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  1. New and updated trade bot list

    Safe's is Haven guild's bot.
  2. Rosto Auction

    Wow, thought I would get more than that for a Rosto. Oh well, it's 18.5k more than what I had when I found the Rosto. I'll contact you in-game Quesar.
  3. Rosto Auction

    Newbie found a rosto. Starting bid 18k +500 bidding increments Auction will end 5:00 Dec 20 CST or before if I get an offer I can't refuse. Must be willing to come to me to trade. In-game name is Kara
  4. Picture of the new Mule

    Kara: I'm betting that Radu is a male mule and I'm thinking that white stuff isn't milk Gildrig. Zalbo: heres the peaches :> peach: roflol radu: oral sex ftw Syni: lmao radu: I mean, zoophilia GilDriG: TezCAtLipocA: lmfao! Zalbo: lol peach: lmao!! GilDriG: you mean... TezCAtLipocA: lmao1!!!! #GM from Kara: radu: oral sex ftw GilDriG: this is NOT an uder? radu: no GilDriG: *udder Zalbo: lmfao GilDriG: oh TezCAtLipocA: lmao!!!!!!!!!! GilDriG: >.< radu: but you can try to milk it anywya Nyarlathotep: *barf! Syni: lmao Nyarlathotep: XD XD XD TezCAtLipocA: lollllll! GilDriG: Hmmm Zalbo: lmao lol TezCAtLipocA: im crying im laughing so hard GilDriG: someone stand behind the mule Syni: peach: no problem GilDriG: radu: don't rape me Zalbo: omfgosh XD TezCAtLipocA: LOL! GilDriG: hahahahhaha GilDriG: take pic! peach: i just did radu: omfg, orgy
  5. KMart

    I will no longer be accepting orders here. My store is still open, however it has been moved. Here is a link to the new site: http://elmarketplace.powerguild.net/stores...ces-t98.htm#100 Please come check it out. I will soon start offering weekly specials, so stop by often. You just might be able to catch me doing thread again for 1.75gc.
  6. New Forum

    I sure hope people use it. You can help it get off the ground by getting on there and buying and selling.
  7. Selling 1k leather helm

    I'll buy them.
  8. New Forum

    New forum I made specifically for buying/selling el goods and services. Items are grouped by category, so that you won't have to search through long lists of outdated posts. Once items are sold the posts will be marked for deletion so that searches only reveal people currently buying/selling that item. Come check it out. I hope that you will find it easy and less time consuming to use. http://elmarketplace.powerguild.net/index.htm
  9. KMart

    Sorry I have slowed down on filling the orders. My parents were visiting for the holiday weekend and I just wasn't able to get on at all. I should be back up to spped and hope to the orders filled asap. If you are looking for me in-game, I am usually on 2pm-5pm and 9pm-1am cst.
  10. KMart

    You can order when ever you want. You're new order will be at the new price, however.
  11. KMart

    I will honor old prices for items ordered prior to this post, but I'm going to change a few prices.
  12. KMart

