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  1. Selling x2 Crown of Life @ 65kgc x1 Titanium Plate Mail @ 75kgc x1 Thermal Serpent Sword @ 405kgc Please pm or gossip piiia in game. all sold, sorry
  2. Selling nice Fighting Equipment

    sure stannard... so i know it will be in good hands
  3. One character per person at a time

    i voted no, although i completely understand the problem of the inflation! but i try to explain why i created an alt myself. i was so bored of my main character piiia in the past.. she is an allrounder and because her oa is pretty high now, levelling is hard. i had no goal and no fun. especially, since i have less time to play i couldnt find anything that i could do in 3-4 hours a day. so i decided to start again from the beginning. i want to train my alt in 1 or 2 different skills than my main character, so it will become kind of my second main and much more specialized. i dont make any money with my alt. her purse is smaller than piiia's if that is possible at all. my alt is my hobby and if i will lose my alt, i dont know how long i will have fun with the game. well.. thats my opinion
  4. who still makes invasionmeters

    i make them too.. but only if people bring me the ingredients. they are pretty usefull in invasions to find the missing, mostly well hidden monsters but you are right, its sad to see the EME (i <3 EME more than anything) disappear..
  5. Story Bot Idea

    hey i like that idea very much.. i hope it will be possible to realize this. As some of you may know i am easily bored from harvesting and that could keep me awake a bit longer.
  6. Hoarding poll

    i have under 10k gc, cause i usually spend every coin at once... i saved some enriched essies, cause i can use them almost all for engineering items like arrows, invasionmeter aso... i would say i just want to be prepared if friends ask me to make them things. i earn my gc with other things than selling rare items so i keep them.
  7. Removal stone auction

    i bid 235kgc
  8. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    I found 1 Human Removal Stone in the coal in Whitestone iirr, 1 Animal Removal Stone under an orange in the entrance hall of Carmien Manor, SKF. And another Human Removal Stone i found in the cinnabar at Glacmor caves, recently and i am still very happy about that
  9. New Engineering Items \o/

    New Engineering Items Check the list to see what i already have in storage: 41 Snares 90 gc each 15 Caltrops 100 gc each 90 Poisoned Caltrops 110 gc each 18 Small Landmines 1250 gc each doing 45 + englevel/5 damage 22 Medium Landmines 1900 gc each doing 75 + englevel/5 damage 22 High Explosive Landmines 2800 gc each doing 125 + englevel/5 damage 82 RC Mine 1750 gc each doing 75 + englevel/5 damage, can be combined and detonate together 6 RC Detonator 800 gc each 6 Mana Drain Wards 1400 gc each 7 Magic Immunity Removal Wards 1900 gc each 2 Mana Burn Wards 2000 gc each 2 Invisibility Removal Wards 2100 gc each 1 Lightmeter 8000 gc each or trade me the ings 0 Invasionmeter 10000 gc each or trade me the ings 0 PK-Arrows 35 gc each 0 Magic Arrows 68 gc each 40 Fire Arrows 78 gc each 85 Ice Arrows 88 gc each 28 PK-Bolts 100 gc each 0 Magic Bolts 115 gc each 0 Fire Bolts 145 gc each 25 Ice Bolts 190 gc each 55 A/D indicators 30 gc each 15 Criticals Indicators 40 gc each 29 Accuracy/Magic Indicators 40 gc each 28 Harvest/Degrade Indicators 35 gc each 22 Make Rare/Fail Indicators 40 gc each If you are interested, you can either leave a post here or PM or gossip me ingame! I also take orders, if you need something mixed. I also accept as payment: Bones 2 gc each Hawk Feathers 12 gc each Iron Ore 3 gc each Iron Bars 35 gc each Thread 2 gc each EME 7000 gc each EFE 7000 gc each EWE 3000 gc each The things are lots of fun, believe me! piiia
  10. New Engineering Items \o/

