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  1. Extra Small Inventory Window

    In short, a repeated attempt to swap through a key shortcut will be delayed (and *only* a repeated attempt to *swap* through ket short-cut). "Use" of e.g. food should be unaffected by this (but normal cooldowns apply). Afaik, the server gets really grumpy if certain types of messages arrive too fast or too often. That translates to you being kicked out (disconnected)
  2. Counters

    They would be missing if you have changed computers and didn't copy the files concerned, or if you wiped the files for another reason. If you do not have access to the old system anymore, or if you deleted them from your system, there's no way to get them back. But, you can copy the map marks from another character.
  3. Where do I get the HEALTH SIGIL

    Yes they are, if you still have problems contact me in game. (Note that the shops won't offer sigils to you which you already have). (Btw, it makes life a lot easier for everyone (including you) if you try first in-game, channel 1 or #help_me, or give a character name here)
  4. Please don't double-post, try to edit your earlier posts if possible. For one, it won't help to just spam the forums, we can't be online 24/7. As for contacting him, he might have mercator on ignore, so he might not have seen your messages. And if he reads forums, a character name would be helpful for in-game contact later. You did put your char name in your order?
  5. Bounty Board

    Not sure we need yet another gc source in the game. And except for the gc bonus, I don't see where this differs from normal farming/training, as the player seems to decide which "bounty" to go for. The "points per bounty" might be interesting, if there are some ideas what to do with those points.
  6. Password recover

    Funny, I noticed a character "skelos" online about 1-2 h ago...
  7. Best thing is to talk again to the last NPC you talked to (Tutorial NPC for tutorial quest), often (but not always) you'll get at least a hint of what you are supposed to do.
  8. First, the quest log is kept locally on your computer, not on the server (or at least, the list you see is local to your computer) There are several ways that list could have disappeared, without knowing more about your situation (operating system, did you change computers, ...?), we can't really tell you what happened (crystal balls being notoriously unreliable).
  9. EFE's giveaway

  10. Summoning/map change

    Already discussed in-game, and that's what he did (it worked)
  11. Tokens

    And what you request is exactly what happens already: if I click on a spider token in inventory (with "eye" icon), I get: "Eye" icon on spider token in storage gives only the name, like for any other item in storage.
  12. Don't forget to ask for validation in the validation thread
  13. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    Sorry, my mistake, I was looking at an SDL version of the code, not the SDL2 version.
  14. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    I was looking at the Uint16 get_key_code(const char *key) funtion in "keys.h" in the client. As I understand that routine, it gets a char string representing keyboard input, and translates it to an internal key code, using the SDL codes for KP_1 etc. (not the SDL2 symbols).
  15. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    Well, comparing the header files, there is a difference between handling of keypad codes: SDL uses fixed values for the codes between 256 and 272 (from SDL_keysym.h) , SDL2 derives them from scan codes by an OR with 2^29 (i.e. bit 30 is always set, from SDL_keycode.h). The client code still translates the input to the fixed SDL codes, instead of using the SDL2 symbols (SDL_KP_1 etc. ). Might that be the cause of the problem?