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  1. Main Server 2.0

    I didn't say you only need to use one of the ideas. and there are players with mage builds on the server. Invis + double harm almost equals instant death. I believe I don't need to explain every single detail and every single option you have, at least I'd like to believe that. You're right about the PK part in the name tho, it scares away quite a few people. However, the server wasn't intentionally created for them, it was for the PKers. And I'd like to say, that in my totally honestly personal humble opinion, I think that no cooldown/multiplay might change when the server's population increases.
  2. Repairable Dragon Armor

    When all else fails, read the thread - ings and skill level requirements proposed already... http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...st&p=514356 Means I don't agree with it and I am suggesting something else, doesn't it?
  3. Repairable Dragon Armor

    If they were repairable at NPC, yes. If under some skill, then no.
  4. Main Server 2.0

    OR if your opponent is stronger and does high dmg, you fail to restore every 2 seconds and you cast MI, making a 4 second gap between restores, you get harmed, you get summoned on, you get gangraped, you get cooldowned by white tigers or ice bolts, etc etc. I always thought that the pkers know many ways to kill their opponent instead of clicking alt+1 and ctrl+1 all the time when fighting.
  5. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    dht = No. EDIT: Vote changed.
  6. Main Server 2.0

    As Lewis said, if you want mini events gone, you have to offer something in exchange. For example, a rule to play only 1 character at the same time on the main server. This gets rid of gc-harvesting alts. And there's still the white list for families and stuff.
  7. >RT<

    adn you incredibly don't play on the server so stfu.
  8. Main Server 2.0

    And how many times do you suggest to adjust it? Remove PP buying, then bring it back because someone is unhappy of the theory of buying it while in practice it never happened on the server; make cooldown 1 sec, then make it higher because someone is too lousy to kill his opponent; and so on and so on. It's easier for the people to adjust, then to adjust the server to everyone's need.
  9. >RT<

    ... or "b1tch" for the same reason
  10. Another idea to add people

    Maybe not, but it does mean shitloads of resources get burned in PK, and there's basically a be-all-and-end-all single type of attribute build. Agree. Here's where team vs team comes into play.
  11. Main Server 2.0

    I meant the poll. I agree, PK server has some flaws, but the main problem is the attitude of the players.
  12. Wipe and Cap

    How many people do you think care about a player training on goblins or orcs? I'm getting close to the cap, and get attacked quite often while training, even when I change spawns. Make your own conclusions, whatever they may be. EDIT: Besides, now we have PK central so you can see all PK activity. @conavar: not all places in PK server are actually PK. You can choose whether you want to risk your stuff and harv in a pk map or harvest a bit further from sto but safely. (yes, many harvestables are in safe locations, you just need to find them). You can choose to mix in a pk sto or in a safe sto. So everyone has a choice. PK server was made for PKing, yet I don't see PKers from main here, especially those who think KF sucks and getting no drops and no risk at death sucks too. This, somehow, sounds pretty weird. EDIT: typos, mostly.
  13. Another idea to add people

    No cooldown doesn't mean you can't die. You still have cooldown on spells, like restore and magic immunity. Other than that, it's pure tactics. either you want to kill your opponent, or kill him/her fast, it's up to you.
  14. Main Server 2.0

    Waste of time.
  15. Wipe and Cap

    Then come and start making a player base of purefuckinggold. Invite your friends and you won't care about being crucified or any other shit. I pity you who quit the server because you're too afraid to get PKed while training and too lazy to make a difference.
  16. Wipe and Cap

    I can't help but notice how top PKers and high-level fighters want everything that's in the PK server except for the PK part. You should all come and fight each other there. No dragon armors, no orange spam, cheap rostos, all of you would be at the same level, so team vs team ftw and shit. Coming and leaving one after another won't do it, you should come in at the same time. P.s. details about the character copying I mentioned earlier. Go ahead and take a look. Flames allowed, because we don't care; we'll come and burn your houses down anyway because we're the savages of the PK server. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51325 EDIT: (after reading bkc's post) I don't think that the PP selling NPC should be removed. It's the nexus removals that need to be rid of until there's a better solution to this. I wouldn't like to sacrifice 10 pps that I'm planning to put on attributes just because I want to mix/summon/wtv with the same char. I know, "you can make another char for mixing purposes", but I don't like the idea of having to log on another char to fight someone. Also, it's good as it is capping a/d to 100, and leaving OA uncapped.
  17. Archery Bug

    Update: Notice anything weird?
  18. Starting over.

    I've only seen 20+ PK server players vote on a poll that's alive for a week; that excludes those on vacation, a break or a long depression. Yeah, we don't meet everyone at the same time. Have you met everyone on Main server? We still want to increase our player base tho, that's why we're considering character copy from main to pk servers. (Don't ask about details, you'll get them soon enough, and that's not the place to discuss them)
  19. Another idea to add people

    In my completely personal opinion, I think it's exactly the rush that we need. Take a look at topics like this http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51412 or this http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51402 There are quite a few people who would like to try more reachable goals, tho a majority of them doesn't want to lose their levels. The PK server and the character copying is the solution. So I think it's time to make a topic on the general chat to see what the main server players think about it. (Some of the points in the previously mentioned topics should be copy pasted there tho) And then, with some luck, we'll have the player base that could lead to a prosperous server.
  20. Wipe and Cap

    Quote everything that was said about the PK server. Forget the fucking PK part. It's all that you want, you're just too short-sighted to notice it. How much money do you get for candy? Go ahead and spend $5 of them for a lifetime PK server account, or use in-game gcs to get one and see for yourself that every single thing you want with this thread is already there. We have a small player base because people like you tend to stomp on it like it doesn't exist. Why don't you spend a few weeks of your pathetic stagnated EL-Main-Server life and try something new instead? EDIT: Oh and if there actually was a cap which would rise over time, we'd end up at 178, like we are now. Kinda pointless, don't you think?
  21. v1.9.0

    Posting here as it's related to the same quest. Governor Kalana's house is not accessible on the PK server. Coords to the door: You are in Desert Pines - Corren [219,342]
  22. Another idea to add people

    Original post says copying; transfer was used as a synonym in this case
  23. Another idea to add people

    Copying means you get 2 of the same thing as the result. So char copy is having two quite similar characters on different servers. (*light bulb* some people might like playing 2 different builds on the same char, nevermind the different server tho.) As community grows, community rules evolve too. So either players adjust to the rules, or the rules adjust to the players, meaning that if there is to be any "head hunters", then the community will adjust to it, characters would have guards, or even walk around in bigger teams, look for more distant resources and stuff. I don't really give a rat's ass about who will come as long as there are more players on the server, which as a result might bring back some of those existing players who left earlier, making the player base even bigger. EDIT: some word order didn't make sense. it might still be the same, but effort is a plus.
  24. Starting over.

    Hermit, don't forget that the game is still BETA.
  25. v1.9.0

    The silver in Iscarlith mine is not harvestable (gives "You can't harvest here." message) on the PK server. If it's supposed to be that way, please say so.