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  1. What makes Eternal Lands unique?

    Probably because you're never told what to do. Be a mage, a warrior, kill 1k rats or you'll be stuck kind of thing. and gnomes ofc \o/
  2. Ranging god

    pr0 suggestion
  3. Well IMO it might be possible to implement in the client, make it so it checks if another client is already running, and if so, you can't open it. But in this case it would also need to check which server it is connected to, and limit the clients opened only for main. If you can only play 1 char at a time, you can still create as many differently built characters as you like. I'm not saying I'm for or against this, I'm just considering the possibilities.
  4. one of the att/def gods gives +15 blessing, and they can go to 20%, so your comment is void.
  5. Fixing the server

    IMO people need to change their attitudes towards the server first. 1) OMG no ppls on server I quit! well if you quit, that's -1 more person. better solution is to invite your friends to play with you on the server. 2) omg the community rulez sux! you don't have to listen to them. you won't get banned for it anyway. If you forgot what it was created for in the first place, take a look here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37552
  6. @ Frost: As I explained before in my post somewhere, this could be a possible solution: The player who wants to do the gc exchange for $ has to create a thread on forums asking if there is a person who could provide such a service. When he finds that person and the exchange is made, mods/radu will check if the "helper" paid $ to the shop. If so, kewl. If not in a given time, then ban. This would make the gc-$ exchange possible solely for buying items/services from shop, not for making $ from the game for random players. This would also require the mods to keep track of big one-way gc transactions. Also a possible solution for the "santas" and gfs, bfs who like giving gifts left and right would be posting a thread explaining that it was a gift (after the exchange of course, you don't wanna ruin the surprise ) Just a suggestion
  7. Mini showdown!?!

    It is recommended probably because of the extra exp you get (excluding mini event exp), because you can get the MN blesses only during harvest hour. I used to use the harv med only for HH and it lasted about 2 weeks.
  8. Could someone tell me what is the gc/$ ratio atm? As far as I can see (based on probably out-dated info on gc/$ ratio on "BM", which was 8k/1$ when I still played main server), you would get more gcs from players than from selling shop items. So that might be the reason they buy gcs instead of items.
  9. Ring of the dead

    1. Teleport to portals. 2. Hellspawn or #suicide in KF (if you want to keep your loot)
  10. The one buying the service/item for gcs has to make a forum thread in, say, Help me forum, looking for a person who could do the exchange. Then if the money doesn't reach radu in some given time, ban. easy.
  11. Experience Books

    It's not a problem to me, actually, I haven't tried the books yet as they haven't appeared on the PK server. What I was implying is that lots of people used to whine about exp buying when radu or anyone else suggested some addition that would allow them. but now, when it got added, nobody whines. Yes, it's only a few levels to start with, but if the assumptions are right, more books with more exp will be added sooner or later.
  12. Experience Books

    Why does nobody shout "exp buying ftl " weird...
  13. Prices for bulk buying

    Why don't you buy in 10k batches from the same person then? you'd get the same amount for less gcs ^^ But seriously, when someone told me that you pay more for bulk I thought they were stupid. IMO if you want to get more than normal price for your hoards of silver, then auction it.
  14. Quote of the week submissions

    [19:22:23] [Aislinn @ 1]: smack whoever runs that char for me :P [19:22:25] [dht @ 1]: none of us is ^^ [19:23:00] [Handyman @ 1]: You can't fight dead entities. [19:23:04] [Aislinn @ 1]: lol [19:24:20] [dht @ 1]: Can't you realise the futility of this action? (also copy paste) [19:24:48] [Handyman @ 1]: what slapping some guy [19:24:54] [dht @ 1]: This works only on NPCs! [19:25:05] [dht @ 1]: lol you can make a story only using quotes from EL :D [19:25:28] [Handyman @ 1]: Can't attack people from the same guild! [19:25:53] [dht @ 1]: ach if I had anything on main server I might ever run an event lol [19:26:39] [Handyman @ 1]: in that case You are too far away! Get closer! [19:26:46] [dht @ 1]: rofl! [19:27:37] [Aislinn @ 1]: lol
  15. New Faction: Bandits

    PK server is not doomed to fail. Yes, basically no new players start there, but hey, you needs skills to PK. All you're saying is "we want what they have in PK server but don't want to pay."
  16. Hide and Seek

    I've checked SRM, sedi, bethel, melinis, pv, ida trassian and hurquin. don't waste your time checking those. Found monsters here: House in hurquin Cave in trassian near sto exit TG garg cave secret room Make conclusions and keep searching, I need to take off
  17. Hide and Seek

    geez. sounds like "if they no drop good st00f, i no play."
  18. login problems and create char prob

