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  1. Looking For A Guild

    MWAR guild is recruiting we welcome anyone who is over 16. #guild_info MWAR
  2. a/d school

    Mayb a school where you can attack your allies and guildies would be a better idea? This way you don't need to kick anyone out of the guild or destroy alliances to be able to train for a few hours. Would help lower level players IMO
  3. Invasions

    nice and unexpected invasion (tho had to postpone our in-guild event but wtv) killed a few yetis, achims and helped with dragons, which was way more than I expected I was capable of it's a pity tho we didnt make it in time because of you know who... but wtv, nice invasion
  4. even if there are negative perk removal stones (not all tho), #reset will still be usable in any case. however, it brings in an alternative for some players. you can choose whether to lose all PPs and get them back to rearrange them (which in high levels is not that hard), or spend gold and rearrange them.
  5. New Screenshots needed

    Wow Gildrig your screenshots are fantastic! would love to see the first one on the website
  6. Poisoned Arrows

    tit short looks like a dagger on-topic: I like the idea
  7. New ranging perks

    talking about Ethereal Ranger perk, even though it says the chance is 30%, at the end you see that you fired ~44% more arrows than you brought to train with so IMO it's really reasonable. didn't try the other one tho, still saving the PPs
  8. Magical weapon

    Maybe better equip it, like any other wep, and attack monsters from range? still, the accuracy would suck I guess, but the damage could be huge...
  9. Reptile Blood

    Ain't that too much for one little simple perk? EDIT:typos
  10. Positive Perk Removal Stones

    BigShock -> why remove IEDP? bones are crunchy ^^ but still, having a positive perk removal stone would be a great idea. I'd like to test a few perks myself, but since there is no way to remove them except reseting. The stones should be expensive, like nexus removals or such, so that people would only use them when they need, and still consider reset as an alternative. or having wraith take gcs from your inv when using the stone...
  11. The Big Bag Race!

    An amazing event Theladin *prepares teleportation essences for the next one*
  12. New Perks

    Well it seems these new wards (the mana drain thing) are quite powerful put a few around and someone who walks past will find themselves with 0 mana in a second tho if you don't move, they don't affect you, that is, mana is not drained. and they disappear in 5 minutes or so
  13. Puma respawn rate

    oh and can you please make the skeletons in PL cave all spawn in the same place +lower their spawn time? it takes me 20 minutes to get a full load of bones. 20 minutes! that's insanity! if you can't by potions, buy fur. or use some pps and increase your vit, that would help
  14. Imortal Hour

    How much would those ppl trying to sneak into guildmaps win anyway? Ok they get in the map, guardbot attacks them, they dis (they can't die but fighting the bot is not what they came here in the first place), go somewhere they need to go, the guardbots attack them again when they find them. So it's a cat and mouse game imho. I'd love to see some high level PKer run around a map trying to get to arena with a guardbot on his tail
  15. There's a Peace Day already Erm. I like the idea tho. Imagine going from VoTD to NC on autowalk when every single creature attacking you lol One hour instead of a full day looks more real, something like "Mortos is really pissed today so he decided to wipe the whole planet using innocent animals as a weapon of his wrath". lol
  16. "The Wardrobe"

    The room would need to be a no-rosto area and no-magic area too, maybe even no-beam and no-tele rings if possible, so people wouldn't have any other way out of the room except for the door and lose all items that he bought/rented there just to see how it looks. There are many ways to go from place to place, and they should all be considered before actually implementing the room.
  17. Temporary class system

    If, as someone stated, taking a ranger class would lower your summoning level and add it to archery, that means you need to train summoning more to get a better advantage. Taking % off of a/d is a good idea, because many people level it and it's relatively easy to train, which ends up that if you have high a/d, you get bigger advantage taking a mage or ranger class or whatever. However, it might seem logical to take % off of oa level too. And the idea is not taken from WoW. It's from classical board-RPG games. WoW took it from there too
  18. Mage class idea

    But then again, why not PK in groups? Figther vs Fighter, mages and rangers helping out a lot. I mean, if someone's tanking, the mages can do their harms and whatever to kill the opponent faster. The same goes with rangers. It's your decision which one to kill first if the fighter doesn't counterstrike - you might be fast enough to get the mage, the ranger, and then the fighter. Spliting the loot won't be a problem, everyone has rostos. You can't expect a mage to have high number of material points as he must put his PPs on rationality and some for mana points, so looking from hand-to-hand battle perspective, mages are weak. However, I've rarely seen mages fighting hand to hand in other games.
  19. archery in pk fortress

    I almost got killed by a forest chim in WV standing on a bridge. It happened because I was standing at the very edge of it, and chim could reach me, but when I moved only one step away, it didn't attack me. So I figure it might be so that one square further from the edge is enough for the archer to remain unharmed. On the other hand, it might be that the fence below me was obstructing the chim. So I'm not sure whether this is where I should ask it, but is this one square really enough? If there was no fence, would the chim/any monster still attack?
  20. MWAR is recruiting

    Seems to be working fine... I re-typed it again tho
  21. exp ?

    Which other skill in EL is all about training? I think none. You train A/D to be able to kill high level critters. Same with other skills - leveling up to be able to manufacture/harvest higher level items. So is ranging all about training? The more perception you have, the better chance to hit, which is better for PK than with lower perception, even though it's less exp. So in my opinion, ranging is not made just to train it, but to use it in battle. And then again, if you want ranged skill to be useful for you in shorter amount of time, first train a lot with low perception, and after you reach a certain point, boost perception back up, so you have the exp/arrow, a good level, and a high perception.
  22. i quit this skill

    Question (or more like test of an idea): With lower perception, you get higher exp, while with higher perception, you get lower exp. But, isn't it so that with higher perception your chance to make a succesful shot increases? Example: Without a night visor, you get 18 exp, but hit (let's just say) 40/100 shots. With a night visor, on the other hand, you get 16 exp, but hit (again, let's just say) 60/100 shots. How much true is there in my statement? Because it's not like I'm going to be able to buy a night visor anytime soon to test it
  23. What are you lvl'ing on?

    9gc? it makes ~2gc a piece. na-ah. you must be dreaming. dung price is ~7gcs, it makes 35gcs for 1 saltpetre +loss. and you need book of saltpetre 10kgcs and 20k pages. now tell me which one's better? make saltpetre but spend a week studying non-stop, or buy dye from the shop at 50gcs a vial?
  24. ranging

    in case you are afraid to lose stuff, train on creatures you can easily kill. then you can avoid crying cos you wont die if you come to hand to hand combat