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  1. Recent ban?

    It seems that my character Warangel my sisters new character compsim and for some reason even my girlfriends character kemjar6 were all banned at about the same time devilofwar was banned.
  2. Recent ban?

    Can you direct me to information on what type of proof I should provide, I am not sure exactly what your asking for.
  3. Recent ban?

    Not to be impatient, but can someone please address this so we can return to the game?
  4. Don't miss that special day or big invasion!

    Im new to twitter. is their a way to limit the incoming sms to special days and invasions? or do I have to receive frivolous announcements about the el lottery and whatnot
  5. Looking for a guild

    A&W is still recruiting pm Ednovel or Warangel in game for more info.
  6. Looking for Guild!

    A&W is currently recruiting pm ednovel or warangel in game for more info.
  7. Bluenosers

    I thought he meant smurfs too lol.....
  8. If you deselect the windows on top in misc. It automatically prints server messages to console, which can get irritating after a while. Is it possible to have an option to not have windows on top console and not print server messages to console? (unless you already can, but no one has yet to find me a way to do so.)
  9. really?.... no comments. common this is much more needed then snake summoning leprechauns....
  10. Angels&Warriors (A&W) is currently recruiting. We are looking for members who foremost like to have fun and support their fellow guildies. We like for all our members to put their guildies before themselves, and help out their brethren to the best of their abilities. Our pk policy is still being reformed and revised but it is pretty laxed and non restrictive. min requirements: 50 trade skill OR a/d factor of 130 or more. pm Warangel or Ednovel for more info
  11. Question about the economy

    I guess this question is more or less aimed at Entropy... But I welcome all to a healthy debate about the el economy. Specifically though, what do you want the economy to look like? What changes from its current state do you believe are beneficial? The main reason this game has captivated me for so long is its very interesting economy. So any discussion of the matter I find very interesting. One gripe that I maintain about the el economy is inflation. I know a main challenge for the developers have been finding "exits" for all the GC in game. But what about all the entrances.... I mean some of the npcs seem almost unnecessary to me.*cough* flower buyer *cough* Although I don't believe inflation is such a huge issue I still do not see those entrances as a necessity. (although this is all my opinion anyways) Another gripe/question.... doing the math.... no skill besides alchemy and obviously harvesting is really all that profitable.... The higher end items sell for losses.... why? how is this normal? Although this is a sad excuse as a major debate starter I was hoping I could get some input.. (thx to anyone who responds and graciously ceases my temporary boredom)
  12. buying he's

    buying up to 18k HE's 7.8 a piece
  13. not that my opinion has ever made a difference. I think this is a good idea, but instead of a cheesy wack o mole deal. Why not have like a hand that you must steady and grab the lilac from the bush. If you do it perfectly, 20 lilacs. if you fail, no lilacs. you shake up the bush too much you get stung. Do it to hastily you don't get as many lilacs because you destroyed them trying to grab to greedily.
  14. This may have been suggested before but I couldn't find it with search.... I think it would be extremely convenient to have a "find in this page" text box in console that jumps to the keyword you type in.
  15. Radiation swords

    can a critical fail do a random amount of damage to the manufacturer? that would be really cool imo
  16. Idea to further magic and ranging skill, Enchanting and Blessing arrows. Here is the thought.... For enchanting arrows you can enchant training arrows/bolts with spells that would normally be a magic spell then either shot by the magician or sold to an archer or such. You could make almost every spell possibly be an arrow. Most would be self explanatory some more complicated. Poison would poison, harm do extra harm damage, and drain mana, drain mana. More complicated ones would be restoration which could be really cool if you think about it. You shoot an arrow at a friend who is dying and instead of hurting him it restores his health. Also the teleport to range enchantment could be substituted as something like a teleport nexus, you shoot the friend or foe and they teleport to a random location nearby. The restore arrows could finally be the reason to make an ehe say you enchant like 10-100 arrows per ehe. For Blessing arrows I was thinking you could bless them to have effects that some of the weapons would normally have. Such as blessed arrows of destruction(brod), blessed arrows of death(bod), blessed arrows of mana burn, blessed arrows of freezing. I think it would be cool for the two skills to have a sorta warm and fuzzy but distant interrelation. So I think like reverse dependancy. What I mean is that the higher the ranging level the better the enchanted arrows work. Like poison arrows poison more, harm harms more, restore restores more ect ect. Now for the Blessed arrows The higher the magic level of the person shooting them the better chance that they will actually do what their name implies. (I didn't give any proposed formulas because I didn't want to do the calculations for an idea that will probably be shot down quickly)(just for the record I would think the tele one should be low cost considering they would be mostly for fun and not have too much practicality in a pk situation)
  17. cool ranging/magic idea

