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  1. Maximum food lvl

    Kaddy, that just sets the maximum on the food bar, it doesn't limit how much you can eat (and eating at (max-1) is a good way to waste PoFs). I guess what he wants is a way to make it impossible to eat once you reach a set food level. And indeed, I can see some uses for that...
  2. TeH_Master account in twitter

    No idea what you mean by "triggering" the account, but afaik, the in-game bot "teh_master" has been off-line a lot lately. So it wouldn't have received the global messages, and can't put them on twitter...
  3. Guild map building

    Oh, you missed the "Map Making" section just below this one? Do keep in mind that getting a guild map costs $200 at least, and a guard bot adds another $100. Also, a guild map can only come in game at a client update
  4. EL on the raspberry pi

    A quick look on Google shows as possible cause a mis-identification of the architecture. Perhaps those two links might help, though you'll have to adapt the correction to your raspberry version: https://github.com/Motion-Project/motion/issues/104 https://github.com/dpayne/cli-visualizer/issues/27
  5. Guild Stone

    Well, IMO it shouldn't work for the rewards for daily quests or for the bonus exp. in invances, and perhaps not for any quests. And don't forget that the 5% extra won't work for the low level mixes and fighting: you need at least 20 exp per "act" to see the 5% extra. @the_grud: I would like to see you explain how it encourages team gameplay, and not just guild coordination, i.e. make the guildies talk to one another. If they don't do that already, why are they in a guild? And yes, something can give $$ to radu and still be bad
  6. Renewing EL website

    Top menu bar (just under the title) has an option 'Activity', which shows the recent threads in order of update.
  7. New achivements

    I managed to get blanks for the achievement medals (the bronze/gold/silver ones without the wreath). Combining those with existing icons seems to work reasonably well (after scaling, of course), although clearly not all icons will be suitable.
  8. Bottom two rows of Inventory

    You already have two rows that you can keep with "store all" (1st and last). Adding a third is a bit exaggerated, imo (or go for all 6 individually selectable, but I can see the next step already...)
  9. too many books

    If it's 10 of one type, that's a good way to get rid of the excess in storage (but how many are there, and how many of those are in stores of unplayed characters). But how many of those books come in game compared to perk removals (per week/month)?
  10. New achivements

    That shouldn't be a problem, as that information is stored on the server (completed quests...) Anything that has to count e.g. spells is a different matter, as that info is not necessarily stored now. So that will have to start counting with the next update. As unfair as not counting tutorials finished before the update, but afaik unsolvable (no, client-side counters aren't acceptable )
  11. New achivements

    The unused icons seem to be in the area used for skills (completed tutorials and such), so let's go for the evident uses: N° 7 6 ("Remote heal" symbol): either Healer: "cast X 'remote heal' and 'heal allies' spells" or Mage: "reached magic level X" (as there's no magic tutorial, that's the best I could come up with. I'd prefer the 'Healer' reward, as it's one for service to others). N° 8 7 ("Bear paw"): Master Summoner: finished Summoning tutorial. N° 10 9 ("Caltrop"): Engineer: finished Engineering tutorial N° 11 10 ("Loom"): Seamstress: finished Tailoring tutorial N° 12 11 ("Pickaxe"): Gatherer: finished Harvesting tutorial I'm sure there will be more 'original' ideas, but this fits in with the rest, and fills the holes in the rewards. Also, those icons are "reward" icons with a (laurel) wreath on them, which sets them apart from the others I noticed there is still room for 8 more icons in that image file...
  12. New Client Udate and Hyperbags

    Just assume any hyperbag will disappear on update: not only a change in map ID would make them inaccessible, a change within the map itself can also do that. Map ID changes are probably the least common cause of hyperbags disappearing, as a map id change would probably get some 'funny' results with global invasions and links between maps (teleport rooms, but also using doors, etc.)
  13. Encyclopedia (like the CEL website) uses the "eye" icon info. And that's manintained by radu. Is the "eye" info correct (in game)?
  14. Renewing EL website

    Now that's the kind of information that's really useful. Thing is, as there are 4 different downloads, 1 download button wouldn't work. But a button per OS should work. @Zamirah: You can read the menu bar at the top of the page on the EL website? (the one with "Home Features Forum Shop Download"). I realise that the download page itself will probably give you problems as well (same blue colour on tan background...).
  15. New client binaries for testing

    @bluap: yeah, I didn't pay attention to the exact name of the binary he used :/ (see his edit)