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  1. a new day

    i would have thought the whole point of a neg day is so that you would go train ur self in some other skill for 6 hours why log off there is always something to train in
  2. why post what we are worth like someone said earlier it is just asking for trouble
  3. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    never knew her but am sorry to hear about ur loss are hearts go out to you and ya family My sincere condolences from me and the thor guild
  4. GM look inside

    this is just a thought but is not the whole point of pk fighting with skill if anything it makes you more pro if you can pk someone with a bone and leather then walking around in full tit and a thermal serp where is the fun in that at least with a bone and leather you can say you pked someone on skill not down to the fact of what armor and weapons you use
  5. Selling online buddy lists

    cool cant wait better earn my 5k then lol
  6. Selling online buddy lists

    the payment of 5kgc in game is that a 1 of payment
  7. a new day

    never said mixers were discriminated against was just suggesting a new day
  8. a new day

    well pker get ndd's and sun tzu days so why should not manu's crafters and taliors and every other person that can make stuff have a good day like that
  9. a new day

    had the idea cause soon there will be new gods worship ie tailoring and eng which could be a special day for one of those gods just an idea not sure if this has been suggested before but i went thought a few pages before i posted so am sorry if this has already been suggested ent
  10. a new day

    hi was just wondering if there was anyway to get a new day made like a day of no cool down
  11. New limited PK level maps/areas

    thats why i suggested hurquin because people pass that way to south redmoon so it is not far from a storage
  12. New limited PK level maps/areas

    not all will be split as some people like the fact they can go and pk i have no problems with it i think it is a really good idea i think hurquin the whole map should be a pk map but hey just a idea maybe for low lvl chars say between lvl 20 to 50 a/d
  13. Xfire and EL

    hiya well just downloaded it and seems to work fine for me also
  14. bot owners...

    bot name: Thor owner: dunedain00 purpose: trade bot plz add me to the list
  15. mules

    cool thanks for the link i think radu is on to something there cant wait to get me a pet now