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  1. Water display

    Can anyone help with this problem, water displays fine when inside, but outside does not display correctly. I have the same issue on my pc (Intel i5) and on my laptop (Intel i7). Wondering if there is some setting I need to adjust.
  2. Water display

    I am running the new and love it, but I have a problem with the water display. This happens on both my pc and my laptop. Inside a cave, eg pl titanium mine or gargoyle cave, the water displays correctly. However when I' m outside the ocean or rivers and ponds are just a solid blue colour, I can see shadows of plants etc, but water doesn't display properly. My pc has Inten i5 and my laptop runs Intel i7. wondering if it mighy be viewing distance or some other setting.
  3. Counters

    ah ty.. i have a new comp
  4. Counters

    I didnt play on main for a while and all my counters and map marks are missing, is there anyway to restore them?
  5. Very sad to hear. Rachie made me feel at home in <TE> when I joined. Always helped me out. Condolences to her family and friends, she will be much missed
  6. Raising caps

    After posting yes in the previous poll I now vote NO. As the years pass I've seen legend grow to be an awesome char, I doubt even many on main could achieve his skills. He has proved with brains and skill he can kill any mob that radu cares to throw at him. If people are bored its because they need to explore other ways of killing, not just melee. We do not lack in any skills a/d is only one factor. You guys don't know what your missing lol *ps It should also be pointed out that other skills are NOT capped at 100...ONLY A/D is.
  7. Android web page

    It's in your signature. Imageshack killed their free hosting, and replaced images with their ads. Change your signature to get rid of it. ty burn
  8. Android web page

    Why should I drop the cheap tablets part? It's a strong selling point. So is that it works very well on an S5, people will have some terms to compare to. Its only a suggestion
  9. Android web page

    I like the opening sentence weaverdas posted, its good to let prospective players how long the game has been running but in the first sentence drop the "as well" its sufficient to say "Eternal Lands is a Free MMORPG which has been in existence for over 14 years on Windows, Linux, and OSX. Eternal Lands is now also available on Android" In the next sentence "It works on all the Android devices we tested, even on very cheap tablets". Drop the part "even on very cheap tablets" again I feel its not needed. Minor adjustments to the following sentence "However, in order to get a nice experience, we recommend a large screen (5.5" or larger) and a decent CPU. It works pretty well on a Samsung S5, which is a 3 years".​ Change to "In order to get a nice experience, we recommend a large screen (5.5" or larger) and a decent CPU. It works well on older devices".​ (Some people use devices older than 3 years) *ps I did not add that imageshack thing on the post, no idea how it got there
  10. Bug - can't move or can't harvest

    Its kinda fun hunting frozen mobs, we do it all the time on the pk server )))))
  11. unknown message

    it was a duplicate spells xml file hidden in my documents/eternal lands/main. Soon as I removed it that message stopped occurring
  12. unknown message

    resolved, ty JofuranShigokai
  13. unknown message

    Well I'm at a total loss to understand it, I backed up EL as suggested, and re downloaded, installed,, only to find I had the same problem. Ill just continue on as before as it doesn't seem to affect anything
  14. unknown message

    I do see the Irinveron arena in game as I had wt daily, it was there,, so no prob with those
  15. unknown message

    k I'm using burns maps, and spells seem to work ok so guess ill leave it as is and not risk doing the wrong thing..just hope it doesn't crash