    So often these days I find myself wondering what to do when I log onto EL. Maybe you can provide me with a little direction and a little gc too. I'll try to keep my prices low and get you your orders filled as quickly as possible. As my skills increase, I'll add more items. I will leave you a message in game. If your in-game name is different than your forun name, please leave your in-game name in your post. Orders will be held for a week unless we work something different out. If you are looking for me in-game, I am usually on 2pm-5pm and 9pm-1am cst. I will work on the orders in the order they are recieved, unless I already have some in stock. Max Quantity: Here's how this will work. Harvestable items: 5k / items emu = max quantity. Mixed items: 2k / items emu = max quantity. If item has (x) after it, that is the max for that item. Max Amount 20k total, for now. It's just me and my emu isn't huge, so I'm keeping it small for now. Changed a few prices. Items with price changes are in red. New Items are in blue. PRICES HARVESTING Plants | Black Rose~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | Logs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | Tiger Lilly~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.75 | | Blue Lupine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.75 | Mugwort~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | Tree Mushrooms~~~~~~~~~~~~1.50 | | Blue Star Flower~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | Mullein~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | Tulips~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | | Blueberry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | Nightshade~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | Valerian~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | | Branches~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | Ogre Toes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.50 | Vegetables~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.75 | | Cactus~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.75 | Poison Ivy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | Wheat~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.00 | | Chrysanthemum~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | Poppies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | White Asiatic Lilly~~~~~~~0.50 | | Cotton~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.00 | Red Currant~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | White Chanterelle~~~~~~~~~1.50 | | Daffodils~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | Red Rose~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | Wormwood~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | | Dandelions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | Red Snapdragons~~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | Yarrow~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | | Fruit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.75 | Red Toadstool~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.50 | Yellow Rose~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | | Henbane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | Rue~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.25 | Yew~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.50 | | Impatiens~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | Sunflowers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.75 | | Lilacs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.75 | Swamp Candles~~~~~~~~~~~~~0.50 | Minerals & Crystals | Blue Quartz~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.00 | Gypsum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.00 | Sapphire~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.00 | | Coal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.00 | Quartz~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.00 | Sulfur~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.00 | | Diamond~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.50 | Rose Quartz~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.00 | Turquoise~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5.00 | | Emerald~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.00 | Ruby~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.00 | Metal Ores | Gold~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.00 | Iron~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.50 | Silver~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.00 | ALCHEMY Essences | Bones Powders~~~~~~~~~~~~~6.50 | Fire Essence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.50 | Matter Essence~~~~~~~~~~~~8.00 | | Earth Essence~~~~~~~~~~~~~6.50 | Health Essence~~~~~~~~~~~~7.00 | Water Essence~~~~~~~~~~~~~6.00 | | Energy Essence~~~~~~~~~~~~8.00 | Life Essence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5.50 | Matter Conglomerate(10)~800.00 | MANUFACTURING | Leather Gloves~~~~~~~~~~~30.00 | CRAFTING | Thread~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.00 | POTIONING | Potion of Mana~~~~~~~~~~~~6.50 | Potion of Minor Healing~~~6.50 | MISCELLANEOUS | Leather~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.00 | Wine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.00 | RARE ITEMS | | ORDERS QUE 07/02 05:47 PM ~ cycrosim ~ 1k Thread ~ 2kgc 07/02 04:34 AM ~ Nico_ociN ~ 1.25k Iron Ore ~ 4,375gc 07/01 01:43 PM ~ Isenwolf ~ 2k Thread ~ 3.5kgc 07/01 08:31 AM ~ Lotheneil ~ 2k Thread, 1.25k Iron Ore, 2k Potion of Mana ~ 18.75kgc IN PROGRESS 07/11 11:23 AM ~ 1459 Thread completed 07/01 05:30 AM ~ Private ~ 2k Thread ~ 3kgc COMPLETED AND WAITING TO BE PICKED UP 07/01 02:27 AM ~ Cruella ~ 2k Thread ~ 3kgc ~ 07/10 10:12 PM ~ 07/17 LAST CALL None ORDER HISTORY 07/01 04:32 PM ~ PumbaPL ~ 1k Heath Essence ~ 7kgc ~ 07/01 1:35 AM 07/01 01:48 AM ~ AitorTillas ~ 2k Thread ~ 3kgc ~ 07/08 08:08 PM 07/01 02:03 AM ~ Nico_ociN ~ 1.25k Iron Ore ~ 3.75kgc ~ 07/07 07:32 PM 07/01 12:59 AM ~ XenaMT ~ 2k Thread ~ 3kgc ~ 07/07 07:01 PM 07/02 12:57 AM ~ Bigkav ~ Physiques Removal Stone ~ 11kgc ~ 07/02 12:59 AM 07/01 12:30 AM ~ Spleenie ~ 2k Thread, 2.5k Silver ~ 8kgc ~ 07/03 03:04 AM 07/01 04:11 AM ~ Soul ~ 2k Fire Essence ~ 7kgc ~ 07/02 4:35 PM 07/02 04:25 PM ~ Scallion ~ 4 leather gloves ~ 120gc ~ 07/02 04:33 PM 07/01 12:27 AM ~ Sheitan ~ 2k Thread ~ 3kgc ~ 07/01 05:05 PM
  13. Change Forum Username

    thank you so very much.
  14. Change Forum Username

    I was wondering if it was possible to change my forum account username. I would like it to match my main char, Kara.
  15. Forum Question

    Not sure if this is the right place, but there doesn't seem to be a place to ask questions about the forums. Can you use a table format in the forums? I know the code for it on other boards, but it doesn't seem to work here. Is the coding different here. I am using bb code. [table] [tr][td] Row 1 Column 1[/td][td]Row 1 Column 2[/td][/tr] [tr][td] Row 2 Column 1[/td][td]Row 2 Column 2[/td][/tr] [/table] Is my code wrong or does the table code not work on this board? Thanks