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  1. 2. Kane is inside the boat that goes from dp to ws. To enter u have to use a metal part below the wheel. This metal part doesnt exist on new graphics functional or non functional... So there is no way to enter with new graphics afaik

    There's a little door on the boat with an anchor symbol on it. Clicking it teleports you inside the boat (works on test server only atm)

  2. You forgot to mention some other things, like removing BoD, BroD, Dragon armors, etc.

    Finally some common sense.. took you long enough :)

    If you would actually read my posts instead of posting BS all the time you would notice I mentioned these things long ago.


    @talking in game idea: that's actually a kind of a promotion :D join PK server so we could discuss all the stuff mentioned here :P pity it won't work tho

  3. The captivity of negativity.


    First off, we didn't start playing on PK server because OMG there are more than 20 regular players on main!!!1 We did because we liked the concept, we stayed because we still do and we care about making it even better (*khem* points fingers at those who should too). The server gets little income because there is a small playerbase. It will produce more revenue when the playerbase increases, as well as more posibilities of gameplay. On the same note, the people concerned about the income from the server should as well be concerned about increasing it (*khem* points again). Furthermore, personally I don't play to be best in something, and if I was, I wouldn't play on main because there's no chance a new player can become best or at least near that unless s/he grinds for 3 years non-stop. And your advice doesn't mean shit to me, no offense lol.


    P.S. EL in general has a small playerbase for a MMORPG.


    P.S.S. RTFT

  4. @bigkav: that looks like an advice to you lol. Read through the topic: Your views how to PROMOTE the server, not to whine how bad it is. Read through the posts - see how many suggestions we gave? uhuh. Ignore the BS: that's what I did to your posts :( You didn't give any suggestions on how to promote the server, or at the very least what to change. You whine about community - how should it change? No more alliance you say? There's no more alliance. Handy's guild, MAD, Spam, some others that I don't know the tags etc. Spam is allied to most of them because they're suppliers - we can't kill those who give us food, now can we. Simply politics. As for other guilds, MAD for example, as I said before, has only green tags for friends, but they're not allied. We can attack them anytime we want. I believe most of the other guilds have done the same.


    As for no-pk on the server, think about when people fight and one of them flees situations. They're not announced on Ch 6.


    The PK server is named like this not because you are obliged to PK everyone and everywhere, and they're supposed to fight back. No, it's named like this because most of the maps are PK. The name tells you nothing on your style of play. Again, if it was named PvP, and main was named PvE, it could attract more players. But then it should be made free with no multi allowed. Just an idea, think about it.


    The so-called PKers should change their attitudes towards the server, seriously.


    P.S. +1 bkc. A big one.

  5. @Elf_Ninja: 5 minutes? o0 you're a slow mapmaker :) 2 minutes tops.


    As for "there are other priorities", make another TO DO list with stuff that can be done in less than 15 minutes. Do it to warm up, while you're drinking coffee, while reading a paper or in between top priorities. I think many people hate it when the game gets all kinds of new stuff added, but the old imperfections and glitches and bugs still remain. It's like Windows :D

  6. face it, the server is dead, and it probably all will be. Nothing is going to get done. i havent seen ent post here once. why dont you ask him what he is willing to do to make the server grow (get him more monies!!1~), maybe then will something get done

    This post is useless. Read the topic, see what we discuss about here.


    @Korr: As Lewis said, PK server is NOT oriented only on PK, so it should rather be named PvP. In other games (yeah), which I haven't played that many, a PvP server is a mirror of a PvE server, with an option to attack other players anywhere anytime, NOT with an oath to attack everyone all the time.

  7. Oh sorry, guess i haven't been playing EL for nearly 4 years, much of that time as an active PK'er in both arenas and KF, at times tagless, at times in big guilds, small guilds, underdog guilds, dominating guilds... i must've dreamt it all, my bad. :rolleyes:

    My concept of PK includes equal parts 1-vs-1 and group battle fighting, and everything i've said applies to both.

