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  1. How did I get banned?

    I came to log onto EL this morning to find that my IP is banned. Why? I don't think I've done anything wrong, all day yesterday I was life draining beavers. BTW my in game name is Titch. Edit: reset the router and the message went away.
  2. pvp attacker

    Okay then, this post may be deleted as I can't
  3. pvp attacker

    So where do i post this? Sorry =/
  4. pvp attacker

    Me and Wannabe_da_best were sorting out pvping at votd sto, Aoshi must have seen us and decided to attack us for my col. He initially followed us to NC arena, then we both went to WSC arena. After a few mins of PVP a white tiger appears from nowhere and kills both myself and wannabe_da_best. Aoshi was invisible at the time. We had no way to defend ourselves =[ --Logs-- Wannabe_Da_best: can u give me 2 hes? Wannabe_Da_best has slipped off the mortal coil. Titch is very good at playing dead. You have died and gone to the Underworld! Wannabe_Da_best: who was that =O [17:33:57] [PM to aoshi: -v- tiger] [17:34:01] [PM from aoshi: ] [17:34:06] [PM from aoshi: yes it was me, and? ]] [aoshi @ 4]: i talk about i just pwnt GODZ noob + titch ( well, my tiger did ) [PM to Wannabe_Da_best: ah well we now know that you kick my ass ^_^] [souL @ 4]: 2 bad didnt changed to os faster :/ [PM from Wannabe_Da_best: lol] [bahadoR @ 4]: but i owned u and fry before u two reset [aoshi @ 4]: i wanted titch's col, but had rosto [souL @ 4]: when? [Private @ 4]: SELLING: black clothes set, rosto,7.6k sapps ,1 damaged cutlass,1 mirror cape [Celace @ 4]: rofl .. YOU owned ??? [bahadoR @ 4]: kf on grieft day [Titch @ 4]: when we were training like 5 mins ago
  5. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    I found a Will removal stone in some Iron in cc Then 1 week later I found an Inorganic Removal stone in VOTD harving mullein I was rich for a week
  6. Selling dragon armor

    Can I has Poison antidote Book =]
  7. lag issues

    I did have the same issue on my old pc which was on Xp I will have a look around for some driver updates for vista and see what happens Thank you
  8. lag issues

    The laptop is brand new and i dont think there are any new drivers as i have looked I have a feeling it is the internet connection, but I have to check. Thanks for the help =]
  9. lag issues

    I have a real problem with the new server, which is the fact that it lags so bad i resync every few minutes and can't really move. It is useless to try fighting because by the time you click they have moved to the other side of the room So all i can really do is harvest which isn't very fun. My fps sticks at around 10 often lower and i have every graphics enhancement turned off. Poor man is on etc. but still the lag. I don't know if it is my internet connection because I am in halls of residence but surely it can't be that bad as i ran the old server alright. I did a internet check thingy, but i don't know what it means Bandwidth Place Speed Test 742.25kilobits per second 90.61kilobytes per second 22.559seconds 9:13 PM Sat Apr 05, 2008 When the new server came out I was at a different address over easter so had different connection there and it worked but still a bit laggy. Don't know what I can do to improve game performance and it's all I do in between lessons and I love it so much and would be gutted if I couldn't play it anymore. my system Sony Vaio VGN-AR61M intel core 2 duo - 2.2GHz 2GB - 2048MB memory (ram) Graphics Nvidia Geforce 8400M GT GPU Windows Vista Home Premium 300GB hard drive Running nothing apart from EL and Forum Not sure if you can give me any help or advice but any comments would be much apreciated Thank you very much for your time and the game is brilliant =] Natalie (Titch ingame)