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  1. Taking into account fighter builds means using another formula to determine what quest a given player gets. This has been suggested for invasion caps, and radu didn't seem particularly enthousiastic. Also, we have Daritha's dailies, giving a/d exp for basically manu work...
  2. 2 Holes in DP Client 1.9.5

    Tab maps, Burn's or others, have nothing to do with "falling in holes". Those "holes" appear when there's a difference between server .elm maps and client .elm maps; an error in a map file might also be the cause. For what it's worth, I checked both coordinate sets, and didn't find anything wrong. While you are in DP, try the "#ckdata" command; fo me it gives #ckdata d3f8f391cc82d0dfeab745a482040b7b ./maps/map3.elm
  3. Sir_odie

    Sir_Odie should know, and You already know how to contact him
  4. what Riptide tried to say in an earlier post about high monsters needing a different quest: If i understood the issue correctly, there's a technical barrier for adding monsters over ~135 to Haidir's daily. Solvable, but a lot of recoding. So it is NOT a matter of preventing lower level players getting one of the strong monsters, there's just no easy way to add them (and I have no idea how complicated the change would be). As for moaning about needing too many dailies or them being unfair: nothing stops anyone to go back to the old system, you know, training...
  5. KF 130 cap.

    Wouldn't having only the forts capped remove the reason to cap KF in the first place? Fighters would then have to cross an uncapped zone, so can be attacked by the 170+ maxed characters
  6. cal3d CalCore* errors when compiling

    You might have a problem with the C++ language version used: G++ 8.1 uses the 2014 standard of C++, and one of the things that changed there is pointer comparisons and conversions. In this case, the funtions return "0" on error, and should return "nullptr" (or throw an exception). Try using "-std=c++98", "-std=c++03", or "-std=c++11" when compiling the library (and possibly the client!)
  7. Oh, I fully agree that those unwritten rules are a pain (and not only for players...). Now, as far as I'm concerned, it's not so much a matter of double standards, but it's the kind of thing that's rather hard to check: First you have to notice/find out that a player is making a lot of alts. Then you have to be able to show that those alts are used for unwanted activities. In addition, I always try to give a warning if I think the player doesn't know about such a rule (just like for the written rules, btw), usually in PM. Most of the time, that works with no problems. For some, it doesn't... Added to that: a lot of players don't like to log abuses, and some of those that do insist on being kept informed about any action we take (which is not the way we work, if we contact the player that sends an #abuse, it's either for further info, or just a "ok, we got the abuse").
  8. Well, there was a discussion about restrictions for alts, which petered out once the main item got removed after a fairly standard(*) discussion in @6. The community here has always at least one player (different players for different proposals) loudly and repeatedly objecting to any change until the change is abandoned. So why bother changing anything, when the rest stays silent. And the reasons they stay silent can be simply that they are not in @6 or not on-line (so not aware of the proposal until after the fact, if then). (right now, there are 117 characters online, and 64 in @6). (*) "Fairly standard" as in "rapidly going on side tracks, trolls appearing and language getting stronger"
  9. Neno hunting rules and bans

    I didn't tell you to post in another forum, I said That was in reply to You decided to post here and not in bans forum. Now you get to deal with the consequences.
  10. Neno hunting rules and bans

    As Learner told you in the other thread you started, you'll have to wait for the one who actually locked the characters, i.e. radu. While waiting, you might want to reread this especially the last part of item 30: "Do not create a new thread on a topic if there is currently a thread on that topic already."
  11. Neno hunting rules and bans

    You get an answer faster when posting in the proper forum... Here, everyone can give his opinion, so the original question can get lost. Anyway, I suppose you need to wait for radu to look in the forums
  12. mouse pointer small on the game

    Did you follow the link bluap posted? In the first post of that thread there are links to three clients: for Windows, Linux 32-bit and linux 64-bit. Right now, those links are all accessible...
  13. Neno hunting rules and bans

    That one is as up to date as you can get. I am using the rule set that came with the full 1.9.4 client (with a "last modified" date on my system of 2015-01-15).
  14. Neno hunting rules and bans

    The English ingame ruleset is the default one. The translations are very much out of date, and in most cases plainly wrong (even the numbers don't fit anymore)
  15. Neno hunting rules and bans

    That sounds to me that when you were told to stop, you just started looking for another way around the ruling. (See rule 1 for that...) When I talked to WhitelightLord, he said he would discuss it with you and get us a list of characters. I'm still waiting... And at that time, I was not aware that you had already been warned a second time... Otherwise, based on that and on rule #7, I see easily 9 other chars that could be locked, strictly within the letter of rule 7 (character spamming, specifically the bit about "similar names" which is not restricted to a name followed by a number).