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  1. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    Yes, and Kaddy never denied that... What Kaddy was referring to was the height above the character of the health/mana bar and points. Changing that height means the values aren't displayed where you expect them, so you can react too late And that means "-1 rosto" (reading what's written helps, sometimes)
  2. A rather strange ip ban

    You probably ran into an IP ban put in place against someone else. You have a dynamic IP (one that changes regularly, e.g. when you restart your router), which is why you could make a new char and play on it for a while. Only Aislinn and radu can do anything about such IP bans, so unfortunately you'll have to wait until one of them comes online.
  3. URL unreachable?

    Vino said something about a MySQL problem when I discussed an apparent bug in Mercator with him. Might be that the problem is there, as the web server also uses a (MySQL) database.
  4. URL unreachable?

    The bots are not affected so far, but Greypal's service can't contact that server either. Not sure that part is also using Apache, though.
  5. Recipes, quest logs and some others (but not item lists) are already stored on a per-character basis, so that's fine. So you'd have to group your characters to share item lists and ini settings for now. In which case you are getting the unlimited chars in practice. (unless you really need more than 8 or so set-ups...), as the two approaches can be combined (server setups with char list per setup). Just make sure you don't get lost My question was mainly for players like me that have a server-setup based installation with only a few characters. I don't think the current change helps those players very much, if at all (as they already can have set up shortcuts to start the different characters). So for them no need to hurry getting the latest client installed/compiled.
  6. Well, I'd rather keep the different server setups, if only to keep chat logs separate. Also, I want different screen sizes for for some characters, which implies separate el.ini files. So, my original question still stands unanswered
  7. So, as I use different server setups for my different characters, this new client wouldn't be very useful for me?
  8. Eternal Lands News

    Eaten, of course, they are best fresh.
  9. Disconnected from server!

    It might be that your workplace is blocking a lot of (outgoing) traffic, for several reasons. And the port used by EL is often blocked. As for the GL_ARB*** and GL_EXT*** stuff, that's information about what your graphics card supports and what EL can used. As Wizzy said, it has nothing to do with you connecting to the server. Most phones nowadays have the possibility to function as a modem for your PC, either by setting them up as a WIFI hotspot (phone connects to the internet, PC connects to the phone through WIFI, requires you to register the phone as a WIFI hotspot on your PC) or through an USB cable (may also require some setup on the PC). Sorry, precise instructions would depend on your phone and PC OS, and I have no idea how to do that on windows. And I wouldn't recommend that kind of thing on a PC at work anyway: IT services don't like the users messing with the systems, Even if you have enough access to do it, violating the IT charter of your employer can get you fired (even over here).
  10. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    Perhaps it would help if you stopped discussing game policies in public (cf. forum rule 29, with a side helping of rule 5)
  11. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    Just be aware that not all keyboards have the "1" character directly available (e.g. AZERTY layouts) and keyped "1" might not have the same effect as main keyboard "1". So test instead of just copying and realising your system doesn't work quite that way in an invasion... (tends to hurt )
  12. Control Rosto Prices

    As as long as rostos or other common shop items (cooldown reducers, haidir passes, ...) can be traded between players, radu would have just as much control over the $/gc ratio as he has now, i.e. none. It would just be less convenient for both sellers and buyers.
  13. Control Rosto Prices

    Lowering the price has been proposed several times and was rejected. Once again, my idea was NOT to differentiate by player level, but by gear value. (like an insurance: the more value you want insured, the more you pay for the insurance). And the cost of weapons and armours is (at least loosely) related to the required human nexus, which makes that an easy criterium. In addition, I see absolutely no need for the lower bracket alts using pr0 gear to have access to cheap rostos; if they can afford the gear, they should be able to afford the $4 rostos. As a side effect, we might perhaps see less over-equipped characters in low level invasions, meaning those can be easier, making them more accessible to new players.
  14. Control Rosto Prices

    Of course you'd love that, as most of those 3M+ you're carrying will be in the equiped items. Which means that you'd get an even lower 'insurance rate'... My idea was to have a cheaper rosto to protect cheaper equipment, to get a balance between the value protected and the price of the stone. For it to really work that way, perhaps the nexus requirements for some weapons should be revised as well. @Diealot: Chances to get either type of rosto on NPC or in exchange for tokens seem very small to me, as the server needs to be paid. If ever they get on NPCs, I'd expect there to be a limit on the number you can buy , and a serious cooldown between buys, week(s), rather than day(s).
  15. Control Rosto Prices

    I completely agree. I also fail to come with a workable way of controlling gc<->$ trades in any way (be it limiting the rate or the volume). Workable here meaning "enforcable, without excessive effort required from admins, and without too much inconveniance for players not involved in this trade". Most options would require time-consuming intervention from the few who have access to the server logs (so not the moderators). Or radu could remove the largest gc sources from game (modifying instance and invasion drops). That at least is doable... (that doesn't mean removing drop value, just reducing the direct gc dropped by monsters).