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  1. So i lost my old account

    What kind of account are you referring to? In-game characters (character accounts) have no attached emails Forum accounts have an attached email (needed for password recovery), but there is no forum account "Plykin".
  2. Bigger Buddy List

    Hmm, that might allow implementation of monster gangs, moving around as a loose unit. Perhaps not too suitable for dragons, but could be fun with wolves and such (or hawks )
  3. As I understood it, such warnings are a courtesy of the invasion master, not an obligation...
  4. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    Have you tried using #K_SPELL1 = KEYPAD_1 Note the all uppercase and the " = " character. If you make a mistake with either of those, the definition won't be recognised as valid, so #K_spell1 might already not be recognised. And you will need the "=" between #K_SPELL1 and whatever key you want to use. Computers aren't smart, just fast and very literal-minded
  5. The Complete List of Undroppable Items

    Of course not, there must be some way to get them out of the game
  6. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Mercury, hydro, etc. is not the point. The point is about what kind of PK you want.
  7. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    I basically see two kinds of PK-ers: - those that want to test their skills against a human opponent, not just the programmed monsters; - those that just want to have a large number of kills for whatever reason. Adding resources to a PK map only benefits the second group, the first group doesn't need any lures. And the players that feel they need to go into a PK map due to that added resource will indeed go in naked or with the absolute minimum gear needed. For the first group, maps with different kinds of limitations are probably much more interesting.
  8. All I can reply to that outburst is: "Good luck in you next endeavours, you'll need it" And if you are indeed a teacher (as you wer talking about "my students"), well...
  9. You have been told several times already that you need to talk to the game owner, radu (entropy here on forums), for any access to the server (except for playing the game with the official client, of course). And don't expect him to contact you. Given the number of people who currently have any other kind of access (all of them involved with the game since a long time, over 15 years), I think your chance is very small. So if you need a game where you are free to hack (in the positive sense of the term), I don't think EL is for you (or your class).
  10. First off, forget about fixing bugs like the one you described, they are not client side... Second, I have no problems compiling the Git client, certainly no need to modify any cmake files. You do need some extra header files for the nlohman_json, for me that's a package in the standard distribution repository (nlohmann_json-devel for openSUSE)
  11. KF proposed changes

    That already exists, it's called "the PK server" (ok, not sure if it's the same otherwise)
  12. C++ version?

    Forget about those Wiki pages: it's not an official EL site, and the only person that has the required access rights seems unable or unwilling to correct the problem
  13. C++ version?

    If they follow the instructions, usually rather quickly. If they don't, it can take a very long time... Speaking as a moderator, I have to point out that you need permission from the game owner (radu) before you can use a modified client to connect to the game. This is in addition to the game rules (specifically rule 23) and bot rules which limit what any bot can do. Also note that a bot has to be approved as well as paid for (20 $/year basic fee).
  14. C++ version?

    Just for completeness, this only concerns the EL client. The server is completely separate, and any access to that code would have to come from the game owner (don't bother :P).
  15. Password Recover

    radu can, it will cost you 5$, and you have to convince him it is your character