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  1. kids join kidz guild

    Project closed!
  2. kids join kidz guild

    Could you please stop making implicit accusations here? I was asked to help starting the guild by Moon_Stars RL mother and that is what I do. Moon didn't have the skills for founding and as soon as there are more players than only Moon in guild, I will presumably leave and go back to my former guild.
  3. EL Olympics!

    Is this midnight in central europe, could someone confirm? If yes it's sadly too late for me It depends, for middle european countries like France, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Spain etc. it is 23:00/11 pm, for Great Britain it should be 10 pm if there is still summertime/daylight saving time there. At midnight it's for countries like Greece, Finnland, Romania, part of Russia, Turkey .... and Southafrica. That, if EST is meaning the current daylight saving (EDT) time there. BTW: I would propose, to use UTC for setting dates, so everybody only need to know his current timezone in UTC+-x for easy calculating and avoiding issues with daylight saving time yes or no. But that's maybe only easyer for people used to UTC, idk.
  4. EL Olympics!

    I sign up for archery and unarmed karate ... hopefuly for the first, cause it's not the best time for me to be steady on and hopeless for the second, cause I will get killed in one hit looking at the one half of combattants. .... lol
  5. Just curious

    You have read 118 of 337 books shown since March this year .... RL's a bit better, owning about 3 k and read a lot more
  6. Austrailian8's Birthday party

    Afternoon what timezone austrailian? I don't want to miss that!
  7. What kinds of things you do for EL..

    Uhhh .... I must confes that I nearly gave up running since I started playing EL .... no marathon this year, no half-marathon ... and much too little training ... sigh ..........
  8. To PK or not to PK?

    That's exactly the point, that let me stay off that pk thing .... and I don't understand really. what kind of joy it brings to someone to kill a 60 or 80lvl lower.
  9. Selling books

    I would take: 1 Disengagement Ring Building- 2500 1 Titanium Serpent Sword Construction - 4000 1 Book of Humans Fighting - 4000 1 Book of Bear Summoning - 1000 1 Book of Elf Fighting - 4000 PM me please rubenvincent Edit: Best time for PM is after 8 pm MEST
  10. The Big Bag Race!

    Thanks for that contest! A suggestion for the next time if anybody does something again. Make it you give, let's say, 3 locations at the same time and only one of them has a bag, that would add a lot more fun I think and not everybody would be running to the same spot.
  11. MrDeKke

    I think, there are only a very few timezones in the world with a half an hour timeshift, most are a full hour .... These two conversations didn't take place at the same time (given that everyone has his computer time set right) and second of them is of no evidence for dekke being innocent. Edit: The time difference between both chat logs is about 8 hours, Artcenens is UTC - 7 , so hennochs' has to be something like UTC +1 which means a zone where is no half an hour or 15 min timeshift near.
  12. About Yourself

    STATS: RL Name : Roland Age : 46 says birthcertificate ...must of been a false one Country : Germany Race : Human Hair : Dark-Blonde Eyes : Blue ... err -- kind off I think Height : 171 cm Waist : yes Weight : 74 kg when starting EL ... 84 kg four months later .... ugg Body Type : baaah! ABOUT ME: Star Sign : Widder ... dunno english word ... aries maybe? Interests : Reading, computer, running Profession : Male nurse on emergency Cigarettes : no, no, never! Alcohol : maybe a bottle of wine every 3 months ... well, at that rate nowadays my winecellar will last for about 50 years ... lol. Drugs : I don't use drugs Makes Me Happy : Nice people, Sunny Days, Makes Me Sad : Cheats, Liars, lies Bad Habits : sure ... but that's nothíng lol Personality : Shy, kind of honest MY FAVOURITES: Food : Italian, Chinese, Music : Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Meat Loaf, Grönemeyer, Beautiful South, Elton John TV Show : Dont Watch Much Tv Author : Terry Pratchett, Tolkien Animal : Cats... Holiday : France, France, France ...
  13. Rare books

    12 k for ts
  14. Rare books

    10 k for true sight
  15. Book sale

    I would take them for 6,5 k gc or an EFE.