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  1. Well, the game server uses 8-bit characters, not unicode (code from 2003...). Colors to use in text messages are indicated by a single byte in the range 128..155 (0x80..0x9B, see client_serv.h for the corresponding constants: c_***). Colors.c defines rgb triplets corresponding to those codes. Strangely, there are 4 triplets defined for every constant, but only the first is ever used, as far as I can tell. All this means that a simple text filter allows you to change one predefined color for another (only). This is possible, if you manage to figure out which printable character corresponds to which color code. The filters will have to be set up from outside the game client, using a text editor, and you have to make sure you do save the file in an 8-bits encoding like ISO-8859-1, not utf-8/unicode (single bytes starting with 10xxxxxx can't represent a valid character in utf-8, so loading a file with ascii or ISO encoding and then saving it as utf-8 is going to do funny things in the client...) As the range of colors used by the server messages is rather large, changing the background color of the chat window could mean that other messages become harder to read (cf. map change messages: white, and leonard's messages in @6: middle gray. What might be a possibility is to create a remapping of color codes (json file?): from e.g. c_blue4 to one of the other predefined colors, perhaps even allowing access to the three currently unused rgb triplets. And that remapping would be applied in LOG_TO_CONSOLE (only?)
  2. Combining Folders function

    Might not be all that difficult (under linux) on a sorted list, if you use e.g. awk. More challenging would be small mispelings... But perhaps it's better not to do that at all, and have the user do it through #unmark.
  3. Combining Folders function

    I think it's a useful idea, just not a good thing to have in the client for the reasons stated. As it's mostly a matter of moving files around (with some manipulation), I thought a script would be the more logical way to go. My idea for a script would be something like: - read the server.lst file - for each server (!= main), make a backup of the folder, copy the files with a "_<char>" suffix to main folder. - for map markers: for each file in <server>.maps/*.elm.txt: concatenate with same file in <main>/maps, (unless it is possible now to have map markers per character, even if they use the same pseudo-server) - chatlog?? At the end, for each file in <main>/maps/*.elm.txt: #sort $file | uniq. (OK, this is bash based, python, perl, or something like that might be more suitable) That still leaves the chat and server logs to deal with, and ignores the el.ini files completely (I don't even want to touch the cfg files).
  4. Combining Folders function

    Several obstacles:chat (and possibly server) logs, map markers, el.ini and el.cfg. Tbh, I don't see any easy way to combine chat and server logs(of course, you can merge the files using the time stamps). In any case, chat from the different characters will be mixed up if they use the same folder. Same for map marrkers: the files are not marked with a character name. Merging those should be fairly easy, though, if you are running linux (cat, sort and uniq should do the trick). Currently, using different folders allows you to have different settings for different characters. I don't see how that will be possible with all characters using the same folder, nor how to combine the .ini files (I don't even want to think about combining the .cfg files). Spells, recipes and such do have the character name appended, so shouldn't cause problems. As for doing that from within the client, I think that's a very bad idea for several reasons: - it's something that will be used at most once for most players, but will stay in the client for potentially years; - some of the data files are written on client exit, which means that you'd have to be very careful from which character you do the merge; - what happens when you try to do the merge with several clients open? And you can always tell the users that they shouldn't use that function with more than one client open, someone will ignore that... Given all that, it sounds to me like something that should be done through an external script, which should be able to deal with most of the items above: it can read the servers.lst file to figure out which folders to merge. It could potentially even check if there's a client running, in which case it should abort. And it should be able to merge chat and server logs if that's wanted. Perhaps even create backups for the individual folders...
  5. Ip ban ^^

    No, your IP did not get banned because you reset your router. Your ISP assigned you a different IP address, which happens to be in a range that was previously banned. Another possibility could be that you got your IP address banned after too many failed logins. That's something Aislinn will have to look into
  6. Ip ban ^^

    Yeah, that's the risk once you get a few of your usual ranges banned. Personally, I don't see any reason to unban any of the possible ranges from your area, as they were banned for a reason (and before you start about this forum being restricted to involved persons only, I've had to deal with my share of the trouble).
  7. Just as a point of info, I've had occasions on my previous computer where the mana drain effect caused delays (haven't seen this with shield, though). So too many effects, or those that are too fancy, can cause trouble for weaker configurations. Yes, I know you can switch off the spell effects, but it would be a shame to spend time on creating an effect that half the users can't enjoy
  8. Crashing once per day

    @Diealot: don't confuse disconnecting with client crashing or hanging. Disconnects are network related, the client keeps on running normally. After a crash, the program usually terminates, when the client hangs, the process keeps running, but doesn't react to user input (of any kind). It looks like Osirus has the latter (hanging client), given his "(Osirus on main) Eternal Lands (Not Responding)".
  9. That message indicates you reached an NPC dialog in a way that should not have been possible. I agree that it could have been formulated in a nicer way, but you'll have to discuss that with the game owner, radu
  10. Forum validation requests

    As the character "Evelace" is locked, its not a simple matter of recovering the password. I don't know why you were locked, so that also will have to wait for Aislinn's return (which could take 3-4 days).
  11. Forum validation requests

    I can indeed see an account for Evelace (created 21h ago...). But as you already have an account, you probably won't get a second one. There should be an option to reset the pass on an existing account, but that requires that you still use the email you used when the account was created. If that doesn't work, I think the only option is contacting Aislinn to discuss recovering the old account. Aislinn is away for a few days right now, but she's the only one handling forum accounts.

    A few things that might have changed since you last managed to log in: - you moved to a different location? - you changed ISP? As an aside, if you are the real CHOPPER, why are you not using your forum account to post?
  13. That is because there is no easy way to sort items in groups within a storage category. All you have to go on is the name (string sort). Alternative would be to sort all items as you want them in an external list. But even with a simple sort on name, you'll at least have items always in about the same position.
  14. Assuming Bluap's builds are from master, I'd expect them to be there, yes: code commits to master That link should tell you always what the (latest) commits (code changes) are about
  15. Sorry, that was my mistake: it wasn't the timer, but the combination of digital and analog clock (or digitial clock and compass, for that matter): at certain sizes the digital clock overlaps the block below it. I noticed that the characters don't change size with the scaling factor, but seem to be scaled always to fill up the width of the available space. The line height (vertical space allocated) does change with the scaling, so small font size means (too) little vertical space. (I know, scale at 0.80 is excessive, helps to show the problem ) Effect is also visible with the other fonts I tested, just more or less severe. And while I am nitpicking, digital clock font size changes with display changes (up to every second), corresponding to the width of the displayed digits, the font getting higher with the appearance of a "1" (one). One other thing I noticed: console mode: when there's no text in the edit bar, its height is minimal (visible in screen shot). As soon as I start typing, the text shows up at the proper size, though, and the text on the srceen is shifted upwards (and back down if I erase the typed text). So that's really only cosmetic.