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  1. selling animal removal stone

    it is sold ingame for 210kgc sorry gampa please close the topic
  2. Selling Engineering Items!

    ok, aoshi! i corrected the price a bit! it was hard for me to find out a price for a landmine or any other engineering item. so i counted the price of the ingredients together to create my own price! when you found someone that sells his high explosives for 2kgc then you are lucky! 2kgc is my price for medium landmines now! but thank you for the hint
  3. Sky client test 5

    and same here!
  4. Sky test 3

    awwww, i just watch the sunset in willowvine forest! it is so beautiful! for me it works fine! but it is the first time i tried the sky client so i cant compare to the former clients!
  5. hi everyone who wants to remove a human nexus!!! i found 1 human removal stone the auction starts again: The starting bid will be: 200k leave me a message here or PM me ingame, thx piiia the highest (or the only?) bid wins! good luck!
  6. human removal stone auction :)

    i finally sold it ingame!
  7. human removal stone auction :)

    i will try again and again , till i found someone for this stone!
  8. hi i have a big problem since today! i got a error-message from windows right when i played EL that told me "the EL-Client doesnt work anymore". it was in german, so i dont know if i translated right! the programm closed and since then i cant open it. i can wright my name and my password, but when it loads my settings, the same message appears again. windows tells me that it is looking for a solution, but then it only says: windows closes the programme. i use windows vista, my processor is: intelĀ® core 2 CPU, T5500@1,66GHz, 1,67Ghz, 2046 MB RAM, my graphic card is nvidia geforce go 7600. i tried to fix the problem, when i downloaded the 1.6.0-version new. --> same problem, then i removed all files and installed EL new --> same problem. i had no problems with the update and it worked fine till now! i didnt run any other programme, only my internetexplorer was opened when it happened. i play now since february every day and never had any problems before. i already looked at the firewall, but it is out! only thing i did different was to let antivir check my system! when i bought my laptop, there was norton installed, but i removed it at once and shouldnt have any effect on EL at all. i hope you can help me, cause i dont know what to do next! i am not that firm with computer-problems, but i really like to play EL again! thank you for your help! piiia
  9. my EL-client doesnt work anymore

    i found the "systemwiederherstellung" and put my computer back! i had to install EL new and now, it works again. thank you, thank you, thank you lanjelin
  10. my EL-client doesnt work anymore

    hi today i found the error report: (as i said, i am not firm in computer-technics) here it is: Problemereignisame: APPCRASH Anwendungsname: el.exe Anwendungsversion: Anwendungszeitstempel: 47e976d8 Fehlermodulname: StackHash_7c33 Fehlermodulversion: Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 00000000 Ausnahmecode: c0000005 Ausnahmeoffset: 01fef56e Betriebsystemversion: 6.0.6000. Gebietsschema-ID: 1031 Zusatzinformation 1: 7c33 Zusatzinformation 2: 89e65f8620af42482608fee3cb03db5c Zusatzinformation 3: 9635 Zusatzinformation 4: 8832e46c122d52922e17656439cac86d i hope it will help, cause it is in my language (german). lanjelin, thank you for your post! can you tell me how i put my pc in the state before the virus scan, then i want to try it! but i still dont understand what happened, cause i got no message from antivir, that it found something wrong and deleted it. and i cant also play EL at all. i can only write my name and password and when i press enter it closes. bye piiia (still desperately hoping for a solution)
  11. human removal stone auction :)

    ok, it seems nobody is really interested in this stone! it will rest in my storage! so if you think about it again, please send me a pm ingame to piiia i am very patient!!!
  12. human removal stone auction :)

  13. Forum validation requests

    thank you very much