    That's the problem. You've played as a PKer, so I guess all you want is some slash'n'bash action, while on the PK server there's still harvesting and mixing, not only PKing. That's where your concept of PK server is ill. Seriously, it should be named PvP Server (and be free to play with no multi :pickaxe:)


    I think on a server where the goal is for there to be a lot of PK, that is enjoyable for the majority of people who would partake in it, it's imperative that the achievable upper limits on char strength be reachable in a relatively short period of time.

    The goal is to be able to PK, not to be able to PK everyone, and that's reachable in a relatively short time. There will always be stronger players than you or me. Especially if they invest more time and/or $ into developing their chars. As for the mixers/harvesters, most of them don't mind being PKed every once in a while. They usually hate being chased or camped for by much stronger players, who can just as easily pick more equal targets.


    This trend is already set by the a/d cap, which greatly indicates that what i'm saying is at least somewhat how the server is meant to be even from day 1... the problem is just that the a/d alone only makes up part of the melee combat strength... having the a/d cap but not the other stuff i describe just makes the server feel like a half-done-job.


    I don't think and never said people should be in uber low end gear. I mentioned removing stuff like dragon armors, as you did.

    No, but you said it should be replaceable in a short period of time, which implies it's low-end gear, at least up to iron set. Players will never be even from day 1. Some will have better gear, some will have better skills, others will have different builds and fight in team battles and so on and so forth. As for server being half-way-done, you describe what the server would look if you were creating it. Unfortunatelly, it's Radu in this case, and he implements what he sees to suit best. We should address him with all our comments and suggestions in this topic, not each other.


    How does the pace of which people can replace said broken/lost items have any impact on how competitive the actual combat is?

    I'm talking replacing from 0 - not taking into the consideration the amount of gcs or raw ingredients they have at the time. If you take a week to replace an item, you PK less, train less, so you become rusty compared to other PKers who don't break their items or take yours, and thus they might become stronger, un-even compared to you.


    PK instances.

    CTF style PK games.

    PK wars for some form of region control.

    Even PvE activities that are actually fruitful and fun.

    Again, you forget other skills. No offense, but this isn't QELServ, where there's only combat. That's your concept of a PK server, while in this case it actually isn't. More fighters -> more mixing/harving needed -> more protection needed -> more teamwork -> all the activities you said, at least most of them.


    Guild wars has an extremely short character development cycle, yet they retain a playerbase thousands and thousands of times bigger than that of EL... i don't think it's me who's not thinking outside a box.

    Guild wars have different character builds included, while from your point of view everyone is even and everyone can PK everyone. If the server was PK-only, the items needed should be attainable from PKing, quests, NPCs, PvE. And I mean all items. Think about how much time you would need to get gcs to buy the SRS, HEs, rings, other potions you need for PK? And the armor/weapons. If there's no OA exp after A/D cap, there's no point in killing mobs just for gc, at the very least it would bore you to death. The OA exp and ability to further improve your character is a bonus for the never-ending Feros/DCW bashing. Taking into considerations there's regular cooldown on items, you wouldn't be able to farm Yetis and above with A/D/OA cap and no nexus buying.


    Foremost; The most simple and unarguable fact is: the PK server as it stands does not attract, nor retain many players.

    I agree. That's what this thread is for. For ideas to improve it, not to flame the current playerbase/lack of it. Which actually includes you, so-called PKers, who tried the server and left, thus adding to the lack of PK action/playerbase. Flaming on yourself ftl. I know, sounds a bit stupid, but here's some thinking out of the box for ya.


    not @Korr: I believe most of the concerned players agree that the legal multi, no-cooldown and uber strong items need to go. That's what we should concentrate on, not redo or remove the server altogether. Improve. Read the topic.


    EDIT: ...and the server should be free to play, if the multi was made illegal of course. The 5$ lost per account wouldn't have much impact if the players buy more items from the shop as the playerbase increases. /EDIT


    @Korr: maybe it's just the history between us that plays a role here, but we're actually talking about the same things, each of us forgetting some points on which we both agree, but still argue pointlessly. Again, let's take it all to Radu, not each other.

  8. @Lewis: there's some truth - maybe if the servers were called PvE and PvP instead of Main and PK, it would change, but in that case it would mean there would be almost no PK on Main server, only in arenas. Or am I getting the concept of a PvE server wrong? I haven't played that many MMORPGs really, I settled on EL when I found it.


