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  1. A suggestion by me & Aisy

    Seems you've gotten your undead (thread) right here
  2. Rent-A-Ant

    Learner will have to confirm this, but afaik, the rented ants are on hold for now, just like the wild ones (no idea when/if they will be back).
  3. Potion School does not work on Potion of Mana

    There are a few more lvl 0 items: - Bones Powder (alch) - Warm Fur Gloves (manu) And yes, if I remember correctly, those don't work in schools.
  4. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    Nah, I'll let you explain your side to radu. All I have to do in this case is nothing, and that's what I'll do.
  5. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    From my chat logs from yesterday (~27 h ago): So you say that only stouxy and his alts deal in "robbed items" (as banning him and his alts is enough to guarantee your bots don't buy "robbed items"). But you still want to maintain that the "(not robbed)" in your ads is not aimed at STX... Again, you have been warned about this. Now the harassment got you locked after a final warning.
  6. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    You got the rules that you broke when you were hammered (1 and 6). Rule one was for lieing about having been warned before, and as you were told in PM just before you posted again, posting almost exclusively after STX was considered harassment. To be clear, the problem is not that "you post ads in @@3", but that you do it systematically and exclusively just after one particular player. And this has been explained to you already in PM before today and by another mod I was willing to go for a 24h lock. As you seem unwilling to learn, I'll now suggest the standard 1 month, starting from the moment you stop complaining
  7. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    Correct, you were locked by me. Just 22 minutes earlier I had asked you if you had been warned about your way of posting (almost exclusively) after STX' posts being considered spammy and harassment. You denied that you had received any such warning, and were told that: 1- your way of posting after STX was considered harassment and 2- if I learned that you had in effect been warned about that before, the next occasion would not just be a mute. Then Wizzy told me he had talked to you about your ways of posting in @3, so you had been warned At the first moment STX posted in @3, you replied in your normal way... That got you a lock under rule 1 (don't be a troublemaker) for intentionally ignoring a warning, and rule 6 (harassment, as in "(...)clear and implied language or actions that are systematically and/or continually unwanted and annoying.")
  8. Cannot open application..

    That message shows "No such file or directory". What exactly did you move after unzipping?
  9. You can have three working chat channels open (the ones you decide to join through #jc). You can #jc for a 4th (I think that's what you have done), but that doesn't work as expected at the moment. As chat channels require server support, it's not useful to have the player decide how many chat boxes there should be. The client creates them as and when needed. Quick slots do not require server support, so there the number can be chosen freely in the client.
  10. Forgot password

    In addition to Froststar's comment: a char "Zelena" does stil exist. You'll still have to show that it is your character though. But perhaps think about whether it is worth the hassle to recover it, as the initial leveling is now much faster than 10 years ago. (the char has privacy enabled, so no idea about its levels)
  11. Keep in mind that, while you can use two separate "servers" for one character, that also splits up the logs (quest logs, but also recipes, item list and counters) over the two directories. In your exemple, "big fight fighter"' logs would end up separated from "normal" logs.
  12. Buying/selling

    If you REALLY want us to use that link, you'll have to provide your username etc. Otherwise, you might want to correct the link
  13. Indicator for Glow

    While it may not take that long to code, it could require a client update, at least for the code. But I can see another reason why some (pk'ers) might not like this. At the moment, there is no indication that a character has "I glow in the dark", and even less that it's activated. Do you really want your opponent to know what extra's you have available? (Not into PK and not having the perk, btw).
  14. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    " posted in the forum, under the Rules category." ==> "press F5 key" Well, no: the in-game rules are there as a help, it's the forum version that's official. Reason: in game you get the translation in your language (if set), and those versions have been out-of-date for ages. I think there are no more rules translations in the current version, but that doesn't change the main point: it's the forum version that is binding. And that version can be updated during the life time of a client version, e.g. invasion and invance rules have been on forums long before they were included in the in-game set. In addition, the forums also have the rules governing bots; those have never been in the in-game version.
  15. EXP Bonus after the kill

    As it is now, you choose: more experience or more loot, you cannot get both. And depending on build attributes and equipment, you can skew the experience you get to favour either defence or attack (e.g. tank builds). And I think that is better, as it gives more ways to play the game, so more paths for different players. Changing it so that you can get both max. exp. and max loot would (IMO) require a reduction in drop rates, especially for the rare drops, and could make choosing between attack or def experience harder (depending on how the change would be implemented).