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  1. bug in dp arena 40 ad

    I haven't been surprised by this or lost anything, but I just wanted to throw my support. everything I wanted to say has pretty much been said by korrode, including that the One Perk is a conscious choice and a different issue. There should be clear rules for losing stuff considering how much time it takes to get gc, and the fact that some items are bought with real money. I feel bad for the everyone that has lost big time due to the DP no drop arena. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/style_e...lt/confused.gif The whole thing just seems wrong. There are already enough ways for more experienced players to exploit newer and/or uninformed ones. Unexpected losses are EXACTLY why I will never spend money on items in this game. (Although I paid $5 for a name change, and I"ll probably buy rostos when I own enough stuff) I was just looking for the link to make a poll. Can't find it... it would be intersting to see how many like and dislike it the DPA 'phenomenon'...
  2. Testing maps for 1.90 update

    Just noticed something that I don't think has been reported (on main server, but it's map graphics, not an entrance/exit, hope this is ok) In the NC/TG PK cave (25,60?) the Turquoise is almost hidden by the edges of the cavern walls where they meet. sorry no screenshot, my 'net is VERY limited...
  3. Testing maps for 1.90 update

    I did all of IOTF, as far as I know; sent in a forum PM
  4. Patch for the test client

    Mud in the back of the NE 'Ogre' Cave in PV. From a distance, a rectangle in the 'top right' section (under the rocks I guess) displays as blue water. EVTR -front door of tavern does not work. -back door of tavern says 'You are not close enough' right beside it. -Kusamura Jungle flag dosen't work. -Alchemy school door dosen't work. -clicking on the statue beside the alch school says 'you are not close enough' right beside it. -Irsis flag dosen't work. -Willowvine flag dosen't work. -entrance to a cave at 355,155 dosen't work The 'red witch' cave does work. I checked all of 'em on the test server. To Piper, I'm on 28.8 wireless 'dial-up' and I noticed the lag increase too, and yeah there's more CPU use too, but I must say I'm VERY impressed it runs at all on my old crappy computer. The trees alone are worth it, lol.
  5. AFK Fighting

    The reason is/was because I literally couldn't find a free spawn because people were sitting at SEVERAL spawns who weren't even there, ALL on the same day... I'm not a competitive player, I don't care if other people advance fast, I just want to occupy my time. And I'm selfish. I think spawns shouldn't be taken up by people that are out having lunch when I'm on my lunch break looking for a spawn... to ME a defense penalty after 5 min seems a lot like the mini-harv event fix for AFK harving. AFK fighting could still be easily done, just not to extremes. Like AFK harving now with a medallion, basically you have to at least be NEAR your computer...
  6. AFK Fighting

    So now that you're done with your days of afk training you want to penalize others who would do this as well as everyone else in EL who ever goes afk? Makes perfect sense. Edit: Fixed the quote. Ok, I'll start doin it again...
  7. AFK Fighting

    I want to tell you what creatures ya can do it with, but I'd be afraid I'd encourage it. I know it's possible though because I used to do it at lower levels, hehe. Co-ordination has to be where most of your PP go for this. I'll share that much for other super-slow internet users. I 'perked out' on negative perks and jacked up my co-ord to 40, then I could go 'afk' at a certain spawn and collect bags w/o dying till I hit a certain creature's ignore level. (I built my character like this to survive an EXTREMELY laggy wireless connection) There aren't too many spots ya can do this, only enclosed multi spawn areas.
  8. AFK Fighting

    I've noticed a LOT of people AFK fighting lately, surrounded by 'poofing' bags. What if the auto-AFK setting was mandatory 1-5 minutes with a defense penalty for being attacked AFK?
  9. P2P for everyone!

    The main thing I was getting at was the 'Harvester subscription'. I wasn't setting a price, I shouldn't have given an example. I didn't say I want NMT perk for $5, lol... read more carefully... I figured fighting books and different looks (existing p2p 'perk') were worth more than a harv medallion perk is all... I can't understand the 'economy' in this game, I can only try. The whole point was that Entropy could set prices... Set NMT at $100 for all I care, lol I'm trying to give ideas that I think will ALLOW people to spend money. Why ALLOW? Most shop stuff is sorta useless for new players unless they spend a bunch of human PP. The only thing I can think of other than a name change I can USE would be a dragon helm, but I didn't see 'em listed. Maybe I'm blind... it did take me about 5 emails and a week to get my name changed, lol... (I'm o/a 82, human nexus 3 and NOT ONCE have I said 'damn I shoulda had a rosto' ... my equipment's worth less than a rosto!!!)
  10. P2P for everyone!

    Some common complaints: - Harvest medallions still break a lot... BUT it's a free game. - 'Someone BrOD'ed my expensive stuff' ... BUT again, it's free to play. - Critical failures... I hate critical failures ... I don't like when anything breaks, lol... I'm not sure what other complaints are out there, but this idea could work for other things: Harvester P2P - $x/year Yearly "harvester medallion perk" Unbreakable P2P - $x/year Yearly "unbreakable perk" Saving 'stone' P2P - $x/year Yearly "saving stone perk" No More Tears P2P - $x/year Yearly No More Tears perk (any perk or cape could be a yearly fee!) All these features already exist in the game, and I'm not asking for something for nothing. It seems like it's a matter of figuring out a value for each feature and implementing as P2P. It dosen't change the 'world' at all really. We'd just paying directly instead of through breakages. I'll gladly pay $5/year to make harvesting mini-events and harv medallion breakages go away. Sign me up, lol.
  11. A MILD regeneration boost within a small radius of the fire, less than FR, so as to not cheapen the FR cloak & perk, but just enough to make fires more fun. When there's no fire actually burning, there's no regeneration boost. Like 'single-click meat', firepits sorta lose their FUNction after awhile. I think this would make people more inclined to light up those cool fire graphics and gather around casting spells, eating toads, cookin meat, *looks over at entropy* getting caught in invasions... http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/style_e...ault/lurker.gif
  12. Cook Meat upgrade after update

    I also think that's a really good idea to use a frying pan with a fire to cook 10 (or whatever #) meat at a time!
  13. landmines

    This thread won't die... For anyone that's actually bothered by EL landmines... Go sign a petition for reality instead of complaining about a game. www.thepetitionsite.com/1/ending-us-use-of-landmines www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/587770327 www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/352193122 Now you can play guilt-free.
  14. Experience Books

    Thanks Aislinn! Didn't realize my first post sounded sarcastic. I ALWAYS mis-communicate and don't even know it... it sucks... now Lorck's post makes more sense... but I was being serious, anyways... oh well...
  15. Experience Books

    I just said it sounds like a good idea, and I'd probably spend money on them, which is true (and agreeing shop books should be bigger XP) I wasn't makin up BS stats or theories on what it'll do... ok the crap at the end about 0 nexus armor could be called BS, lol, no argument there. I was jacking the shop aspect of the thread, sorry. I'm still kinda confused why no-ones answered or even addressed (like sayin 'it's secret' or something) my original reason for the post. "Where do/will people get them from in game?" I was hoping my interest in it might get me access to a book...