    @Korr: Maybe if you understood PK as killing not one at a time, but maybe many against many at once, more like a battle instead of a duel, it would come clear to you, that even if the player has an edge on others in a duel, he's still just a soldier in a battle (considered there's cooldown on pots and rings)


    From your ideas stated above it looks like you don't want people to have advantage if they pay $ or invest time. If a person buys a bus ticket s/he should have the advantage of getting from point A to point B faster, safer and in a more comfortable manner, as compared to the person who doesn't buy a ticket, tries to reach point B on food, gets hurt, cold, or even bored and whines about those who paid for the ticked saying it's unfair.


    The way I see PK server when there are more people is that guilds would not only be a common tag on players, but also same goal and playing style, i.e. they would walk in teams and work together to achieve their goals, instead of those lonesome so-called PKers waiting in KF (mostly alone), afraid to lose their gear.


    Of course, the server needs some tweaking, like removing nexus removals (at least until there's an alternative, abuse-proof way for their usage), BoDs, BroDs, dragon armors and such. BUT working your ass to get a tit set and having an edge in PK shouldn't be considered unfair - that person actually invested something to get it. If you think everyone should fight with low-end gear, then I ask you - what is there to fight for? How is that competitive if everyone has same items that they can get 5 minutes after a fight if they broke/were lost? That's only logging onto the server when you're bored to do something else. THAT kind of server would have even a smaller player base than the current one. Why would you need more than one map if you're only there to PK? Why create a server for one map? I hope you get my point. By no means I say that your ideas are wrong. All I'm saying is that you should think outside of the fight-only-do-nothing-else-and-fair-for-every-12-year-old box.


    And once again, I hope Radu reads this too and thinks about it as a business owner.

  9. I like Korrode's plan. Making a marketplace in that area and a gate would mean more people would go there, even if it's mapwalking. I don't believe that area is used much right now, maybe a random deer is killed there once in a while. Anyway, if the marketplace was implemented and bots were moved there, the local chat spamming should be allowed for them, after all, they advertise their goods. In the place of that rock, or somewhere near it, there could be a sign pointing to the marketplace, and not only for the RP point of view, but also for those people who didn't see the bots move and are wondering "wtf where's the bot?"


    Just a suggestion :)


    And I agree with dilly, it shouldn't be called a bug but an imperfection/inconvevience.

  10. I don't know if the alliance of some of the guilds was a reason, but it didn't seem like much people attacked each other. I dunno how it's like now, but perhaps erasing the #set_ally_guild command might bring things up a bit.

    You can still set a green color for another guild, as if on NAP conditions. Actually, that's what MAD guild has done - we don't have any allies, only green tags, so if we want to PK anyone, we're free to do that (and the good thing is, the summons of the other guild don't attack us unless they're told to :) )

  11. Tell you what, how about we remove the rock and turn that area into a market place? I think that would be best suited for bot alley.


    Would be best if all bots would only be placed in marketplaces, but in this case some maps would need to be redone. Would be much cooler tho. And allow local chat, people always advertise their goods in marketplaces, no? :)

  12. make it like it was in PK server beta, everywhere PK (with IP/UW as the only exceptions).


    Edit: explanation: I was reading over the thread in which Radu originally unveiled the concept of a PK server, and this seems to fit closer with his original vision of what the server would be (and also what got people excited about it in the beginning).

    And that changes what? People are not afraid of PK zones already, go ahead and pk all them harvers and trainers. As for the original idea, there was supposed to be 100 active players, but oh well, that didn't happen.

  13. Keep in mind that the PK Server players is gotten from a subset of the Main EL Players. So increasing the number of players on the main server needs to be thought about as well so that there is a larger pool of potential players to attract.

    Who are the potential players for the PK server? Those who know their way around EL, so basically Main server players. Ofc, if you promote EL in general, you promote the PK server as well, to an extent. But on main there's almost no advertising. Even on the website (which, off-topic, should be re-done :) ) there's just a small line and a little piece of info about the PK server. As for the shop page - almost none.


