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  1. Items=Steel Bar Amount=5,000 Conditions: First to accept/reserve has the order Nonnegotiable price of 48gc per Delivery Time/Finish Date: ~10 days from now (subject to change +/-)
  2. Combat Level for events

    Awww. why not? Something like this would be greatly appreciated edit: emphasis on "Something like" ... :PPPP
  3. Guess the movie

  4. I dont think SOM's effects should be blocked by COTU. Reason being som is a hell of alot cheaper than the other special swords etc, so you're better off just carrying a SOM in defence against another one (or brod, w/e works for ya). Also i think SOM's were created to create an advantage for weaker players as well as stronger players, and later allowing a cloak to block them really makes it....useless. edit: I'm not saying brod/bod mana rings shouldnt be useless with cotu, but som really isnt as bad, if you compare losing a 70 chest or 400k nmt vs. a 17k rost.
  5. brod lol

    Warranties could be exploited also, just rebuy from npc, buy gc with $, and you can brod as long as your credit card holds out without breaking a single brod. edit: assuming *hehehe* that each time you buy a new brod etc. the warranty resumes
  6. Best PK music?

    , definitely. Also some Static-X Usually tool for the long map fights or ndd's, StaticX for the arena runs, prodigy some1 said !!?? verry nice verry nice, i use them for training sometimes
  7. Non-PK Server

    In fact, monster trainers are much greater consumers than PKers, so this wouldn't be a problem You must be the pr0est pker ever... Oh, pkers dont train ever do they? And monster trainers dont pk at all either? Rostogols are never bought from shop by pkers either? There is really a santa claus? FFS people. Edit: If you dont understand that expenses in pking > training, ask pkers how much money they spend typically on ndd's. Then compare that to say... a dchim triple spawn session and you will see a huge(90K?) difference, not only in pure gc spent, but items expended, special armors, rings, summoning, weapons, cotu, etc etc. Think of pkers as your best friends, taking one(or 3,4,5) for the team, a necessary part of the economy.
  8. Buying and Selling!

    How many snake skins, what kind, and if you have a large amount, is there a discount?
  9. training guide

    I know you've said before how to make money etc, but adding that here may be of some help to lower lvled people. This should be stickyed imo awesome mp
  10. Guess the movie

    shss you broke the first and second rules
  11. Guess the movie

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon aka Wo hu cang long
  12. New Break Rate

    if I dont, you dont toom durability is probably never getting added
  13. New Break Rate

    None of those would fix anything imo, durability on items isnt even on that list? edit: tempest saw it ;p
  14. Buying

    contact dagonet for js