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  1. Day of entropy

    One of the reasons bags disappear is to make room and prevent lag (that's why bagspamming is forbidden). Don't forget there are several bag spawns on different maps, that will quietly continue to create bags, once every minute or so (depending on the spawn). Over 6 hours, that gives a lot of bags... Add an invasion, and the count really explodes. More in general, I think suggestions here would have a better chance of getting implemented if the OPs thought a bit more about possible problems with their ideas, or ways it could be abused. It's like bugs in programs: the question is not if it will bite you, but when. And then Murphy comes in as well...
  2. new spell 'fight'

    But, but, but.... That means training yet another skill, extra nexus, gc. That's work...
  3. new spell 'fight'

    So I cast the spell on a goblin in PL, and someone else on a skeleton in Irinveron. What happens? Or, the spell is cast on two invasion bosses? Invasion master won't be happy... IM(NS)HO, the strategic possiblities are what makes this 'not funny' for invasion masters, and the code needed to get this work as you intent (I think) is a bit more complicated than the changes we've seen lately: timing issues, exactly how is the spell supposed to be cast? And of course, the "fun" aspect wears off rather fast, in general.
  4. A rather strange ip ban

    Let's try and see if I understood all that (try using spaces and linebreaks next time, please): You have several characters: Calla on main & Danmleczu, Nomercy and Nickolah on PK. You lost passwords to all of them. From what I can see, at least Calla is not locked, I can't check IP bans or anything on PK server. If that's what has happened, you will indeed have to contact radu with 5$ per pass and enough private information to convince him that those are your characters. If you have managed to get an autoban on one of the servers, you can discuss that at the same time. But you should be able to notice for yourself if you hit an IP ban, as that shows a red message before you get to the login screen.
  5. revi

    One other incident (april, 2017, as Seiduna wants proof...) [11:17:45] [Ursha @ 1]: so i #reset yesterday, afterwards i spent an hour in ip rat cave and raised oa to 10, but wraith is still not giving me perks? he says overall skill too low, [11:18:17] [Ursha @ 1]: at least 5 (or 10) is needed for that perk, so what is the problem? [11:18:40] Users online from Ursha [11:18:44] [Ursha @ 1]: thanks [11:20:03] [revi @ 1]: what perk do you want to take? [11:20:57] [Ursha @ 1]: revi, are you making up for kicking me out? I need like 5 of them, anti, gelatine, can't dance, eat dead,... [11:21:48] [revi @ 1]: If we go on that tone, I won't even bother looking for the answer. Good luck [11:25:17] [Ursha @ 1]: yeah, i expected that much from you, no depth in your work, khehe. And to be perfectly clear about this: Any time you reply with a snide remark or insult to me, you'll get at least a mute, any insulting PM will get you at least a boot (i.e. 5 min lock out from game), any discussion of any such event in public will get you at least a boot (in case of forum posts: delete of posts concerned). An angry reply after one of my actions is one thing, this kind of replies when I'm trying to help you is quite another.
  6. And perhaps it isn't supposed to be profitable on low level monsters? With regards to summoning, the lowest level summons requiring death essence is Skeleton at recommended level 32... I'm not sure I'd consider that "low level" (low level summoning, ok; low level player, not really) And spirit essence has been a "buy from NPC" item for as long as I can remember.
  7. revi

    @vinoveritas You only see one previous incident in Seiduna's post. There are a few more, where I had to warn him about one rule or another. Since then, I get a snide remark literally *every* time I try to help him (not to mention insults if I have to warn him...). This time, I have had enough.
  8. revi

    And you also were very polite after you read Aislinn's first reply: [16:03:48] [PM from Ursha: you are not a good mod, i think you should be removed as mod] [16:04:26] [PM to Ursha: You made that clear, thank you. You did look at Aislinn's answer in forums?] [16:04:46] [PM from Ursha: have you seen mine?] [16:05:36] [PM from Ursha: you are easily intimidated, your work is poor and you are abusin mod status ] [16:06:01] [PM from Ursha: and now, now until i am banned, i am telling people that, and to you until i can] [16:06:22] [PM from Ursha: i bother you? you lieing piece of mod] [16:06:42] [PM from Ursha: this is bothering, i guess, so sod off me once for ever] [16:07:56] [PM to Ursha: You are now on my ignore list] (Btw, Aislinn gave me permission to post those PM's, as you feel free to post mine.
  9. Mod can do what they want?

    1- You accused him of stalking, without showing any proof (you might want to reread the header of the disputes forum, perhaps). I asked you to provide the proof of stalking, that's all 2- As I told you in-game, stalking can be considered harassment, if it is persistent.
  10. Mod can do what they want?

    Could you please show where Wizzy is stalking you? From the above, you attack his summons, repeatedly, and not the other way around...
  11. Problems when my computer crashed

    The problem is due purely to the power loss: normally the client saves an "el.cfg" file in your "server" directory ('main' normally). On a power failure, that files isn't saved, or it can get corrupted. When that file isn't present, or corrupted, EL starts "as if" you are a new player, with show of the rules and language choice.You'll have to go through that, correct your setup, and exit EL to save that file. I'm not sure if it is safe to use an older version of the el.cfg, perhaps a dev can help there.
  12. can you change forum username

    Aislinn handles that, and she seems to be rather busy right now. Anyway, you'll have to tell her the new name you want, either in-game or through a forum PM. (not saying you'll get the change, but you can't get it if she doesn't know the new name)
  13. Unban request

    And just to make the ranging situation crystal clear to anyone else reading this: Macroing is and will stay against the game rules. There is only one situation in which players are allowed to use a macro, and only when all of the following conditions are met: You are ranging in one of the ranging arenas (Grubani Peninsula or Irsis); You use an autoclicker to fire the arrows (only); You are constantly monitoring your character (no "I'll just get a cup of coffee while the macro runs"). That means that you must be able to reply to any local chat, PMs or mod PMs with only a short delay (within seconds, a minute is too long already). And no, you won't miss a mod PM (if you are not AFK, of course)
  14. Unban request

    While I didn't ban you, I did notice a few things: 1- jan, 6 to may, 13 isn't 5 months, it's just a tad over 4; 2- You haven't been "5 months w/o EL", or the character that contacted us in-game was an imposter (and could be locked for impersonation); 2- this is at least the second time the Brabador character was locked for "afk training at archer arena" (or, in short, macroing...)
  15. Off-topic section?