    So, if the targeted players are the main server players, there should be alternative ways to interest them in the pk server. Most of them don't want to leave their uber pro bought chars and start a new one for 5$. Maybe the char copy should be allowed, to an extent, maybe pre-made different skill/build char selling, or even a quest (just an idea with no particular details) a quest on main which would give an account upon completion (The quest should be dynamic, so that there won't be a walkthrough for any newbie to complete, or require particular levels/skills/kill count/whatever). As if a reward for mastering the Main server and a suggestion to move to a more dangerous and harder environment.

  14. What makes this server atractive and different from the main server is


    No cooldown on food

    Being able to interact your chars and being able to multy play

    atleast 80% of the server is PK

    100 a/d cap

    Not a free game

    True, except the last point. Paying for the account is fine ofc, but it doesn't attract new players. It's just a little barrier you need to overcome before being able to play.


    Over here on the PK server we are not promoted so we have to find ways of getting players over here ourselves.


    WTF? No, Radu needs to get over himself and start promoting both servers.


    How hard would it be to put cool down just on the rings and pots?

    Radu already said, we either get no cooldown at all or all cooldowns. He hates the extra 10 minutes of work.


    ...and multi play sucks for most people. Not everyone likes 2-3 client type of play

    Did anyone say you need to play 4 chars or none at all? I play 1 most of the time, only when I do something boring do I turn on my alt. I did the same thing on main server back in the day, only those chars never interacted. The current EL playerbase is capable of playing several chars at a time, be it on main, pk, or both servers at the same time.


    Wish list:

    -PK central announcing locations of random players in PK-maps at random times (On average once per 6h per player), add risk to the PK-maps.

    That's the worst idea I've heard from you. There are plenty of people to PK, noobs and not so much. Just need to find them. Having this would suck for most players and keep them in safe places only.



    All in all, the server needs to be tweaked, but not drastically. Just change a few things that really push people back, and you get an increased playerbase. With that comes other stuff, like teamwork, protecting harvesters and stronger guild system.


    Oh and if Radu's reading this: sorry man, I don't mean to shit on the chef, but you gotta give a clean plate to eat from.

  15. I've always been a fan of no-cooldown, but putting it back would give more fun and role playing and actual playing to the game than it does now.


    Let's take dragons - they're supposed to be the strongest creatures to ever walk the planet. How come then one man can kill them? Futhermore, how can a single person farm them all day long? Take a look at movies, animation and stories - there's always a long quest to find the dragon and kill it, and after it the knight/wtv has to rest a long long time.


    So putting the cooldown back would bring in teamplay, not only in PvE but in PvP also. Wanna kill a dragon/yeti/whatever? Need to make a team (maybe even invite new players on and help them train). Wanna take revenge on someone? You need a team as well, especially if you're the weaker guy.


    I'd even sacrifice no cooldown on food for this, since there are always alternatives - be it bones, toads, or even FPS.


    P.s. That's only one point where the server could be improved. I didn't have my daily coffeine intake to be able to think about other points.

  16. If I was you, i'd focus my energies on trying to convince Radu to make certain changes, considering the lack of success of the server, one can only assume that logic would kick in and he'd be willing to change some things.


    All points considered, there are some really good ideas in your post, as well as in all of our heads. But the main wall that we always bump into is Radu. I'm sorry about my criticism, but it's the truth. Radu needs to change his opinion about the PK server and start treating it as his own property, his own creation and source of income. Saying "Pay me for the account, promote the server while I do nothing about it and you get nothing from it" to the loyal players is plain BS. It's like having a small shop with 5 regular buyers and some tourists coming by once in a while and doing nothing to promote it, and telling the buyers "You want discounts and better products? Go promote the shop - you buy here, not me."

  17. First thing I thought was "oh no, another gossip" ;) but then I followed the link (I know, I'm getting better), and saw that the info there was different. And it looks great btw :o although some links are not full (from the tweets), maybe because there's a limit of characters per tweet, idk.


    Oh and for those who don't use twitter (like me), you can subscribe to the bot's RSS feed and read the news from your RSS reader, be it Google, Yahoo or any other web/desktop reader.