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  1. Mizera_cze and MiLAn baned

    Hello, i noticed that i got banned, I don't even know why or who banned me, but i suppouse it was for helping razor777 putting his items to Legendary_KODs store. I didn't know its forbiden but it seems it really is. Would it be possible to un-ban Mizera_CZE and MiLAn characters. I appologize for not respecting the game rules and I promisse it won't happend again.
  2. Please unban me :(

    If you unbanned me,I'd log in to prove I know the password and pm you ingame. .
  3. Please unban me :(

    My first char mizeraCZ got warning for summoning near store for about 100-120 rabbits in dp sto.After that he got banned for sumoning some on votd house's roof.I made a new char Zlodej and asked soldus (who banned me) to unban.He told me to write on forums, but I didnt know how to do it. So I wrote #help for unbaning and got IP ban in about 20 secs for breaking the rule 3(respect other).
  4. Please unban me :(

    And is there any chance of having both of them?I can provide all informations about mizeracz or even what does he have in storage,and I really know the right password. I m summoning near storage. I m broke rule number 16 anmd 3 and*
  5. Please unban me :(

    I had an IP ban and didn't know how to write on forums,I found out just now that I have to activate that account so that I write so late. I have a new computer and I couldn't play so I changed my IP.
  6. Please unban me :(

    I remember the pass and I even know the stats,if you wanted I could send you all these throught PM and if there ewas any chance to get both of those I would even pay for rename.
  7. Please unban me :(

    Mizera_CZE is my char which I play for now and I want to give my old char MizeraCZ to my sister venda]
  8. Please unban me :(

    Hello,could you possibly unban my char MizeraCZ?It is really a long time ago that I broke the rules and I feel really sorry for what happened and will never do it again.
  9. Mizera CZE

    Willofleaf : I dont know, who healed you gob, i am just sure i didnt, that chatlog doesnt prove a thing, i dont know what youre up to mate .. Light lam : I m healing your male orc becouse you are serping my spawn