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  1. Recent ban?

    Can you direct me to information on what type of proof I should provide, I am not sure exactly what your asking for.
  2. Recent ban?

    Not to be impatient, but can someone please address this so we can return to the game?
  3. Recent ban?

    It seems that my character Warangel my sisters new character compsim and for some reason even my girlfriends character kemjar6 were all banned at about the same time devilofwar was banned.
  4. Don't miss that special day or big invasion!

    Im new to twitter. is their a way to limit the incoming sms to special days and invasions? or do I have to receive frivolous announcements about the el lottery and whatnot
  5. Looking for a guild

    A&W is still recruiting pm Ednovel or Warangel in game for more info.
  6. Looking for Guild!

    A&W is currently recruiting pm ednovel or warangel in game for more info.
  7. Bluenosers

    I thought he meant smurfs too lol.....
  8. really?.... no comments. common this is much more needed then snake summoning leprechauns....
  9. If you deselect the windows on top in misc. It automatically prints server messages to console, which can get irritating after a while. Is it possible to have an option to not have windows on top console and not print server messages to console? (unless you already can, but no one has yet to find me a way to do so.)
  10. Angels&Warriors (A&W) is currently recruiting. We are looking for members who foremost like to have fun and support their fellow guildies. We like for all our members to put their guildies before themselves, and help out their brethren to the best of their abilities. Our pk policy is still being reformed and revised but it is pretty laxed and non restrictive. min requirements: 50 trade skill OR a/d factor of 130 or more. pm Warangel or Ednovel for more info
  11. buying he's

    buying up to 18k HE's 7.8 a piece
  12. not that my opinion has ever made a difference. I think this is a good idea, but instead of a cheesy wack o mole deal. Why not have like a hand that you must steady and grab the lilac from the bush. If you do it perfectly, 20 lilacs. if you fail, no lilacs. you shake up the bush too much you get stung. Do it to hastily you don't get as many lilacs because you destroyed them trying to grab to greedily.
  13. This may have been suggested before but I couldn't find it with search.... I think it would be extremely convenient to have a "find in this page" text box in console that jumps to the keyword you type in.
  14. Radiation swords

    can a critical fail do a random amount of damage to the manufacturer? that would be really cool imo
  15. cool ranging/magic idea

    I still fully support the enchantment thing. I meant its only 5-10 more arrows not 100's lol. But the blessed thing that is a cool idea! instead of them being blessed it being a random chance when making pk arrows thats really cool actually. more incentive. and yes obviously I want training arrows makeable but I thought that went without saying lol. What I am thinking would be like your making pk arrows then 1/25 maybe? becomes a modable arrow in which you can add some essies to make it be a bod/brod/manaburn or freeze.