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  1. Expiring bots

    Gizmos paid Your transaction ID for this payment is: 8KU60477FD0238020. ELbay is no longer mine - he belongs to CEL Guild.
  2. 8th Annual Raffle

    @Starlite - there should have been a spot, however if you used the paypal link, just send WolfWitch a forum PM with the email address you used for Paypal and she will be able to match it up. ~ Ceili of *PR*
  3. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Paid for blessing on Incura and this will cover her renewal fee for the coming year (due in 20 days) Your transaction ID for this payment is: 93A440151X795772N. CanCowGirl has bot blessing coupon
  4. ManicMiner scammed my bot

    Banned on my bots
  5. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Paid for Gizmos (owner CanCowGirl) and Crabs (Owner Darrock/CEL) today. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 14N85252D11143211.
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Can I please cancel my remaining silver orders (Batch 3,4, 5) and move up my iron orders. Thanks!
  7. Want to help add NPCs to the Game?

    Hey boss, I can get back to editing if needed.
  8. Storage Sale

    I'd like to buy all the animal parts (but not the stones), 3 harv meds, 21 hydro bars and maybe all the S2E. Please message CanCowGirl in game with price. Thanks!
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I see Thorak is working on my order. I am leaving on vacation early tomorrow morning, will be back Friday.
  10. SyTy, Luring

    He randomly PMed me yesterday asking me to fight too ... LOL
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I have sent Ladyblue multiple in game messages via Mercator, have never received message from her. Still would like my order. She can #IG our guild CEL if I am not on and a guildie could probably meet her or get a hold of me. Thanks!
  12. Want to Sell

    WiFi I will buy the silver ore @ 2.5 gc ea and all snake skins for 10gc ea.
  13. Storage Sale!

    Please PM CanCowGirl when you are online I'd like most of the flowers and animal parts, as well as Aug armors
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    50k silver ore (25k gc per 10k batch) 20k iron ore (39.5k gc per 10k batch) for CanCowGirl Thanks!!
  15. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Incura was due May 1, 2013. Paid today Your transaction ID for this payment is: 4CY43137XE932010A. My apologies for the delay.
  16. Expiring bots

    Gizmos paid. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 14W724729L431110F. Owner CanCowGirl
  17. Expiring bots

    Widgets is not mine anymore, I sold her to Cajun_Belle and she's been offline ever since. I think Belle has since mostly stopped playing.
  18. Yeth i have been MIA this week and did not see this topic until tonight. I pray all went well and that you will once again astound the doctors with your recovery and will to live. You have been a gift to many a player in this game and your absence will be lost. G-d be with you.
  19. Expiring bots

    Paid renewal for Incura, was due May 1 I believe. Sorry for the delay I didn't realize she was overdue. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 4EN81162J1983921R.
  20. New and updated trade bot list

    Widgets - new owner is Cajun_Belle. Location is currently the same.
  21. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Could I please order 10K iron ore 5k blue quartz 5k rose quartz 5k quartz Ingame name is Ceili (not for CanCowGirl) Thanks!
  22. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k iron ore (39.5k) 10k silver ore (25k) For CanCowGirl please
  23. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Moar silver plz! 2 x 10k (25k ea) CanCowGirl in game Thanx
  24. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Order for CanCowGirl please: - 10k sulfur (22K) - 10k silver (25K) - 10k silver (25k) Total 72K gc Thank you!