    I still fully support the enchantment thing. I meant its only 5-10 more arrows not 100's lol. But the blessed thing that is a cool idea! instead of them being blessed it being a random chance when making pk arrows thats really cool actually. more incentive. and yes obviously I want training arrows makeable but I thought that went without saying lol. What I am thinking would be like your making pk arrows then 1/25 maybe? becomes a modable arrow in which you can add some essies to make it be a bod/brod/manaburn or freeze.
  18. cool ranging/magic idea

    Yes the pun was intended... Lol. The blessed arrows would work like the weapons that have those effects. Example arrow of death (BoD) of the arrows that hit the person..... there is a 6%chance to do 150 dmg. same with all the other blessed effects. Whats wrong with having more types of arrows? (Besides the programming challenges) It would add to the game and would create a greater interest in ranging
  19. Question about the economy

    Why would making leveling fighting more challenging, up heave anyone? Its the same game... just requires a little more work towards the levels. What I find interesting... There are such things as fighters who do not level anything other than a/d but there is no such manufacturer that I am aware of that does not level alchemy. And certainly does not ignore harvesting... Why do fighters always feel they are privileged to the liberty of ignoring all other skills? (rhetorical question. Pray to god/allah I dont get like 50k responses)
  20. Question about the economy

    Wow thought the thread died... lol For what I missed..... -I am inbetween cycs and ogres. yes things break more when fighting cyclops but no not as much as they should.(and I am low level for cyclops so I should be complaining more than you) -ateh, I agree with you on so many levels its like your arguing for me half the time, lol. -Increased break rate would not only stabilize the economy to a point where manufacturing is profitable, It would make the excess supply be used up more quickly allowing changes in the economy to occur faster. -Entropy controls the game not the economy. <i>We can control</i> the economy. Sure he can increase the rates but that won't change what people are willing to pay if there is still all this excess supply, or bots that buy for more and sell for cheaper. Ent said himself there are somethings he can't control because people will just whine all day. Even if it is better for the game. -Its not where the buyer and sellers meet because bots create price floors and ceilings.
  21. Question about the economy

    Hehe now were back to the heart of the matter. The break rate should be increased for the good of the game, and its economy. An increased break rate as I have already stated would equal an increase in demand which would eventually even out the crazy amounts of supply we have right now. The break rate is really really low in my opinion. as a fighter greater than 50's even I say that the break rate is ridiculous. It does not surprise me that the prices are as they are just by the fact that i have never had to replace one item on my iron plate.
  22. Question about the economy

    The fact of the Matter is what they are trying to tell you is.... By manufacturing the items you are decreasing your assets. If you spent the time to harvest everything then that means you have "spent" something to get what you need to make the items. Take an Iron bar for example... A poor example but easy to understand. It costs 7 iron ore, 2 fire essences, 3 coal and a bit more than one bone to make it. value of Iron 3-3.5 * 7 = (21-24.5) Cost of fire essences 3-3.5*2= (6-7) cost of coal 3*3=(9) and cost of bone is (2-2.5). Add up all the costs. (not even including the cost of your time...) (38-43) value of an Iron bar? (35-38) Loss (3-5) gc per bar. What does that mean? It means you would be better off selling iron ore than you would be to make a bar. Why is this a bad example? Its a bad example because Iron bars are a low level item in which it should not yield lots or any profits because they are made for experience. But that does no mean this information is any less valid because this is true of almost all high level manufacturing items to a dizzying scale. Were talking about a hypothetical (3-5) gc time loss. Manufacturing most high items yields a multiple thousand gold coin money loss. If you are lucky and don't fail. What is this difference? The difference is that these manufacturers are counting the super rare items you need. You can't just make those from scratch.
  23. Question about the economy

    Might I suggest, like you asked the community members about changing KF to non-drop. That you could do the same about an increased break rate? That way if and when people start complaining and saying (0mg wtf my fav weapon just broke now I can't pwnz0r ne1! U make the game no funs 4ever!!!!) blahblahblah.... You can simply reply, that you had an overwhelming community backing on it and they can just go play some other game if they don't like it. I know that I would agree to state something like "I warangel solemnly swear that I will never complain about something breaking ever again if an Increased break rate was implemented. If I do that, may I and all my alts be banned for at least a half-year!"
  24. Question about the economy

    As a fighter I would not mind seeing an increase break rate at all. I have been training in the same set of Iron plate for longer than I can remember against ogres and such and not a break yet. If Entropy were to allow manufacturers to repair Items I really hope that he would make one ingredient necessary to buy from an npc as to maintain the same money outlet.
  25. Question about the economy

    What I believe really has to happen is three unspeakable things.... -Increased break rate (Increases demand) *flinch as objects thrown at me* -Bots banished. (Price floors and ceilings have never worked in an economy and never will whether it be real life or an eternal life.... -Increase of rare ings (causes ings price to decrease which leads to higher profit for manu. Which is offset by increased break rate so demand=supply (And I agree why do low level players need so much gc in the first place? whats the point of the holy apples and lilacs?)