    This might also be a mouse bug. You can toggle it in settings.
  19. Traceroutes

    traceroute to game.eternal-lands.com (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 192-168-1-1.local.balticum.lt ( 2.739 ms 10.170 ms 10.545 ms 2 86-100-130-1-ip.balticum.lt ( 17.798 ms 18.087 ms * 3 * * * 4 * * * 5 ( 18.966 ms 19.535 ms 19.839 ms 6 ( 22.706 ms 15.119 ms * 7 ( 10.083 ms 10.262 ms 10.711 ms 8 ( 10.789 ms ( 16.187 ms * 9 * ( 10.495 ms 10.444 ms 10 ( 24.469 ms 24.354 ms 24.471 ms 11 f-eb7-i.F.DE.NET.DTAG.DE ( 44.148 ms 45.443 ms 45.773 ms 12 ( 47.513 ms 48.380 ms 47.908 ms 13 xe-1-0-2-0.ffttr2.Frankfurt.opentransit.net ( 44.760 ms 46.042 ms 45.637 ms 14 xe-3-0-1-0.auvtr2.Aubervilliers.opentransit.net ( 56.871 ms xe-3-0-2-0.auvtr2.Aubervilliers.opentransit.net ( 61.271 ms 61.268 ms 15 te2-3.parse3.Paris.opentransit.net ( 56.705 ms te2-1.parse1.Paris.opentransit.net ( 61.511 ms 61.915 ms 16 te4-1.parse7.Paris.opentransit.net ( 58.549 ms te2-4.parse7.Paris.opentransit.net ( 58.129 ms 58.468 ms 17 * * * 18 xe3-0-0.tcr1.rb.par.as8218.eu ( 61.756 ms * xe1-2-0.tcr1.rb.par.as8218.eu ( 88.906 ms 19 ( 61.651 ms 61.638 ms 61.798 ms 20 ( 61.861 ms 62.149 ms 62.345 ms EDIT: Happened again the next day, at about the same time. traceroute to game.eternal-lands.com (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 192-168-1-1.local.balticum.lt ( 2.707 ms 7.685 ms 7.935 ms 2 86-100-130-1-ip.balticum.lt ( 15.808 ms 16.005 ms 16.289 ms 3 * * * 4 * * * 5 ( 16.492 ms 16.705 ms 17.980 ms 6 ( 18.218 ms 13.097 ms 9.499 ms 7 ( 10.225 ms 10.543 ms 14.845 ms 8 ( 15.157 ms 15.439 ms * 9 * * ( 12.408 ms 10 ( 27.312 ms 26.921 ms 26.880 ms 11 f-eb7-i.F.DE.NET.DTAG.DE ( 51.218 ms 51.469 ms 51.797 ms 12 ( 51.482 ms 49.178 ms 50.245 ms 13 xe-6-1-2-0.ffttr2.Frankfurt.opentransit.net ( 48.134 ms 44.872 ms 45.573 ms 14 xe-3-0-1-0.auvtr2.Aubervilliers.opentransit.net ( 58.524 ms xe-3-0-2-0.auvtr2.Aubervilliers.opentransit.net ( 59.310 ms xe-1-1-1-0.auvtr2.Aubervilliers.opentransit.net ( 61.251 ms 15 te2-1.parse3.Paris.opentransit.net ( 55.981 ms te2-3.parse3.Paris.opentransit.net ( 58.743 ms te2-1.parse3.Paris.opentransit.net ( 55.707 ms 16 te2-4.parse7.Paris.opentransit.net ( 59.439 ms te4-1.parse7.Paris.opentransit.net ( 60.439 ms 59.736 ms 17 * * * 18 xe3-0-0.tcr1.rb.par.as8218.eu ( 63.785 ms xe1-2-0.tcr1.rb.par.as8218.eu ( 62.127 ms xe3-0-0.tcr1.rb.par.as8218.eu ( 62.076 ms 19 ge1-0-23.esr1.rb.par.as8218.eu ( 63.562 ms 62.626 ms 62.633 ms 20 ( 62.471 ms 62.992 ms 62.539 ms
  20. also make bronze halberd-scythe of mana nulification and cooldown removal. shouldn't be a too overpowered item, no?
  21. leonard (alpha)

    Lenny never goes invisible, he goes out of visibility range. For me, it rarely happens and hunting him down works well too, if you know where he spawns.
  22. leonard (alpha)

    You can say the same thing for Melinis, for example. you see him there often because you are there often yourself. I've seen him in SRM much more than 3 times so I can basically say the same thing.
  23. leonard (alpha)

    Got him again today \o/
  24. leonard (alpha)

    *bump* Got Lenny today after hunting him for 3 days (I'm very impatient so I usually go to storage after checking 2 small maps lol) No screenshot, sorry, was too excited to actually get him in about 10 minutes after he woke up