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  1. It was bound to happen...

    im there 2 how can i miss kyls wedding
  2. New feature coming soon

  3. Boys Vs Girls!

    errr... dunno if im on
  4. Boys Vs Girls!

    Mitosh male
  5. How many got a Rostogol stone so far?

    what are Rostogol stones
  6. Hardcore War I

    im in 2 with my other character mitosh
  7. Multi-lingual

    english romanian german a bit of italina french maori chinese japanese and fijian
  8. Happy Birthday Platyna!

    happy birth day plat and all the bests
  9. Ce pula noastra?

    lol ent orbu si tu stii cum is romani un mai intregi la mine lati mai delets da asta e toti suntem frati
  10. Ce pula noastra?

    chiar cine e?
  11. Ore spawns

    i voted yes caz is better and more realistic
  12. Who wants to be an Eternal Champion?

    i am in Vladmaco
  13. Ce pula noastra?

    calumea joc entropy il joc de o saptamana anainte de crash ozzy si metalkid miaus spus de el Vladmaco member of (tc)
  14. A Few Minor Changes

    the game card proflile is a good idea

    at what hour does the server restart caz i think it been past 30 min and i cant log in yet