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  1. Which gods?

    Well, from my view all-rounder means you combine the options of being a combatant or a supplier together so, you will need a combat god + 2 other gods. All-rounder also means you will need high OA cause all the nexus, emu, rationality to level all your skills up. So the normal fighter usally gets more defence xp than attack xp (except for yours of cource, but that usally changes a few levels later, just depends on your build and monster you train on) which means more OA so defence god is better choice imo then that leaves you with 2 more gods to chose from. The defence god allows you to serve the manufacture, crafting, or magic god. From those three skills manufacture I would think would be the easiest(leather helms) plus a nice amount of xp you can get from them for your OA. Which leaves you with the crafting god to chose from which is nice cause this can be a fairly hard skill to level and the extra xp helps. But of cource its the players decision which skills matches them the most, which you would think would be more fun to level and help you enjoy the game the most. Here is the guild CEL's god calculator that might be helpful: http://www.el-cel.com/info/gods.php Good luck!
  2. 24 Hours Auction: NMT & Camo

    340k nmt :>
  3. 24 Hours Auction: NMT & Camo

    130k nmt :>
  4. Buying NMT

    got one thanks.
  5. Selling many stones

    Selling: 1 Binding stone - 7k 2 Serpent stones - 6.5k each sold 1 intinct removal stone - 5k sold
  6. Buying up to 10k life essence

    Hey kit, sry but i forgot to edit this post :S i bought the 10k le's about 4 hours ago :S I Got the life essence topic closed.
  7. Auctioning intinct removal stone

    in-game bid for 5k on instinct removal
  8. Starting price: 5k Buy now: 10k Increase in 500gc. Thank you PS: Also selling 2 serpent stones
  9. Buying up to 10k life essence

    Buying up to 10k life essence thanks -rivenelf
  10. Buying sr/thread/le's

    Buying in groups SR: 2k for 14gc ea ............. bought sr's for this time LE: 10k for 4.5gc ea Thread: 10k for 2.5gc ea will only buy if i get enough sellers that will = 2k sr 10k le 10k thread at a time from multiple sellers kk thanks.
  11. cleaning out storage

    All sto sell is sold except for books and fluffy stone. -Still takeing orders on gypson!
  12. cleaning out storage

    STORAGE SALE ***I dont deliver and am at evtr kkthx *** ALSO TAKEING ORDERS ON GYPSON - TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU WANT AND ARE WILLING TO PAY - I DELIVER GYPS =) Flowers: 121 red currents 378 mullein 216 red roses 35 ogre toes 508 blue lupin 2327 mums 528 red snaps 160 cactus 373 tiger lillly 3696 blue star flower Minerals: 18 coal 90 quartz 30 blue quartz 3 sulfur 34 rose quartz Weaopons: 1 s2e 46 arrows 210 branches Armor: 5 iron helms 1 wooden shield 2 leather pants 1 steel shield 1 leather helm Essence: 1500 fire essence Potions: 96 sr's 9 coordination potions 5 potions of summoning Animal: 14 beaver fur 70 rat tails 1 bear fur 23 deer antlers 27 deer fur 13 fox fur 58 wolf fur 1 wtf 3 brown rabbit furs 19 bones 1 black panther fur 16 polar bear fur 4 snow leopard fur 1 bear stone 1 white rabbit fur 6 raw meat 3 red snake skins Clothes: 1 fur hat 5 fur gloves 5 skunk hats 5 racoon hats 2 fur pants 4 fur boots 1 fluffy stone Books: 1 potion of manufacturing book 1 portland ring building book 2 moon medallion books 1 bear summoning book 1 titanium molding book 1 steel axe construction book PM ME OR POST TY.
  13. Ye Olde Alchemist's Booth

    1k AE's thanks =)
  14. Mana Drain Database

    RivenElf - 35 magic will pot up to be 40 kk
  15. curiouse about harm

    Hi, I am curoise about harm. Does it have a formulas like the restoration spell magic*2 rat*5? if so wjat is the formula thank you =)