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  1. RC 1

    i crash as soon as loging on rc10 works fine for me i have 200 plus more lines iam not posting my error log is 756kb this is the error log when i use the rc1.exe Log started at 2008-03-21 22:50:37 localtime (Eastern Daylight Time) [22:50:37] Error: Server profile not found in servers.lst for server: Lands\el_pre_rc_10.. Failover to server: main. [22:50:37] Using the server profile: main [22:50:38] Error opening sound configuration file [22:50:40] unknown weapon property "CAL_attack_up3" [22:50:40] unknown weapon property "CAL_attack_up4"
  2. Peace Day?

    great another bully to bad pker sever died i guess people dont like getting bullied there either go figure
  3. Peace Day?

    wow i have to say your spot on jimp and so well posted i agree with ever thing you said its almost scary :-)
  4. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    ok maybe iam crasy but your clueless if you think i blamed it on england, my only point was you replyed "stay away until you get it right" or some thing close and mine was england is the last to talk becasue england did it for greedy as you admit. were atlest we pay own own way last i knew it was costing the us 100 billion a year to free the people. and if it take a bit of WB so be it. now if i was asked is torure right my reply is of course its not.
  5. Peace Day?

    my vote is for mine dont work a true peace day, not sure we want to be terrorist
  6. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    You forgot the Soviets. i quoted the soviets in my post above :-) i dont mean that it was the usa alone it took the allies to stop hitler
  7. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    it funny you say this altho we have been strong allies in modern times,The British Empire was for a time was the foremost global power. By 1921, the British Empire held sway over a population of about 458 million people, approximately one-quarter of the world's population.. whats that saying people in glass house sould not throw stones :-) so too say we are imposing seem a bit disingenious. and yes it true amercian allyied with the brits in ww2 Though the United Kingdom and its empire emerged victorious from World War II, the effects of the conflict were profound, both at home and abroad. Much of Europe, a continent that had dominated the world for four hundred years, was now in ruins, and host to the armies of the United States and the Soviet Union, to whom the balance of global power had now shifted.[41] Britain itself was left virtually bankrupt, with insolvency only averted in 1946 after the negotiation of a $3.5 billion loan from the United States, copyied from wiki i dont write this well a proud country for sure and maybe the usa is headed down the same road only time will tell. i guess i dont see thing so black and white as some of you here there alot of gray areas. but i do know american will defend to the death the freedom our forefather won as iam sure most here whould do no less
  8. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    Personally, I wouldn't have a problem rapeing or torturing someone that knows where the bombs that would kill 50K people are. I think that some people deserve to be tortured, but like I said, I have a few problems with it: 1. If you sign an international convention/treaty that forbids torture, you should either abide by the terms of the treaty, or get out of the treaty. 2. If you torture people, you don't have the moral high ground to 'liberate' others. 3. You better make sure you torture the right person. How do you know if someone has the information for sure? What if you torture innocents? How would you feel if your daughter was raped in order to be coerced to give information she doesn't have? ok sure in a perfect world i whould agree with this. but first these are terrorist or peace fighter depending on your point of view not a country so there is a legit agument as too wether the treaty aply. fine call it torture altho in a legal sence iam not sure this is the case and i will concide the moral high ground. its hard to ask for moral when the terrorist cut peoples heads off in my book wb dont compare to killing yes shit happens and yes i whould have to kill you we believe in "freedom" and "free will" do we alway get it right no way not even close but we do the best we can if your fighting a man with a gun and choose to fight with a stick your a fool or brue lee lol
  9. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    can you tell me the dates and details of the war between america and stalin, it seems to have been COMPLETELEY removed from all textbooks and records in my country, let me know asap so i can let the record keepers know pls. lol yes i was wondering if any one whould pick up on this and of cousre you are right we never invaded the USSR all we did was stop hitler from doing it and then 30 year of the cold war. my main point was that million were killed in the name of "laws" and doing the right thing from stalin point of view and for the motherhood of russia. and just saying some thing good does not make it so, that goes for the usa as well. mistakes happen and thing happen in the name of "doing the right thing"
  10. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    So if my grandfather saved your mother 40 years ago, that means I can rape your daughter and it's all ok, yes? iam not sure what that has to do with the price of tea in japan but ok sure if she knew were the bomb was that whould kill 50,000 and rapeing her was the only ways to get the info from her. now if all you raped her just becasue you chould and nothing was gained then no it whould not be right. that whould be an abuse of power. its never easy to do the best thing and the best thing is not alway right but it still the best. blowing up 200,000 people in japan was not the right thing to do but it was the best thing. i know you try to get a knee jerk reaction but you need to do better than that :-)
  11. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    yes we american are evil. we invaded a country in fact serveral to get hilter who murdered millions, and if we had not, chances are none of you guys whould have the freedom to post here or even be alive. or stalin who also killed million, or the "other" leader following there laws/ that have killed uncounted million in the name of "laws" the dark ages saw a number of popes kill in the name of god, i good reason they call it the dark ages you guys line up to get into the states,,, so yes we are evil are we prefect no far from it but so far better than other goverments, personal i whould rather we had stayed in our own country so all we whould need to learn is 4 lanugages english,german jappanize and russain and not 250+ i beleive at last count so use your freedum wisely you never know how long it will last so i cant say i agree that waterbroading is right, but if i have to chose between waterbraoding a few hundred people or having them kill 100's of thousands iam sry but i chose WB. if there other ways iam all for it but if that what it takes , well that what it takes. on a last note i feel sry if someone here cant talk about this in a sane and calm manor. anger magement maybe ? just becasue someone does not agree with your point of view that does not make him a asshole no matter how many times your repete it
  12. Triple Melinis Ogre spawn

