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  1. Who is more trustworthy?

    You forgot an option: "(n)either"...
  2. nvm

    Fyi, all three of you (you, djx, elmon) were booted for the exact same thing. It was explained to you in PM why you got the mute as well, you wouldn't stop yammering... Logging in another character to continue falls under rule 4, and you got a rule screen for that (NOT a boot) Though the logging off of that character a few seconds after the #or got it a lock (for now, I'd say 3 days, any more complaining will make me forget about the character). for the record: [10:12:50] [Vio @ 3]: stay on topic ty [10:12:59] [DJX @ 3]: stfu [10:13:09] [Vio @ 3]: make me? [10:13:20] [DJX @ 3]: stay on topic [10:13:35] [Vio @ 3]: stfu [10:13:42] [DJX @ 3]: make me [10:14:24] [elmon @ 3]: stfu vio [10:14:27] [JofuranShigokai @ 3]: you'd both be muted if i was a mod Selling daritha/minel/luxin daily items, and ti axe, iron plate, dragonblade Buying titan bars & s2e's & gr [10:14:56] #Abuse report from Vio: elmon EDIT: OK, so Violater decided to remove his text. No matter, the three days stand, as far as I'm concerned, as that issue was not related to his post above
  3. Havena unban

    First off, STOP double posting (instead, think and read before hitting that <enter> key). Second: by sharing between the different characters as much as you did, you make it impossible to know who is who. And if Havena was indeed you (something I'm not convinced of), you already started again very soon after Havena was locked, and on multiple characters. So your claim that you need Havena to start again is false. And apparently, you want an answer now; fine, it's NO.
  4. Havena unban

    Oh, we start yelling? Forget it.
  5. Havena unban

    I'll have to check exactly who you are and what happened around your lock. But first off, what's with the new account? The forum account "Havena" isn't you?
  6. For the issue with the ninja tunic, you'd have to make a small change in "item_extra_info.txt". See http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61692-bug-with-used-blue-dragon-shield-solved-and-other-items/
  7. Counters (Kills) not correct

    A client crash could explain it, but that's easy enough to notice...
  8. That mention of the mod cloak gave me an idea: Just empty your storage, then load the items from the item list you're interested in and update that list (right click). Easy and not too much chance of messing things up. And no need to delete and recreate that item list.
  9. Perhaps wait a little bit with that until the promised server restart has been done (any day now?) Afaik, there's still some discrepancy between server and client for items that got a new image, some of the problems seen are due to that.
  10. Angler found he couldn't use item swap with a "used blue dragon shield" adding a line to "item_extra_info.txt" solved the issue: 1147 | 751 | LEFT_HAND | Used Blue Dragon Shield (so; - close client - edit the file - restart client for completeness ) A few others (untested!): White wizard hat of life and mana, should probably be: 1189 | 780 | HEAD | White Wizard Hat of Life and Mana Tunic of the Ninja: 1005 | 777 | BODY | Tunic of the Ninja
  11. Problem with Intel's GPU

    But even a fresh laptop can be stuck with the drivers provided at the release of the OS, which may already be outdated at that time (a system has to be verified before release, so all components are frozen some time before the official release date) So if you didn't upgrade them yourself, you are likely to have older versions of the drivers. You might try to find newer drivers on the Intel and NVidia sites.
  12. On which server where you testing this and with which maps? If you use the 1.9.6 maps on main server, or the 1.9.5 maps on the test server, you can expect things like the "holes in the ground", as explained here Such "glitches" are not bugs in the maps, and unavoidable.
  13. Recover EL character

    That's probably because you never asked for validation in the validation thread here There's an email address on the shop page you might try. Make sure you have some info about the character, not publicly known, to show it is yours. Oh, and do not give any information that show you are the owner in a public message just to be on the safe side (e.g. the Draegoni info isn't something a random player would know)
  14. Quickbar (Last row)

    Well, you also have the option "Keep first row". Those are the items that currently show up in the quickbar, with items of the second row in inventory, if you use more than 6 quick slots. Of course, it is possible to show the last six inventory slots in the quick bar. But that would need a decision on how to fill the extra quick slots that are available. Keep in mind that the number of slots in the quick bar can be anything between 1 and 12 (inclusive).
  15. kad+jeremy+orange - greetz bizier

    So basically you want us to figure out/check which items on OrangeMystery came from you, and then restore them to you? Keeping in mind that you admit OrangeMystery isn't yours? . . . Not going to happen. As for the other characters you mentioned, those were used by Applejoy the last year... Sorry if I sound nasty, but we will not spend time to figure out who is the "official owner" of a character (if that were even possible). If you share a char and it's then locked for illegal activities, too bad... Just be glad Bizier isn't locked, it was seriously considered given the activity on the character...