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  1. Free Boosie

    Ok but how was i supposed to know if no one told me? You dont think thats something you should have told me? Its not even in the rules.
  2. Scale armor

    Scale armor for defence against ranging.
  3. Free Boosie

    Dont make me out to be some sort of liar! I did not lie to you once the only thing I can say I did wrong was not consulting you on what I had decided to do. Don't disrespect me when I have showed you nothing but respect! I just read http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41193 the rules on banning and it does not state "It is our policy NOT to unlock characters so they can be sold." There is no possible way anyone is to know something that has never been put out. This seems extremely unfair and bias.
  4. Free Boosie

    What thruth am I not telling you? I have no reason to lie about anything to you? Do want some kind of explantion from me? I dont even know what to tell you. I didn't think a heart would be offensive twards you...
  5. Free Boosie

    You never told me I couldn't sell my character. I have another character so I was getting rid of one. If there are special rules you want me to follow i would really appreciate you breifing me before you take actions against me. [10:20:28] #Ig [Aislinn:ASH] No <3, that is NOT why I unlocked it. Really not cool <-- What you did really isnt cool.
  6. Free Boosie

  7. Free Boosie

    I assume your talking about Madmax and Raiden I cant speak for all my friends but Im fairly sure neither of them will be on EL anytime soon. Chilling in =hc= is all I'm trying do and ill rarely be on due to my job and social life.
  8. Free Boosie

    Not to be disrespectful. I did my time so my slate should be wiped clean.
  9. Free Boosie

    Its been forever can i play again now?
  10. Remove PP buying

    u know at he means so idk y u play dum
  11. Remove PP buying

    if u remove pp buying all the ppl who bought pp should get some kind of compensations but i do agree
  12. Reduction Potions

    o tried it also and they suk bad ask liam i tried and he told me how bad is sucked when i gave him results
  13. Auction: SG of Ubber Defense & JS of Cooling

    650k jsoc 830k sgud
  14. pk fun

    radu take a look
  15. pk fun

    dilly u dont know anything about pk lion might not have ppl set as ally all they time but when the pk the must have turk <te> dead and ^@^ and more allied cus i dont see there summons att any1 but me bealive that anyways Radu read this topic and make NCA no drop pls