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  1. Sorry, that was my mistake: it wasn't the timer, but the combination of digital and analog clock (or digitial clock and compass, for that matter): at certain sizes the digital clock overlaps the block below it. I noticed that the characters don't change size with the scaling factor, but seem to be scaled always to fill up the width of the available space. The line height (vertical space allocated) does change with the scaling, so small font size means (too) little vertical space. (I know, scale at 0.80 is excessive, helps to show the problem ) Effect is also visible with the other fonts I tested, just more or less severe. And while I am nitpicking, digital clock font size changes with display changes (up to every second), corresponding to the width of the displayed digits, the font getting higher with the appearance of a "1" (one). One other thing I noticed: console mode: when there's no text in the edit bar, its height is minimal (visible in screen shot). As soon as I start typing, the text shows up at the proper size, though, and the text on the srceen is shifted upwards (and back down if I erase the typed text). So that's really only cosmetic.
  2. @Kaddy: in-game, the old fonts are still available, and will be used until you pick another font. And the changes after the login screen aren't (as) visible. @Bluap: the only nit I have is that depending on font and selected size (without going to extremes) the baselines aren't always as you would like them (e.g. numbers in the bottom bar, but also the timer can drop too low and overlap with the item below it). Also, most of my standard fonts are in OTF format, but I think that's a limitation of SDL2?
  3. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    That changed the story Looks very nice now. As a note for others: I also had to change anti-aliasing settings for the video driver (set to rather low values, as I didn't need/want them for other programs). Just changing the in-game settings and restarting the client wasn't enough in my case. And with some fonts, I couldn't get a decent looking result whatever I tried (baseline too low, or characters designed too tiny).
  4. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    To be honest, my first impression (on a traditional screen) wasn't all that positive. Most ttf fonts looked worse than the older bitmap fonts, but like I said, that's on a traditional (low-res) screen.
  5. Konv

    Don't double post, you got the answer to your question. For the rest, do a forum search on "whiterhino OR konvict1".
  6. Afk mastery quest

    So break ~1M worth in gear to recover action points a bit faster. Not sure that is a good investment for those that really use action points...
  7. Well, in that case, make it a minimum of three hours, and allow cooldown reducers on the 110+ instance as well... Why I proposed a short minimum cooldown: The cooldown and minimum team requirements weren't there to guarantee success, but to limit the number of instances that were done per day/week. Instances, like invances and invasions, were never supposed to be the main reason to play. That apparently has changed, and if that's what's wanted, so be it.
  8. If you want to play it that way, too bad, have fun. I'm out.
  9. Could you explain who would be hurt by having a small minimum cooldown? That minimum cooldown doesn't have to be very long, but it would prevent back-to-back instancing. If that doesn't happen now, I don't see why my suggestion would change anything in practice. Btw, I'm not so sure that either suggestion needs a client update: there would be no map changes, only an extra server-side copy of each instance map. Atm, there 's nothing client-side indicating there are 2 slots for each instance. Of course, both would need a server-side update...
  10. Like bralex said, adding one or two slots won't change much, Instead, why not limit the use of reducers, so there's always a minimum waiting time between instances (say 8-16h). This could be implemented in several ways: - add a 2nd cooldown, so you have to wait at least x hours before using reducers; - or reducers won't work if the remaining cooldown is less that y hours. In that case, no need for extra instance slots, while you still give others a chance to go to an instance.
  11. Alt key / sword cursor not working in PK maps

    Well, on a non-pk map, the cursor changes to a sword when I mouse over a character, but then when I try a left-click, I'm actually dragging the window. That seems to imply that the system is intercepting the <Alt>+<Mouse-Left> combination for its own nefarious purposes. I'm using Linux, Opensuse Leap 15.1 with KDE and X11 to be precise.
  12. Health/mana bars

    Invance mode lets you adjust the height at which your bars are displayed. You can also disable the monster's digital display of HP. That way, you can see both your and their hp in one spot. Putting your health in a screen corner means you have to move your eyes away from your character, and from the mobs you're fighting/going to fight soon. So I think displaying HP in a corner is not useful (at best), or dangerous (at worst, if you don't have the bars over your character)
  13. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    "Real life" astrologists claim the moment of birth determines the effects of astrology, seems to be the same for EL... Otoh, I'd expect the moment of character creation to determine where in the different cycles the character is placed at that moment. And I would expect the same curves to be used for all players, so you basically have a phase difference between players. This both keeps the coding simple, and the players on the same level (no "super characters" that have an advantage due to moment of "birth").
  14. Account ~Gigicu~ ban

    You also know that your ban would be for at least a month, and that you were supposed to come back here after that month had passed... (At least, that's what I told someone claiming to be the owner of Gigicu, but under a different forum name...) On my calendars, the period of may 13th to may 23th is 10 days, not one month... Come back in a month...
  15. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    I think so. Now we have to start the same discussion for the fighting