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  1. I got disconnected because of my rotten internet connection, hit a key at once to reconnect and that worked. I still was harvesting, got XP and items, but the harvesting indicator showed "Not harvesting".
  2. Alt rules

    1. Place them at spawns for the sole purpose of monitoring the spawn (Ivan, Joker, etc.) Makes sense,fine for me 2. PKing them so that they spam channel 6 with PKing messages. Is that really a problem? if i'm right, the closest PK place to underworld is KF, but it still takes some time to go there from Underworld. Is that really worth a new rule? 3. Pin mobs with them (especially while afk) Isn't that more a tactic than an abuse? If that's really a problem, making the monsters run away after a given time, like 30 seconds, from an attackable, but not reachable player might be a better solution IMO. Anyways, no problem with such rules, since they don't affect my game play. Piper
  3. Expiring bots (end of June)

    Paid for trade bot Karlin 3NK3371162307705J Piper
  4. Another connection bug?

    Yes, a really well biased and neutral post. Thanks for letting us know your opinion. Want some fish? Piper
  5. Bone of death message

    I think, this was reported some years ago, but it still exists: I tried to kill frost trolls with a scyte and got this message: Frost Troll was hit with the bone of death for 150 extra damage! Piper
  6. Android client, 7th release

    Works well on my tablet, used it for one hour, no problems and, as usual, it's really fast, compared to the PC EL client. Piper
  7. El and Android poll

    I prefer to play on a desktop PC rather than a tablet. Typing is still easier on a real keyboard than on a tablet. But sometimes i might use the Android client, like i used the old Android client for smartphones, when i don't have a desktop PC with me or can't use it for playing. Piper
  8. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    Yes, same here, that happens too after a map change, as you can see in my picture, thats when i just left the tent, 13 FPS, it went up to 26 FPS after some seconds. Piper
  9. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    Works fine on my ASUS Nexus 7 from 2013 Up to 43 FPS inside the tent in Morcraven Marsh, around 26 outside. Walking and camera movement are smooth, keyboard pops up again when you double click on the blue bar (camera movement). Talking to NPC's works too. Map walking is fine too. Killed a snake and took the bag, all fine so far. #ping around 130ms, the same as with the linux client. Piper
  10. Resetting my router helped, power off/power on, and i was able to log on again. Piper
  11. vac2-0b-a9-fr.eu causes problems here, 30-40% of losses, vac2-3-n7.fr.eu.arbor like 80-90% losses. Can't login either or see the players online pages (main and PK). Piper
  12. The Fully Random Joker

    Why would you prefer this? The only reason that I can think of is that you know where those spots are. Truly random appearances of Joker levels the field for new and old players alike. Random spots makes joker hunting impossible, because he can hide behind every tree and rock on (nearly) every map. So all you must do, without any further hint of his location, is to run across the whole EL world, look behind every single bush, check every house or cave or secret place. Think about how many time that would take, that would take days or even weeks and it would be quite frustrating, when someone else finds joker before you, after you searched him for days and weeks. Or, you find him after searching for him for a week and all you get is a leather or a bread. Not really entertaining IMO. Piper
  13. The Fully Random Joker

    I like joker as he is with fixed joker spots, but moving him every (in game or real life) day is a good idea. Also letting him send a blue message every now and then might hunting him more popular. He can give, instead of the gift you get, some vague hints, where he is, like "it's cold here", "i see trees", "i see grass", "i can see water", "i see a building". Why not telling the gift you get? Who would run to find him, if you get only a fur cloak? Okay, ppl who like to read their name in blue spam OFC... Piper
  14. You can try to send a PM to /the and it might go to the_piper or the_ryanking, depending on who is online or not. Same with other names which start with the same letters. This is not only annoying, if you get flooded with messages, which are meant for other players who's name start with the same letters, the problem is, that you can't send a personal message to the player (A), while the other player, who's name starts with the same letters ( B ) is online. That does not only cause PM flood with unwanted PM's, it also causes messages being send to ppl who should'nt receive them. Why not implement that the server refuses to send PM's, if the server sided name completion finds more than one name which fits, and send an error message to the PM sender instead of sending the PM to someone, who should'nt receive it? "Player name is not unique, please type the full name" Or, the name can end with a dot '.', so the server knows that no name completion is wanted. Something like that. Piper
  15. very old players

    Well, EL days, and so weeks, months and years are shorter than Real Life years, so do the math yourself Piper