    and u wana talk about serping? i went to spawn when only u were there, i started to train so u pulled a sword out and started killing them with it, but yet when you serp me, u do not have to balls to fight in a PK match pff. *edit*and i forgot to add, if you dont like the melinis spawn, goto zirak crypt spawn, its PK so go with a wep, CoL, 1 summon, and diss+tele that way any1 come to take ur spawn u can fight them and its a 2 ogre spawn btw, in a place as small as melinis. *edit* lol i was wondering when you were going to show up:P yep it was just me i been there about 4 weeks training waiting my turn if 2 were active training, some times useing the north/south line some times not it kinda depends how the other was training taking 1 spawn sharing the other(you get one kill i get the next spawn and so on) its not perfect some time one player with get 3 spawn in a row..so what it happens, really depends on were the npc spawns no big deal only had problem with 2 guys you and a guy i cant remeber. it the share the 3th spawn you seemed to not understand, you jumped off your own bags before picking it up in the rush to get the next kill not share but grabing ever spawn you could, mine as well if i was a bit slower than you now maybe its just me but that how i define serping (stealing spawn) weapon dont really matter. also bjing my bag, the orge had auto att and pulled me off my bag. so yep you want to play like an ass, 2 can play that game i pulled out my sword, i can play like an ass too. #ignored you not long after and will stay that way. some people dont seem to get the point that we all share the same game and no one person has more rights than the next. tbh i run into very few people that think they "own" spawns a small handful and yea your one of them.:-) you sould feel honored my ignore list is very short
  13. Triple Melinis Ogre spawn

    and why you should ask ? and not just assume 3spawns =3 spots. thats alway been a 2 spot spawn and i have seen over 5 people waiting in line (its the best orge spawn in the game) if fair players are training there a north and south line as well. again the idea is that you share the spawns, and not jump ever kill becasue you can. not sure why people assume that they have more right than the next player but they do. so in short yes you were serping the spawn
  14. Pre RC9 Intel, SiS and S3

    its working fine for me did a few map changes will repost if i find any bugs. thanks God:-)
  15. Pre RC9

    Log started at 2008-03-03 22:22:36 localtime (Eastern Standard Time) Init extensions. Init extensions done Init eyecandy Init eyecandy done Init actor defs Init actor defs done Init lights Init done Init done! its better i was able to log on but crashed a few seconds after i loged on. thanks