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  1. The Art of the Signature

    Awesome, I am teaching myself as I go to. Love your work some of the best ive seen anywhere.
  2. Eternal-Lands first look

    Favorite post out of the whole thread. He had told me it would be a while before the review because he and his brother had a list of reviews ahead of it to do, and that was three or so days ago.
  3. Eternal-Lands first look

    Actually it is good advertising considering thousands of people watch his First Look videos every day. I actually had the pleasure of speaking to a few people on IP who had found the game through his video. Elf Ninjas thing looks pretty cool, not perfect, but the concept of the idea is pretty good, ive seen it in a couple other games. Imo put some numbers in the them like 70/70 for hp and stuff and its pretty good.
  4. Signature.

    No need to pay me I no longer play
  5. Favorite Game Of the Moment

    whats your name? mines eid2u4emit in idk. clan
  6. Eternal-Lands first look

    I pretty much agree 100% with Lorlen and Nova. And for all of you that think the beginning is a filter for people you dont want in the game, as if they are total idiots, how would you know? You haven't even given them a chance. Just because the majority of new players and the other hundred of million gamers out there may not want to read all the pages of dialogue that you have set up for them to read doesn't mean they are idiots. That is a complete stereotype that has seem to developed over the EL community over the years. Aislinn, I can tell by simply reading your post that EL is for the most part the only mmorpg you have ever played, ever. The mark over the quest npcs is in probably just about every single mmorpg out there, and you havnt even tried it, but you automatically know you don't like it and are fighting against it, you think it is dumbing down the game for all the dumb ass people in the world but really its not. It just simply offers the people who don't want to go to every npc looking for a quest to find them easier, as for the fact that its all on that one website, how are new players who just installed the game suppose to know about the website? This doesn't stop any one from speaking to all of the npcs it just allows people to find the quest ones easier. As for the interface, it is hard to get use to, but that isn't terrible. It does look awful compared to any other game game but EL isn't about the visual graphics. I do suggest that the mini map opens when a new player starts the game though and you have the option to turn it off when you open your options up because it shows all the npcs other players and monster near by which would be extremely helpful. The tutorial quest in my opinion isn't that bad,there are a lot of features in EL so it takes a while to learn them all. How ever put something like a scroll or a ! or a ? over quest npcs head so they know it has a quest, because like I said every mmorpg out there has something like that so ne1 coming to EL from playing another game is assuming the quest npc will have something over there head symbolizing it has a quest. I dont understand why you are bashing him and not considering his ideas? Please some one tell me.
  7. Eternal-Lands first look

    Its not that new players dont know how to read, and the person behind the video didnt know how to read, he just couldn't tell the npc had a quest and didnt want to read all the dialogue he wanted to get to the quest part where the npc offered up the quest to do, and so would the majority of the gaming community in the world. That doesnt meen i think all the dialogue should be gone, but rather maybe have the options that lead to the quest have maybe (quest) next to the option and a symbol over the npc head saying it has a quest (el is the only game ive ever played that doesnt do that) Then new players can tell the tutorial npc has a quest and how to find it through all the dialogue and options which will teach them all the basic features of the game, how to open ency and help menu ect.
  8. I agree with this new players shouldnt be expected to have read a novel about the game before playing, that is insane.
  9. Eternal-Lands first look

    Those where just windows in the first and third one like the inventory window and the skill window its not the hud, all are close able. Its obvious I guess that most of your probably havn't played many mmorpgs besides EL but if youve ever played everquest, everquest 2, or dungeons and dragons online you would see how they have the interesting role playing dialogue for the players who enjoy reading it and holding a conversation, but they also have it so you can skip the dialogue if you so choose and go straight to the quest without having to search through the dialogue for the quest. Those games are being known for having the best role playing elements and story out of just about any f2p mmorpg, I don't see why EL only has to support the type of player who enjoys the role playing element, and cant also support the type of players that enjoy getting to the action right away. Players who enjoy getting to the action right away are by no means dumber then a player who enjoys the rpg element to the game. You wouldn't be dumbing it down you would just be opening up for a different kind of player to enjoy.
  10. Eternal-Lands first look

    This is my opinion and Ima be flamed out im sure but he is an established reviewer running mmohut.com which is one of the more successful mmo sites. But this video wasnt a review, it was a first impression on the game, what a new player would think, who has just downloaded the game installed and logged in. I gave his opinion on the game from what he saw for the first time,but most of you are posting expecting new players to read a novel on the game before they play. Instead of thinking of him as a dumb ass who doesnt know what hes doing, you should instead take his ideas one how his ideas could make the game better and make an effort at least considering his ideas, and i cant say i disagree with him, and so would the majority of gamers. Not only that but I had logged on and was on IP with a formal guild member kinda thinking of remaking the guild and coming back to game and spoke to several new players who found this game because of his first look, like i said he is an established review and has first impression game play videos of the majority of the mmorpgs out there, running a well known mmo site, so its also advertising the game. It wasnt a review, it was a first impression. And in his first impression he only disliked two things, there was no thing signaling the npc was a quest npc, and he didnt like the interface, and most people would have bashed the game a lot more.
  11. Eternal-Lands first look

    Its not suppose to be a review. Its suppose to be the point of viewof a new player who has never played the game before.
  12. Eternal-Lands first look

    Yeh but the full review is comming soon it says
  13. Eternal-Lands first look

    Well I don't really play EL ne more but I watch MMOHUTs first looks all the time by him and his brother, and yesterday I noticed he did one for EL. His first looks are where he just plays a game for a first time, from a new players prospective and does a review about the game. I thought it was kinda nifty, check it out for yourself. Warning he compares the game to runescape
  14. P2P for everyone!

    I like the idea but 5$ for something that is going to last a year is to little considering you have to pay 100$ just for a sword that you might drop or break