________________________________________________________ Name: PlayerX Net worth: 1.9Mill GC Items: 1 Black Drag Armr 1 Red Drag Armr 1 Full Brnze Armr 1 Full Ti Armr 1 Full Steel Armr 1 OS 1 COL Highest GC: 660kgc GC Now: 15kgc Best Item: Black Drag Armr Played For: 2 Years _____________________________________________________________________ Thanks for reading- WISEOWL Noob
  5. brod lol

    Im a n00b!!! Christmas comes early for WiseOwl ^_^
  6. RESTORATION:- 4 Health Essences Sigils- Restore, Life Magic- 21 Mana- 25 Heals some of your health, Depends on Magic level and Rationality Restoration is Just a better version of heal, so it should be named MAJOR HEAL Then add a new spell called LIFE RESTORATION LIFE RESTORATION:- 2 Health Essences, 3 Life Essences, 1 Magic Essence Sigils- Restore, Health, Life Magic- 30 Mana- 35 Heals all of your health. The reason I posted this suggestion is I don't like how you cant get all your health back with one spell.
  7. New Break Rate

    I dont think it was necessary to change the way they break because, To hurt someone in armor you hit the armor, If the armor is strong enough to repel the hit then it should not break, If the hit gets trough the armor then it must have been quite a strong hit, So if it does get through there should be a chance to break. I have two suggestions to fix this situation: - Revert to before the update or - If players hit is absorbed maybe the breakage rate should be 0.5% and if it gets through 5% Just my opinion, My alts never gonna go training/pking until its fixed.
  8. The n00b Killer Medalion

    THE n00b KILLER MEDALION A 3D model trudged up the winding stone corridor, his footsteps echoing eerily. The walls were made from different shaped stones, inset with a gray cement, flickering torches hung from them, suspended by rusting metal brackets. He wore a raged and very dark cloak with hood and long sleeves. He slowed ,then finally coming to a halt at what appeared to be a dead end. He opened his inventory and clicked use on the tele ring. It gleamed and sparkled in the torch light. Suddenly, as if responding to an invisible hand the ring began to glow, casting a deep red light on the surrounding walls. It continued to glow brighter until the room was no longer visible. The mean held his arms over his face to prevent the light from reaching his monitor. When it dimmed he stood in a large circular atrium, pillars placed evenly around the sides and between each one was a long dark corridor, there was no light down these paths just darkness. The roof of the atrium went so high that the top could not be seen, instead darkness engulfed it. Torches not unlike the ones in the passage they arrived from hung on the walls of the chamber. Instead of crooked stone walls and cement like the passage the walls were made of great marble sheets. The faint sound of footsteps came from behind them, approaching from a dark passage. “Ahhh... WiseOwl I have been expecting you.” a cool voice rang out proving to be the source of the footsteps. This did not come as a surprise to WiseOwl who stood in the center of the atrium. He turned to face the voice. Another man, dressed in similar dark robes as him stood there but instead of plain black they had the name “teh_good” scrolled over them. He waited prowling in the shadows. His hood hiding his face. “Master Radu, I have retrieved the prototype from the ruins of Tyrnm, his hovel was half buried but I located it.” said WiseOwl “You have succeeded your mission.” Radu paused, looking pleased, then continued “This is good news WiseOwl. I shall reward you” He then pulled out a seemingly empty bag made out of brown sack material then he put his hand in and spoke “#divine_create_coins_100,000,000”. The bag that had been empty a few seconds ago now magically filled and bulged. “The medallion?” He asked WiseOwl. WiseOwl put his hand again into his robes and withdrew a golden medallion with four green stars and an Emerald set into it, it had a bold N with a skull over it engraved. Radu brought up his hand and cried “#grab_medalion”. The medallion flew from WiseOwls inventory and into Radus. Radu then proceeded to throw the bag at WiseOwls feet with a dull thud that echoed through the passages, its contents scattered. Gold coins littered marble floor. “Mwahahahahaha!!!” radu laughed, he laughed like he had never done before. “I have succeeded in creating the n00b killer medalion! Pkers with this medallion may attack n00bs on IP!” “#beam me!” he shouted and was poofed dropping a prototype summoning stone behind him. A startled leopard appeared where radu poofed. Above his head was written "Alpha_leonard” It paused snifing the air, it detected WiseOwl. “Oh....crap”said WiseOwl before screaming as leonard tore him to pieces. By WiseOwl WiseOwl: I was bored so i wrote this. Because there is a story's forum i posted. Well enjoy, LOL and LMAO