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  1. System info? Or we have really very little to work on.
  2. Camera Issues

    Check the value for "Follow camera snappiness", if it's at 0.0, camera will not follow the character
  3. Game data can't be downloaded

    Did you try the official binary download for linux? (See instructions on the Eternal Lands downloads page) As far as I know, this is a static build, and includes all the current datafiles. From the various threads about compiling the client, it looks like this is the recommended first step, even if you ant to (or have to) build the final client from sources. Once you have the new client compiled, you can replace the provided binary with your own
  4. New Forum colors

    Go ahead and make something. But do remember that you need to discuss it with the forum admininistrators (note that moderators are not administrators, they cannot change the forum colours or layout). Be warned that it is not as simple as changing one colour in a few places, though, there are lots of subtle (and not so subtle) pitfalls when trying to come up with a good, consistent color scheme. As for allowing individual members to change the colours: not so that they would affect the colours others see... If you want that
  5. Korrode's Combat Guides

    But you can only wear one cape in combat, and some represent perks you may or may not want to use all the time. So it's a matter of personal preference and taste.
  6. New Forum colors

    Apparently incompatible with the new version of the forum software. I'm not a big fan of the current colo scheme, and started to try and create a override for Firefox (you can have a stylesheet on your local computer that overrides styles defined by a site). Unfortunately, getting that to work as expected is rather complicated and long, as you have to figure out exactly what to override for every item on a page (and there are a nice number of different pages)...
  7. Rationality Bug?

    Increasing a/d lowers fighting experience per round until you hit the minimum of 5 (?). So your three extra levels could lower the exp/round by up to 3 pnt/round ("up to", as it's 1 pt per att or def level if you are close to the monster's a/d, not sure what happens for large differences in levels). And as you don't mention char name or levels, being more precise is rather hard. I know I get 11 xp/round on beavers (and many others) with rat. 17 (yes, bad number, I know )
  8. New Forum colors

    You can make a local stylesheet that overrides the settings for a given site/page. But to get a consistent look, that's a lot of work. Creating a theme for the forums requires admin access or help from admins, and a decent knowledge of CSS and perhaps HTML and Javascript.
  9. Rationality Bug?

    No increase in a/d levels either? For fighting, the extra experience is rat/3, rounded to the nearest integer. So that one extra rat point would have NO effect on your experience.
  10. Maximum food lvl

    Very true, Vino. But there's no reason to make it easier on the ones that are not capable of programming (or rather, not able to modify the client code).
  11. Closed

  12. Maximum food lvl

    Kaddy, that just sets the maximum on the food bar, it doesn't limit how much you can eat (and eating at (max-1) is a good way to waste PoFs). I guess what he wants is a way to make it impossible to eat once you reach a set food level. And indeed, I can see some uses for that...
  13. TeH_Master account in twitter

    No idea what you mean by "triggering" the account, but afaik, the in-game bot "teh_master" has been off-line a lot lately. So it wouldn't have received the global messages, and can't put them on twitter...
  14. Guild map building

    Oh, you missed the "Map Making" section just below this one? Do keep in mind that getting a guild map costs $200 at least, and a guard bot adds another $100. Also, a guild map can only come in game at a client update
  15. EL on the raspberry pi

    A quick look on Google shows as possible cause a mis-identification of the architecture. Perhaps those two links might help, though you'll have to adapt the correction to your raspberry version: https://github.com/Motion-Project/motion/issues/104 https://github.com/dpayne/cli-visualizer/issues/27