    added new items... wards!
  11. rayla bjed us in trassian

    hello all, today my guildie penwriter and me harved silver in bag in trassian. i was filling it up and penwriter muled it to storage. worked fine till rayla sat down on our bag. here is the chatlog: [18:23:10] Mother Nature got pissed off at piiia, who lost 17 health [18:23:27] penwriter: MN doesn't like you today [18:23:56] penwriter: hey Rayla??? [18:24:17] piiia: would you please move? [18:24:20] penwriter: Are you helping piiia? [18:24:33] piiia: no she doesnt [18:24:55] Rayla: ok 3k silver here, worth 6k gc, for 4k i return it [18:25:11] zipher4: did u get jacked? [18:25:19] penwriter: you can try to carry it out yourself! [18:25:21] piiia: we are here together to return it ourselves [18:26:04] Rayla: you guys have 11 mins before it poofs [18:26:15] penwriter: I guess we post Rayla on the outlaws forum then. [18:26:32] piiia: pfff are you serioud rayla? [18:26:39] piiia: *serious* [18:26:56] Rayla: 10 mins [18:27:03] piiia: lols [18:27:41] PrincssTitanium: this cave is getting bad. similar thing happened to me last night in that very spot [18:27:56] piiia: i'd rather let it poof under your butt, then letting me blackmailed... really [18:28:02] MusclesMalone: no matter how you look nat it...that is just wrong.... [18:28:04] piiia: stand up pleas [18:28:12] penwriter: Fortunately there are other places to mine silver that are just as convenient [18:28:17] PrincssTitanium: yes [18:28:25] zipher4: where? [18:28:30] piiia: give the bag back rayla [18:28:30] [PM from Rayla: Automessage: I am currently away from my computer] [18:28:43] penwriter: So we will all watch Rayla... and no one will get the silver. [18:28:44] Tukkajumala: lol [18:29:01] zipher4: i guess so [18:29:17] piiia: so rayla? [18:29:33] piiia: you wont get your 4kgc anyways [18:29:33] zipher4: lets mosh around her [18:29:34] penwriter: It's no wonder that she is not in a guild. [18:29:41] MusclesMalone: yep. [18:29:47] piiia: you can stand up mnow [18:29:57] MusclesMalone: thats why..and if ever gets in one? we all need to let the guild Master no of this,\ [18:30:10] MusclesMalone: but then again scammers....she just change ehr name... [18:30:11] penwriter: piiia, she isn't going to move. [18:30:12] zipher4: everyone screen shots and save shat logs [18:30:19] piiia: i see... [18:30:24] MusclesMalone: i did.. [18:30:47] piiia: i am just always hoping for the good [18:32:29] penwriter: that's odd... when I tried to grab the window, it didn't include the people. [18:32:46] piiia: rayla move now.. [18:32:55] piiia: gett off our bag please [18:32:56] Rayla: ok [18:33:00] Rayla: ill move [18:33:00] zipher4: rayla ill pay you if you never get on the bag again [18:33:13] Rayla: done [18:33:26] ewill: You didn't ask for how *long* she would move. :-P [18:33:39] zipher4 never: [18:33:46] piiia: she didnt move she just stood up [18:33:46] zipher4: ok you see it [18:33:57] zipher4: its right there [18:34:07] Rayla: nice [18:34:08] zipher4: my word [18:34:13] zipher4: 4k in that bag [18:34:28] piiia: do you know how many silver you could have harvested while blocking our bag? [18:34:41] zipher4: rayla the moeny is in the abg [18:34:47] zipher4: plz switch bags [18:35:18] [PM to penwriter: can you make a pic please] [18:35:38] [PM from penwriter: I'm working on it... also copying dialog] [18:35:42] piiia: rayla stand up please [18:35:47] Rayla: ok ok [18:35:48] zipher4: rayla the moeny is in the bag [18:35:53] piiia: now move [18:36:03] Rayla: ok done [18:36:42] zipher4: are you going to take this bag? [18:36:44] piiia: ty zipher, but i guess she has that idea to let the bag poof [18:36:52] zipher4: i tried [18:36:56] penwriter: ok, I think I got a screenshot [18:37:17] [PM from zipher4: ok well i didnt wanna trade her the moeny and still stay on bag] [18:37:47] Rayla: sell silver ore 1,5 gc each pm me plx [18:37:56] [PM to zipher4: no its ok.. it was 3k silver in it... its not the world but its still a shame how she acted] [18:38:46] [PM to penwriter: do you want to go on harvesting here or will we move?] [18:39:10] [PM from penwriter: maybe we should start another bag... see if she tries to jump it, lol] [18:39:22] [PM from penwriter: but I'm for going elsewhere] [18:39:36] [PM to penwriter: no.. thats not funny anymore... i hate how she is acting...] [18:39:59] [PM to penwriter: we should leave before the bag dissapears] [18:40:40] piiia: ok... keep your little bag we will build another one... lol if you want to you can follow us ok we left her and went to the glacmor storage. after a while i was going back to the silver and she was still sitting on the bag, she didnt move till it poofed... it was over 3k silver in it. and btw she never left the bag as she said: she just stood up and sat down on it and called that moving. the sadest thing in my opinion was that she blackmailed us: give me gc or i will let it poof! watch out if you see her, cause i heard of her trying to get other harvester's bag in EVTR in the same evening. and here is a pic of her sitting on the bag...
  12. Selling a Pile of 130k Dung

