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  1. 5 serpent stones auction

  2. BINDING auction

    I bid 75k Gizz
  3. Binding stone

    50k for it
  4. Selling a Serpent Stone

    10.5kgc for it
  5. Special sword book

    Hmm....I'll double Segor's offer.....2kgc Gizz
  6. Stats Pages

    Go for it, it's a great idea Gizz
  7. cannot log in

    Once again, we were not aware we were doing anything wrong, and we are sorry. Here is a link to the Vero website: http://www.el-vero.com/
  8. cannot log in

    On behalf of my wife Killashandra and myself Gizzmo, I would like to apologize to all my guildies in Vero guild for all of their lost steel bars, ingredients and all the hard work they put into the project. All Vero was trying to do was build up the emu of our paid bot Bene. From the bottom of our hearts we have enjoyed the EL community. We are both long time players and consider EL our second home. We have spent our online game time giving of ourselves to both guildies and newcomers to the game. We have worked hard to make this game the best place it can be. Anyone who knows us knows that. Gizzmo and Killashandra
  9. cannot log in

    Once again, we were not aware that we were doing anything wrong as a guild. It makes things much easier when a separate character stores items for guild projects. Are you telling me you want me to buy a guild storage bot to make this right? I have no problem with that. Gizzmo
  10. cannot log in

    We were not aware that it is illegal to use a character as a guild storage. Any guild projects have been legal ones with no illegal multiplaying and we have never used hyperbags illegally. Gizzmo
  11. cannot log in

    My real life wife Killashandra received a message saying she was banned and neither Gizzmo nor Killashandra can log in. What is the reason for this?
  12. bot owners...

    Gizzmo here, owner of Bene. i would like to be added to the list.
  13. artificer cape

    I would like to buy an artificer cape for 400k. I think that is the going price on market. Post here or pm me ingame if you have one for sale. Gizzmo
  14. steel helm of mana

    The picture is identical to the existing steel helms. The only way to see the difference is to use the eye to look at it.
  15. steel helm of mana

    I made one by chance, stats on it are plus 100 mana, plus 3 armor, plus 1 radiation.