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  1. Battle of the Alchemists

    why 100? WHY NOT?! get a life? GO HOME! GO HONEYBEE!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Fishing!

    new food!!!!!!!!! im so in .. gives 20 to food level... why not? new way of harvesting! less crowding around the fruits&vegetables in portland or the vegies in VOTD! make a fishing shop, buy fishing rod.... FISH YOUR HEART OUT! im in
  3. Harvesting Limit/hour (not Just Exp Limit)

    legalise macro's what kinda talk is that? your kinda talking unfairly
  4. Harvesting Limit/hour (not Just Exp Limit)

    well, it should be increased to 200 for those that are j337. BUT.. its lame that we can't get anymore resources after that, just makes no sence.. there has to be a way to find out if people are Macroing. i get 120 sulfer and thats it? whoop de doo... thats a whole 120 FE i can make ... wow..everything revolves around harvesting... what could we do for the other 50 minits of the hour
  5. Zorro

    shouldn't have broken the rules in the first place