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  1. Sky Test client 2

    *dying of envy* Looks great. Hope a Mac version comes out soon.
  2. remove brod ?

  3. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    I'm very sorry for your loss, I know what it feels like to lose a loved one.
  4. Best PK music?

    SOAD? Then I think song suits PK very nicely also .
  5. training guide

    Good guide, think I might make an alt and try it out. Except I'll take ICD+MM for training at those penguins ( and prob reset that perk at 110+ def and stay on fluffs afterwards, if I make it that far).
  6. Screen Shots?

    Shift+Command+3 works fine for Mac.
  7. Non-PK Server

    imo EL should'nt ever split its community into different servers, cause the community is the number 1 thing that makes the game great. PK server is a different story.
  8. Did you make a mistake?

    Please don't take things on EL so seriously, forums and ingame. Have fun.
  9. Method to reduce crowdage at Storages

    I like trollson's suggestion - not as efficient as traditional way of mixing, but still...some nice points there.
  10. Combat Reset

    Since you've reset from a decent level, maybe you have good armor? (CoL or possibly iron or steel set?) If you do have a CoL, you could take 16 vitality (do not take will), and take 24-32 coordination. It's advisable that you keep your physique at 4 (if you have decent armor to train in). Also, take defense god so you can maximise the defence exp you get from ogres (it will help your oa). PvP with someone who doesnt hit you too often is also agood way to rebuild your OA. If you don't have a CoL you could take 16 will and the same coordination, or 16 vitality plus some physique or will. That's it from me I guess. P.S. best to wait for someone pr0 like MP to give their advice. Also I recently became a noob mixer now with high will build, so...
  11. Invasion reward points system

    Excellent idea. Hopefully it will work out, because it would certainly liven up EL a bit in terms of activity and player input, GL.
  12. Your RP Character(s)

    Cazuza was born in a tiny building in Arius, the Gnomish homeland. Sadly, his mother had died in childbirth. Clasping her hand as she lay dieing, his father promised her that he would take care of their son and only child, and try to bring out the best in him. He would teach him everything he knew so that Cazuza could one day pass this knowledge down to his sons and daughters. Never given the chance to know his mother, Cazuza's youth was spent learning from his father the various skills a Gnome needed to survive in Draia. He began training in such essential skills as Alchemy, Potioning, and even some weak forms of Magic. Cazuza never obtained all of his father's knowledge and skills, however. Tragically, his father died whilst exploring the feared lands of Hulda, and Cazuza never heard from him thereafter. His father's famous Skunk hat was the most important object in which his father had passed into his possession, and so he wore it everyday. Stricken with grief at the loss of both his parents, Cazuza dedicated his life to the aquisition of knowledge. He vowed that he would master every skill and learn how to make every item, so that when his time came, he would be able to pass all of his knowledge down to his descendants.
  13. Is entropy batman?

    Radu appeared to me in a vision once. And my statue of him also started weeping. So I picked the 3rd option Radu being batman is ludicrous tbh!
  14. Looking For A Guild

    An all-rounder who just came back after quitting in 2006. Past guilds [TM] and DiE!. Looking for a guild which is VERY active (i.e. players who never sleep;)). Thanks.