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  1. Buying/selling

    If you REALLY want us to use that link, you'll have to provide your username etc. Otherwise, you might want to correct the link
  2. Indicator for Glow

    While it may not take that long to code, it could require a client update, at least for the code. But I can see another reason why some (pk'ers) might not like this. At the moment, there is no indication that a character has "I glow in the dark", and even less that it's activated. Do you really want your opponent to know what extra's you have available? (Not into PK and not having the perk, btw).
  3. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    " posted in the forum, under the Rules category." ==> "press F5 key" Well, no: the in-game rules are there as a help, it's the forum version that's official. Reason: in game you get the translation in your language (if set), and those versions have been out-of-date for ages. I think there are no more rules translations in the current version, but that doesn't change the main point: it's the forum version that is binding. And that version can be updated during the life time of a client version, e.g. invasion and invance rules have been on forums long before they were included in the in-game set. In addition, the forums also have the rules governing bots; those have never been in the in-game version.
  4. EXP Bonus after the kill

    As it is now, you choose: more experience or more loot, you cannot get both. And depending on build attributes and equipment, you can skew the experience you get to favour either defence or attack (e.g. tank builds). And I think that is better, as it gives more ways to play the game, so more paths for different players. Changing it so that you can get both max. exp. and max loot would (IMO) require a reduction in drop rates, especially for the rare drops, and could make choosing between attack or def experience harder (depending on how the change would be implemented).
  5. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    That still assumes that the problem is the value of ingredients vs finished product. Well, neither ingredient prices nor prices of essences have changed in ages, so why is it only now a problem? And why wasn't competition with NPC a problem when iron and steel bars reached NPC price on market? We have had some "discussions" in @@6 recently about caught macroers. Might it be possible that a "parallel economy" blew the market?
  6. Newbies & Magic & Haidir

    If you make the magic bonus a fixed and fairly small amount (so not X×the mag level), the effect on higher levels will soon be negligable anyway: lvl 20 requires a total of 39699 magic exp. or about 100 days with 400 exp/mission. And real newbies can't do Daritha right from the start (they have neither the items nor the gc to buy them the first days) so just limit this to Haidir? No need to give alts any extra advantage over new players.
  7. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    Shouldn't be impossible to let Heavybeard break an item for the quest so that it counts. And if you want to limit abuse, allow only one or two items broken this way per quest.
  8. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    As Darrock pointed out, prices for harvestables have hardly risen over the last several years. and my estimates were deliberately high; with silver at 2.4 and the flower at 0.5gc, cost per HE is closer to 7 gc each, Ene becomes 8.8. Are you sure that those rich players would indeed haul from NPC (even through an alt, as most have antisocial park), rather than buy in bulk from players? Not because players are cheaper: there was a very good market buying from NPC and selling higher, even after alts were allowed to interact. For me that shows that the big buyers want loads and loads in one trade, which is only possible player to player at store. That would also exclude bots, btw. Also, if crafting and crafting supplies take up more of players' time, increasing NPC prices won't help in increasing market availability, as the producers just don't have the time and resources to provide them.
  9. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    So you claim that costs of making the essies have gone up, but you offer no hard information about that... Let's start with the HE: 2 silver ore + a chrysanthemum and food. This month, silver ore seems to be at 2.5gc, let's be generous for the flower and add 1 gc. Total ingredients price 6 gc, and 2gc worth of food, gives a total cost of 8 gc. That's still below current NPC price. Energy essence: Iron ore 4gc, silver ore 2.5, flower 1, food 2, total 9.5 gc, NPC wants 11. Matter essence: Iron ore 4gc, quartzes 3×2.2, food 1.2 gc, total 11.8, so about NPC price. I don't see where prices are too low on NPC right now, and where you get the notion that ingredient costs are killing alchemy. (And note that those prices are taken from WTS ads on market channel) As the basis of your reasoning seems flawed to me, I see no need to discuss the other parts.
  10. Thank you for "What's my current task"

    Tutorial quest goes mostly through the "Tutorial NPC", so you have to ask there where you are in the tutorial. But one of the tasks involves the wraith, and the reward for that taskis 1000 exp. in a skill of your choice (except engineering and tailoring for now)
  11. Daily Cooldown Reducer fail rate.

    13 fails in a row should have a probablility of about 1:8000 (to be exact 1:8192) . That you don't hear of other series like that is due to two factors (at least) - not every one wants to spend that many cooldown reducers, so many stop earlier (after 2, 3, 4?) - incomplete reporting: not every one reports failures, even in improbable series. (And no one reports succes when needing only 1 or 2 reducers.) So, yes, 13 fails in a row is bad luck, but over time not that surprising (cooldown reducers came in game before 2013). And most certainly no reason to assume a bug, given how exceptional it appears to be.
  12. Guild Color Code Playernames

    @Riptide: that's why red (with green, yellow, purple) should be excluded Perhaps blue (NPC) should be excluded as well. That leaves a very limited number of colours for the player name (as you don't want colours close to the reserved ones either): red dark_red blue light_blue dark_blue green dark_green yellow dark_yellow purple dark_purple grey brown orange, and dark colours can become very hard to see on dark backgrounds; light colours on a light background is less of a problem, as you can use a (darker) banner background. And it has to be implemented server-side, as it has to be sent to all guild members; so the server needs to check (for each character to be displayed), who it's going to be sent to, what the receiver's guild is, and what colour (if any) that guild has attributed to the character to be sent. I don't know if bots use the name colors, but any that does would also need to be adapted. Edit: and how are name changes to be handled? I don't think the name colors attributed by the different guilds will be part of the character data, so a namechange would reset the color to the default. Which means that relying on name colours to identify a scammer can give you a false feeling of security ("X isn't tagged as a scammer, so should be ok to trade with", where X used to be Y who was tagged as a scammer...)
  13. Taking into account fighter builds means using another formula to determine what quest a given player gets. This has been suggested for invasion caps, and radu didn't seem particularly enthousiastic. Also, we have Daritha's dailies, giving a/d exp for basically manu work...
  14. 2 Holes in DP Client 1.9.5

    Tab maps, Burn's or others, have nothing to do with "falling in holes". Those "holes" appear when there's a difference between server .elm maps and client .elm maps; an error in a map file might also be the cause. For what it's worth, I checked both coordinate sets, and didn't find anything wrong. While you are in DP, try the "#ckdata" command; fo me it gives #ckdata d3f8f391cc82d0dfeab745a482040b7b ./maps/map3.elm
  15. Sir_odie

    Sir_Odie should know, and You already know how to contact him