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  1. Having Problems with EL

    I have the same problem too. I have Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 in my Windows Vista computer. Any ideas/weblinks/advice to help? Please, anything would help. (no nonesense lol)
  2. I have been banned

    WOOHOO!!!! YAY! Thank you so much! I will never break the rules again i promise! Yeah! Thanks! Thanks!
  3. I have been banned

    Aislinn, are you reading this? I am just making sure you know its been a month and i wish to be reinstated. Please take your time to respond. Ooooh i can't wait to play the game again
  4. I have been banned

    Yeah a whole month has past! whoo! You were right, a month isn't that long. Ok i am here to get reinstated.
  5. I have been banned

    so if i got banned on Mar 15, i have to get reinstated on April 14-15 ok i'll write that down.
  6. I have been banned

    He did? well then i guess i can do nothing then. He wants to know what he has done wrong. P.S. we have one email address so how can i prove to you my brother is real?
  7. I have been banned

    Oh and can you tell me why assy is also banned 'cause my brother wants to know.
  8. I have been banned

    Ok i understand and your right. Its just a month and i can wait. Can you tell me when i should log back on you know when the ban ends? Thanks and see you next month
  9. I have been banned

    Can you unlock the ban on Paul99 please? In exchange, you can reduce my stats on how bad the crime i have pulled. Please? Reduce my stats if i can play. Please respond. Oh and this is my final post til you respond.
  10. I have been banned

    I know, i am banned for a whole month *sigh* thats pretty long.
  11. I have been banned

    Can i have Paul99 unlocked? please? i will promise to delete all the alts created and never make one again. I am an honest person looking to play a good game and just made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes right? Please i will do anything to atone for what i have done. I just want to play EL 'cause i love the game. I don't think i can survive 3 days without it.
  12. I have been banned

    is there a way i can still play EL using my character or its too late. *sigh* I wish there is a way out of this mess i have done.
  13. I have been banned

    oh and Artix78 and tigersbutt collete is my bro's alts. Anna12 is my one and only alt.
  14. I have been banned

    I understand what would you like me to do.
  15. I have been banned

    I have been banned for rule number 5. I ask you unbanned me (Paul99 my main) and assy (my brother's main) because we didn't know trading with each other was illegal. You see, my brother went to a friend's house and played there while i played at our house. Then we played at the same time until i need trade with my brother. Is that why we are both banned because we traded? We did played from different computers. If that was not the reason, please tell me. I will do anything to get me or my brother's character unbanned. I will promise never to do ot again and am very sorry. This was both our first and i promise ONLY offense against the rules. Please consider unbanning us PLEASE! I beg you. I will do anything. I just want to play again.