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  1. translating the game

    this is why the idea of a set of messages being stored client side and only their codes being sent to the client would be a better idea. It would meen that the server could send a message code and the client could choose what language to display it in.
  2. Learn How To Get Started With Programming

    well if you havnt bought it yet i would just get dev-c++ . Its free and works fine for me.
  3. Source Code For A Bot

    ok i just ftped it up. Do whatever you want with it. kzarbot
  4. Source Code For A Bot

    That's what elbot is. well i commented mine alot more than elbot and i think the codes nicer but whatever, ovbiously everyones happy with elbot so theres no point. cya
  5. Source Code For A Bot

    well its just that i wrote a basic bot a while ago to learn c and stuff and i thought it might be helpfull to post it for people or somthing.
  6. Source Code For A Bot

    Im thinking of putting my bot onto source forge or somthing. Thing is i dont really want to have to maintain it but I wouldnt mind other people improving it. Also i looked at the client code to figure out how to do some things so is it allowed?
  7. Writing An Alternate Client

    You have somthing against him ? Why not follow his advice because your accused him of somthing in a different thread?!
  8. Writing An Alternate Client

    surely you could either just not include the map files with the program, or convert them to a different format and then include those with it?
  9. Error

    well you have ovbiously buggered somthing up. It would probably be easiest to unistall it, re-download it and install it again (to the default paths).
  10. Writing An Alternate Client

    its not impossible, but its a bit more complicated than it originaly sounds!
  11. Writing An Alternate Client

    thinking about it, it wouldnt work too well.in muds you can go left right up down etc into a different room but in el you have more freedom to walk about so wouldnt you have to spam #left or somthing to get anywhere? I suppose you oculd divide the maps into square chunks and when they type #left it walks you into the center of the next one. Then whenever someone goes out / into the square you could do a little message telling the player. Then for attacking monsters it would be a bit clumsy because you would do somthing like #attack monster and it would of course chase after it and kill it, but then your not in the center any more, i guess it would have to walk you back to the center again before it let you do anything. Then what about harvesting..... quite alot of things would be pretty hard to do!
  12. Error

    perhaps you downloaded the one which doesnt come with gcc and stuff?
  13. Error

    yea i only just submited it!
  14. Encyclopedia Window Bigger.

    yea i never used encyclopedia really because it was so small
  15. Error