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  1. New Market System

    Aislinn, you're my #1 favorite mod \o/ Well said, really. As for the suggestion, EL market is fine as it is.
  2. Teh_Master

    First thing I thought was "oh no, another gossip" but then I followed the link (I know, I'm getting better), and saw that the info there was different. And it looks great btw although some links are not full (from the tweets), maybe because there's a limit of characters per tweet, idk. Oh and for those who don't use twitter (like me), you can subscribe to the bot's RSS feed and read the news from your RSS reader, be it Google, Yahoo or any other web/desktop reader. Cheers.
  3. Trading strike

    pr0 idea, but what to do, when the gold farmer has 2 computers? Or can even compile the client and remove that few lines of code, which check, if another client is already running? Piper Sorry for the offtopic, but if it's made server-side, there won't be a problem. By default, you can only log in 1 client from the same IP address. Some people want to be white listed? That's fine. IMO mods already whitelist families/etc to allow them to trade with each other. Would onyl put some extra checking if the white listed people aren't really the same person.
  4. Trading strike

    They are, but you can't leave out buying from shop, because the amount of those items increases every time someone wants to get them and doesn't mind spending some $. For NMT/etc, on the other hand, this doesn't apply, because you can't get them from shop.
  5. Raffle drawing

    Grats everyone promoting shop ftw
  6. help

    The admin password it asks you is the one you entered when installing Ubuntu. and unzipping is easy: install unzip like zalic explained, then right click on file and choose "Extract here"
  7. Trading strike

    You won't be able to sell HEs for 15gce, because fighters have friends who are not antisocial and they would cooperate to buy HEs from NPCs. same goes for other items. Prices won't go much over NPC price because it's not very clever to pay more if you can pay less. maybe only for noobs and those who want the item double fast. I can see the reasoning why Holar sells finished items for more. But don't understand why he overpays for raw products. "Lets ask ppl to pay full price for a finished item" doesn't mean "Lets buy raw products for ridiculous prices so no one else gets them."
  8. what Korr said. also try alt+f if you want first person view EDIT: eek, it's alt, not ctrl >.<
  9. Spell or item idea...Mana

    well if it takes 50 health and gives 25 mana it's pretty easy to lvl fast with it. just cast the spell together with restore when you have mag 30-40, restore gives more than 50 hp
  10. Current CVS errors

    Nevermind my problem, I had to revert to this dumb windoze for some reasons, at least for a while (pity I only have 1 comp atm, and too lazy to try and set up a windows boot on a portable HDD). I compiled the cvs on windoze too, it did give me a very similar message (this time with make.conf and make.defaults), but after a couple of tries I managed to compile it. @revi: that is the only line that "make -f Makefile.linux" command gave me.
  11. Tweaking Total War

    That's not how I'm seeing it, but could work nevertheless @Raytray: ever heard of a rostogol stone? @Hussam: please, read my comment again. The guild can buy out of the war if they're on a big project and be untouchable for the next 1-3 hours. And of course, IP and UW would still be safe zones, so that people won't be killing afk harvesters to get everything off of them.
  12. Current CVS errors

    apt-get install cvs login to repos download source create make.conf from make.default make -f Makefile.linux that's as far as I remember
  13. Tweaking Total War

    This doesn't Consider it from the bagjumper's point of view: would you pay 20k to announce total war to a guild, wait 5 minutes until you can actually attack to have a CHANCE to get something? In that 5 minute cooldown, the person you're attacking can easily escape, or get ready for a fight. In addition to that, the guild can buy out of the war for a fee, and you can't attack them for 1-3 hours. As for afk harvesting, Radu clearly stated that EL is not about getting resources easy. I have to agree with bullying tho, but I honestly don't think it would last long. Maybe the first week or so.
  14. Tweaking Total War

    If you don't like the idea, please explain why and what are its drawbacks. Because without supporting ideas, saying I like it or I don't like it doesn't mean anything unless you're Radu. And no insults please.
  15. Current CVS errors

    don't know if it's the right place to post, but here goes: Can't compile the client. Everything works fine until "make -f Makefile.linux", which gives this message: make: *** No rule to make target `2d_objects.c', needed by `2d_objects.o'. Stop. make is already the newest version, gcc installed. running on HP Compaq Mini 110c with Ubuntu 9.10. system is 32bit. please tell me if you need more info
  16. Tweaking Total War

    As I said, all total war fees apply. so declaring war would cost too, preferably more than to cancel it. So you'd declare war only if you have a good reason. and yes, everyone should start with combatant status.
  17. Speed Hax pots, manu, craft

    The availability to buy the flowers depends on the syntax e.g. if you'd say "harv me flowers X of each and I'll pay you Y gcs", you'll only get them for a good price. BUT if you'd say "i'll buy all your unnecessary flowers that are rotting in your sto for X gcs/each to save you the trip to npc", you'll get them for lower price. however, you'd still need to harvest some of them, as people don't harv every single flower for HH exp
  18. Attack experience bug

    As I explained you in live chat, the combat system works in mysterious ways you only get a certain number of rounds of exp per fight (can't remember what it is, something between 12 and 16). so when you attack, and get attacked by other mobs, you will only get the exp 12-16 times, then it will stop until you completely disengage from battle with ALL of your opponents. be it diss ring, clicking around or just luck killing all of them before others attack. As for def, you get that same number of rounds of exp from every monster. so when a new one comes and attacks you, you get def exp.
  19. Speed Hax pots, manu, craft

    Well, if the price for speed hax was 1k or less, I would consider selling leo fur for 5k (what you ask now) and buying a few pots. Because getting 1 pot for 1 fur is just insanely wrong however, if you reduce the price you pay for leo fur, you should reduce speed hax pot price as well. just needs to be well though out, what price would not scare people off, what would make the pots sell like candy and such. for example - buying leo fur for 1k - too little. I'd rather save the fur for myself. 3.5k-5k sounds about right. 7k or more - hell yeah, i'd sell them, but it's too much, you'd just get ripped off. you should also consider what price would be good for speed hax pots, cos admit it, 4k is just too much. 500-1k is payable, less is even better cos people would buy them straight away. but then again, you'd lose gcs.
  20. Speed Hax pots, manu, craft

    Seriously, handy, you have 5 alts. how long does it take to harvest those flowers with them? I use 1 char and it took me a day to prepare for 2 batches, you can do it much faster. and as I said, the price of leonard fur depends on you. if you want to make the pots cheaper, lower leo fur buying price and vice versa
  21. Speed Hax pots, manu, craft

    o0 6k for the batch? nonsense. 3k at most. count each flower at 1gc/each, cos that's what the NPC pays, and there's no need to pay 3x more for them. as for leonard fur, you can ask however much you want, because atm you're the only one buying them. if you want them really bad, ask 10k, you'll get them. but won't be able to sell many speed hax pots because the price is just too high. I believe max 700gc per pot sounds good, and people would buy it. and yes, I know what it means to get the ings for it. I have done it for 2 batches of speed hax pots, took me one day. + fails, which needed to be replaced, and some extra extracts. p.s. you can't ask people to pay you for the "time spent to level potions skill", that's total bollocks
  22. Speed Hax pots, manu, craft

    1 leonard fur makes 12 potions of speed hax. please reduce the price at least 10x, I might sell some furs to you then.
  23. Horses v2.0

    Great stuff off-topic: can horses run 2x speed if you use speed hax potion on them? would be cool (provided we don't get speed increase with horses in some other way)
  24. my comment was on boognish's post, not the original one