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  1. [EDIT : Found out radu loves the game being classless, here comes the radu ownage] I suggest a way for players of each Player ground to stand out for what they are, IE : Fighter (Att,def,PK) Harvester, Mixer (Manu,Eng,Craft), Undecided (Or All Rounders). There are many ways for this to be done and im sure theres at least a few everyone can agree upon. - Titles - Special clothing - Colors in name - Access to "special" places (Example : The Harvesters Guild Building, or The Harvest Gods Temple) - Special items (trophys,keys,necklace, w/e) - Bonuses based on their group - Lots more It would prob work like an optional thing, for example if a Harvester for a living will harvest raw materials to sell to Mixers and uses the money to work on fighting every once in a while they might want like 1.5x harv xp or increased chance of rare finds with a negative gain to their Att/def gain , the numbers could range widely. It will kind of be like perks. This would have amazing effects on the community and will get people to work with eachother more (Other groups help eachother, people will look for others of different groups for help) Feel free to flame on what players want/wanted, what you want, what you think but remember its just an idea
  2. New spawns

    ogres and feros
  3. The Greatest EL Player

    I vote for the_piper, hes been around forever always in a good mood. I remember him a long time ago with his crazy contests when mortos was still doing invasions, hes always up to somtin
  4. Economy

    wow 3 admins reply to 1 post, must be good
  5. Tutorial Quests...

    Yes... we used to have 1000+ online then 1500 bans and quits (not saying banning is bad) later we are down to 300-700 average, the more players the better usually. Discluding people turning the games economy into a real life living
  6. Im buying a full set of steel armor (chest legs feet), i am buying it from whoever offers me the best price, just PM me ingame (freakeer) or on the boards with your price, tommorow i will go through them and contact who i will purchase from, also feel free to reply to this thread with your price also.
  7. Missing! Gossip and Trinitybot

    Yes, i have been using gossip for a very very long time now, mostly for the GUILDIES command. And the ability to communicate with people cross-server or even when they are offline is a very usefull tool to have. The building blocks of any community is communication it is the essence of modern society IE : Phones, taking away our communication is going to have a very negative effect on the EL community.
  8. Selling whole set of iron (chest,leg,greaves) for ONLY 20K! (normaly 25k+++) send PM to freakeer ingame or on forum or on this thread Also trading whole iron set for either steel greaves or cuisses SOLD
  9. Greek

    Can one of you greek speakers contact me (freakeer) ingame i need some help with greek
  10. I have (had) a dream

    feel free to reply to share other messed up dreams you guys may have had
  11. I have (had) a dream

    I came home today, ate a grilled CHEESE sandwich then proceeded to a nap, as you know cheese before sleep = bad. Anyways i dreamt that i came back from being AFK in EL but had a pillow under my arms (the couch?) and was finding it hard to type, next thing i know i see LEONARD THE LEOPARD (he was blue???) approaching, because of the pillow i fail to BEAM OUT and lose my CoL, WHEN i return to get it Leo isnt there but when i turn to my left (in the dream not EL dream) i see leo BESIDE ME, it proceeds to rip open my stomach and fill it with Cherios (like what the hell?) and eats out of it like a dog food bowl before i wake up... Radu you have officialy given me nightmares about c2
  12. Selling full iron set for only 23k, send PM or Reply here to buy. You can contact me ingame on Freakeer Also trading all for steel cuisses
  13. PK arrows

    Arrow/Bolt Head
  14. PK arrows

  15. PK arrows