    what about 5k emeralds for 2,5k of your beloved dung?
  13. New Engineering Items \o/

    Eviljoe, its done! sorry for the delay, i havent been on yesterday. thanks for the business!
  14. New Engineering Items \o/

    you are welcome liquid
  15. New Engineering Items \o/

    i added Magic Arrows and i accept now several harvestables and other things... have a look above! have fun!
  16. New Engineering Items \o/

    hello all, i added new items... pk-arrrows and invasionmeter!
  17. arrow making is expensive

    hello all i just counted together the ings for example the magic arrows: 50 yew at 6gc each is 300 50 falcon feathers at 10gc each is 500 50 arrow/bolt heads at 15gc each is 750 1 EME is 6000 all together is then: 7550gc the recipe produces 75 arrows so 1 arrow costs: 100gc the npc sells them for 70gc i dont think that the prices i used to calculate are exaggerated... i noticed that something has been done with the amount (increased from producing 50 to 75) but it is still too expensive. whats your oppinion?
  18. arrow making is expensive

    ok.... i see i have to deal with it!
  19. arrow making is expensive

    ok rotationz corrected the calculation, but it is still the same! 50 falcon feathers at 16gc each is 800 50 arrow/bolt heads at 15gc each is 750 1 EME is 6000 all together is then: 7550gc and you are also right with the experience... i still think the recipe should produce more arrows! cause when you spend all your money on the ings and get nothing back you are broke very soon. broke, but with a lot of experience! hehe
  20. RC Detonators?

    hello all, i started the skill engineering a while ago and i have to say that this is so much fun! \o/ i am glad that more and more new items appear so that i will have lots of books that wants to be read by piiia... now i heard that new mines will be released! but all i got to know was the name: RC Detonators. plz can you link me to the topic where is exlpained what their effect will be and so on? i am from germany and i am not that firm in english, so that i maybe overread something important, cause i have no clue what the difference to the usual mines will be! btw i will get this book at once, anyway! hehe have fun all
  21. RC Detonators?

    thank you extrapolation,... i missed the test on the test server a few days ago and i am happy that you could explain it to me!
  22. Selling Engineering Items!

    Selling Engineering Items At the moment i have the following things to sell 100 Snares 90gc each 0 Caltrops 130gc each 50 Poisoned Caltrops 180gc each 10 Small Landmines 1250gc each 10 Medium Landmines 2000gc each 5 High Explosive Landmines 3000 each 150 A/D indicators 30gc each 75 Criticals Indicators 35gc each 75 Accuracy/Magic Indicators 40gc each 50 Harvest/Degrade Indicators 35gc each 75 Make Rare/Fail Indicators 40 gc each If you are interested, you can either leave a post here or PM me ingame! I also take orders... They are worth it, believe me! piiia
  23. Selling Engineering Items!

    hello everyone, edited my post and added some high explosives! \o/
  24. EL 170 Pre RC

    hello, i just tried out the new EL-version. it works fine, what means for me: no lagging, still high FPS... and i really love this sky! then i wanted to know what this minimap change is, what everyone was talking about... ...and i saw this in the ws diamond cave: here is the information about my graphic card Grafikkarte: GeForce Go 7600/PCI/SSE2 Hersteller ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.0 i hope it is not a bad problem!
  25. hi everyone! i found an animal removal stone! i dont want to use it, so i want to start an auction! starting bid is 170k increments at 10k, please! the auction ends friday, may 23th aaaaaaand........................................go!