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  1. unable to run client

    That's not the normal login screen, I suggest you try installing the full client again from here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/download.php Also, what changed between 3h ago (when the character 0ZaCh0 was online) and the time you posted here?
  2. up and down

    Usual cause is old map files (left from a previous client version); are you sure you have the .elm.gz files for 1.9.5? If not, it's likely you also miss other updated datafiles (textures, item images and such). Just downloading the latest client from e.g. http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Services.html is not enough, you'll need to do a full re-install (after backing up your user data, preferably).
  3. Forgot password

    5$ to radu and convince him it's your character; he's the only one dealing with lost passwords, as you know. (but see also http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/60708-whiterhino-stolen-by-the-drtys) I'm not sure he's reading all the forums that attentively.
  4. Return to Token Item

    The good shortcut to gypsum was removed... I think you just made sure that the idea will not be implemented
  5. Day of the Black Unicorn

    I know I shouldn't have replied... *facepalm*
  6. Day of the Black Unicorn

    Given that the obsidian weapons were shot down (by radu) as "too much work to create a weapon just for one creature" (paraphrasing), I don't think this will stand much chance: - creation of a new creature to - create a new weapon that just works on one creature, to - create yet another new weapon... And you want all that restricted to one special day... Also, the white unicorn is supposed to be unkillable by mere mortals.
  7. Whenever those that provided compiled versions have the time to provide a new one. E.g. here: http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Services.html (latest for windows/MacOS 32-bits is from 06.05.2019; but see also http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61259-macos-64-bit-client-help-needed ). Those that can compile the client for themselves just have to update their GIT download and recompile (and they probably already know that )
  8. Hunter

    Contact radu (he's the only one that can do password recovery), convince him it's your character and pay 5$ to get the pass recovered.
  9. Instance mode adjustment

    Your personal stats show the same information whether or not you're in instance mode, but you can change the height of the display. Currently, you can't change what is displayed just by activating instance mode. But perhaps you could do something with user menus or aliases? For completeness, in "Settings->HUD" you can change display of - names - health bar - health numbers - background for creatures and other players, independantly, in addition, you can show the HP on damage for other players. Ether/mana bars have never been visible for other players/creatures before, and that information is not currently available to the client, afaik (nothing in the server protocol provides for it). If there's anything I missed, please specify
  10. Bot and Marketsearch Website

    Greypal's site is back up again since a few days. Of course, Greypal mght be glad to get a reason to retire his site... Player pages: how can you make sure the info there is reasonably up to date?
  11. If the code change is committed (as per bluap's last message), it should be available when you compile the latest version from GIT. Otherwise (e.g. if you can't compile the git version), you'll have to check if any of the site that provide intermediate versions of the client has a new version since May 6.
  12. Forgot Password

    Sorry to hear that. You have two options: - make a new character; (and/)or - contact radu, convince him it is your character and pay 5$. Radu is the only one who can recover your password for you. Avoid guessing your password too often, that can ban your IP.
  13. Encyclopedia Errata

    Naralik is marked as having no storage, Viorel handles a storage there since 2009.
  14. IP Banned

    Well, not knowing character names involved, means it's a lot harder for us to figure out what's wrong. So why should we bother, in that case? Also, if your wife managed to log in at the end, then she didn't trigger the IP ban, did she?
  15. Global quest

    I feel those perks are rather overpowered for what you have to do to get them, esp. the "no harv med breaks" and extra exp/NMT. Also, how do you determine x% of effort? purely on the number of items? cost? effort required (and how do you measure that ? Note that a lot of items transit through the bot, and are then hauled by a few to the NPC. Should they get the perks, or the ones that filled up the bot? If you really want such a perk system, the bot must disappear, IMO, if only to avoid giving an advantage to the bot managers. On a more basic note: why insist the daily gets done: if you can't get enough players interested, let it linger. Better than the moaning when we get a reward that interests no one... (and "no" to NMT as a perk for the daily: it is only useful for fighters, and that's only one of the dailies: NMT is not relevant for Daritha)