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  1. entering #nu guild map

    well heres the deal Tokie has told me how to get in his guild map but when i entered it my game crashed. maybe there is a way to fix so i can get out of the map. every time i log in now it crashes what can i do to get this fixed? this is posted by billbbigger and would like some help with this problem plz and thank you
  2. billybbigger locked

    that sound great. and i would like to say thank you very much.
  3. billybbigger locked

    that sounds very fair. but i have one question? what about selling to other people in the game or buying stuff from them? but i have no objection
  4. billybbigger locked

    hello this is billybbigger asking one last time for clemency?look i am really sorry for saying the things i said to the ppl in the game and i know it was wrong to do it and really the population is steady at a normal # and we both know that i had some problems with other guilds so i took my anger out in the very worst way and im truly sorry that i let some people cause me to do that! so may i have a nother chance at my char.billybigger
  5. billybbigger locked

    hello this is billybbigger it seems to me that the mods are taking what i said a little to personel. i have appoligized. i did ask in an earlier post what it was i said on the forums but have not gotten an answer. probbally cause i said nothing in forums prior to being locked the char. hylianmobster is not mine as u can see if u ckeck the ip address so ill say it again please let me play el with my first char.+
  6. billybbigger locked

    hello this is billybbigger and im sorry for what ive done. and i wont do it again.i promice to keep my insults to myself.
  7. billybbigger locked

    hello this is billybbigger can i be unlocked now please
  8. lost charater

    holy fucking shit thanks for yuor usefull help with this matter your very kind dont think im didnt notice how long am i locked for?
  9. lost charater

    k yes it is billybbigger how did my charater get locked i have not logged on in a couple weeks at least and i would really really like to know why im locked i would appreate how it got locked
  10. lost charater

    i said i was done but i never gave my charaters password to no one but now i cant log him on WHY IS THAT?
  11. can i be white listed please

    i learned my lesson for cheating and would like to be white listed please and im sorry i will never do it again or bother you again
  12. lost password.

    How or where do I send the $5.00 to recover my password? billybbigger